Digital Citizenship

Students are provided access to CBE computers, other technology and wireless networks to assist them in their learning. Cell phones and other personal electronic devices (PEDs) may also be used with teacher permission and supervision. By using a PED and/or a CBE owned device, students are agreeing to the following electronic use guidelines.

  • Students are expected to use all computers/digital devices/programs/on-line repositories (e.g. D2L, CBE mail) respectfully and responsibly in accordance with CBE Adminstrative Regulation 1062 Responsible Use of Electronic Information Resources.
  • Students are all in-serviced according to Dr. Oakley’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Failure to use electronic devices in a respectful and responsible manner may result in a progression of disciplinary measures including confiscation, home contact and/or loss of privileges.
  • Student-owned devices are to be stored in the student locker or placed on the student’s desktop if in the classroom.
  • The school will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of personal items.
  • All student accounts and files are considered corporate accounts and are monitored regularly by CBE staff.
  • Students are expected to report any damage to CBE-owned technology. Parents/Guardians are responsible for repair or replacement costs in the event of damage or loss.
  • Cameras are not to be used during the school day unless given teacher permission and only for an educational purpose.
  • Games may only be played with teacher permission and supervision. All games must be school appropriate and follow acceptable use guidelines as outlined in the Dr. Oakley Acceptable Use Policy.

Digital Citizenship at Dr. Oakley School

Our School Digital Citizenship Plan guides our work around the following areas:

1. Student Safety

  • Digital citizenship will be modeled and shared in classrooms.
  • The school community will be aware of our digital citizenship strategies and the rules and responsibilities that go with working with technology and online.
  • Students will comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students will keep their username and passwords private.
  • Students will be supervised when using technology at all times.

2. Student Learning

  • Information and communication technology outcomes will be embedded in all curriculum areas.
  • Websites and apps will be teacher approved and shared to students.
  • The expectation is that technology is used to support learning only.

3. Staff Professional Development

  • Teachers will be aware of the resources related to student online safety and digital citizenship.
  • Teachers will have access to a variety of technology and software to support embedding information and communication technology outcomes. 

4. Personal Owned Devices

  • Students and staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities with regard to the use of student-owned devices in schools, Administrative Regulation 1062.
  • Students may bring their personal technology devices to school and they are encouraged to lock it in their lockers.
  • The school is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal property. 

5. Communication

  • Technology will be used to support communication home including the school website and email correspondence.
  • Every student and their family receives a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy which they sign and return to the school.
  • Consent to share student information (photos, work samples, etc.) on the technologies listed above will received via signed media release forms upon registration. Additional release forms will be required for third party use.

Acceptable Use Policy

The use of technology is an integral part of learning at Dr. Oakley School. Students are encouraged to use our network and digital learning tools to collaborate with others in meaningful, positive ways and to assist them in creating the best work possible. By using the school’s computers and/or the network, students agree to the guidelines for digital technology use outlined in this policy and understand the consequences of inappropriate use.

Students are encouraged to use digital technology to:

  • Access, critically assess, and communicate information and understanding Seek alternative viewpoints
  • Collaborate during inquiry
  • Construct personal knowledge and meaning Demonstrate understandings
  • Organize and manipulate data Interact with others

Responsible Use of Electronic Information Resources

Use of school owned and personal devices at Dr. Oakley School is a privilege and is dependent on the level of responsibility shown by individual students. It is our intent to have all students access these tools for learning on an ongoing basis.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

  1. School and personal electronic devices are only to be used with permission and under the active and direct supervision of teachers and staff members.
  2. Students will not use electronic devices/networks at school to collect, post or circulate personal information about themselves or other people. Personal information could include names, phone numbers, addresses, and photographs. Students will protect their personal information at all times while using the internet.
  3. Students will not use electronic resources to harm or attempt to harm another person. Students will use appropriate language in electronic communication. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated.
  4. Students will not use electronic devices to access rude, violent, illegal, adult-oriented or otherwise inappropriate material.
  5. Students will not knowingly access websites or use online tools that allow them to evade the internet filtering technology.
  6. Students will not damage or attempt to damage electronic information systems such as computers, data or networks.
  7. Students will only use their own accounts and will not access any technology that another student is logged into.
  8. Students will not Intentionally use system technology on non-teacher-approved activities such as:
  • Playing games or watching YouTube videos.
  • Participating in non-teacher-directed chat.
  • Participating in online gambling or other gaming activities.
  • Downloading software or restricted files (e.g. exe, zip, mp3).
  • Installing software on any school computer.
  • Excessive or inappropriate printing.

Audit and Access

All electronic information resources at Dr. Oakley School are subject to monitoring and search by school staff when there are reasonable grounds to suspect misuse and abuse.

Limitation of Liability

Dr. Oakley School does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any student's personal electronic devices. The student is responsible for ensuring that their personal electronic devices are treated with care and stored safely.

Breach of Regulation

Any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, or the principles or expectations set out in it, may result in:

  • loss of privileges
  • student disciplinary measures
  • legal action, including actions taken by the Calgary Board of Education

This policy complements Calgary Board of Education Administrative Regulation 1062 - Responsible Use of Electronic Information Resources.

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