​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

At Dr. Oakley we are very committed to building a positive culture and strong supportive community. We have implemented a program, “Virtues – The Gifts of Character”, which supports our work in this area. This is a key focus for us as we are integrating and building a new school community every year as half our student population transitions back to their community school.

Monthly Virtues

Every month we focus on a specific virtue which enhances this process. Some of the virtues which we have addressed include: compassion, creativity, generosity, honesty and excellence. Our school rules are few and simple which also assist in this work and keep our school safe. They are as follows:

  • Treat others with kindness and respect
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Walk in the hallways
  • Use courteous language at all times
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