Dress Code

Indoor / Outdoor Shoes

We ask for your cooperation to ensure your child has a proper pair of indoor shoes at school that are suitable for physical activity.

It is expected that all students will remove their wet and dirty outdoor footwear when they enter their classrooms. Please label all footwear to minimize loss.

Dressed To Learn at Dr. Oakley

Dr. Oakley School is committed to being a school of character. The Calgary Board of Education (Administration Regulation 6010 - Standards of Dress and Grooming) states that students should follow standards of dress and grooming as set by the principal and his/her staff. We expect student dress and grooming to reflect Dr. Oakley School as a place or work and learning. The criteria for dress/grooming include:

No clothing with violent images and/or disrespectful, rude or profane slogans/words

  • Suitable footwear must be worn at all times
  • Appropriate clothing suitable for indoor wear,
  • Special physical education clothing as required
  • Hair that is neat and well-groomed and does not represent a hazard in work areas
  • Appropriate make up

Parents are asked to work with their children to help them make good choices about dressing appropriately for learning at school. Students will be respectfully asked to find suitable clothing if their dress is inappropriate and parents may be notified if necessary.

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