Illness & Medical

Attendance Line: 403-777-8300 option 1

Student Illness at School

Parents must keep the school informed of updated phone numbers in case of an emergency. From time to time, students become ill at school. If it is minor, a student can rest in the nurse’s room for a brief time until it is determined that he/she is able to go back to class or should go home to recover. When a student is very ill or injured, parents will be contacted immediately.

We must be made aware of any medical problems regarding your child, so that we are able to assist a student in the event of an emergency. Parents should be aware that school personnel are not authorized to dispense medicine to a child without written consent. A medical form needs to be completed and is available at the school office.


Advise the school if your child has any food allergies. While we cannot guarantee a peanut-free school, we do ask all parents not to send any snacks containing peanuts to school.

We have students at Dr. Oakley with severe allergies and we want to do everything possible to protect them.

Each school year we have students who have life threatening allergies to nuts. In response to what could become a very serious medical situation, we would ask that all parents honour our request to send only nut free snacks and lunches to school. We also discourage the sharing of snacks/lunches between children to reduce the chance of an innocent, but potentially harmful allergic reaction from happening. Our lunchroom supervisors have protocols in place in the lunchroom to ensure all students are accommodated in a safe manner.

Scent-Free School

Many people, including some of our staff, are extremely sensitive to perfumes, colognes and heavily scented products. We would kindly ask that students, staff and any visitors to the school, please refrain from wearing them on our school site as we promote a healthy and safe environment for everyone.


Forms You Need 

Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form
This form is to be used when there is a student health issue regarding attention. This includes when there is a request to administer medication. 

Student Health Plan

This form is to be:

  • completed if a physical or medical condition may affect the student's attendance at school
  • completed if medication is to be taken at school,
  • reviewed and updated annually or sooner if there is a change in the student's health concern or school registration.
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