Lunch Supervision

The Lunch Supervision program requires registration and is available to all students in Grades 1-6 and in any CBE full-day Kindergarten programs.

Food and Allergies

We are an “Allergy Aware” school. Please let us know if your child has food allergies and requires support. For more information on how to deal with allergies, please see our Illness & Medical page. 

Avoid sending food to school for your child to share with others. Should teachers anticipate having food in the classroom for celebrations etc, parents will be notified. If you are planning on bringing snacks to the class for a celebration, non-food items such as pencils are a better choice as they do not isolate some students from taking part in the celebration due to allergies.

Snacks and lunches should be easy for children to manage. Hot water and microwaves are not accessible for students.

Litterless Lunches

Have your children talked to you about “litterless lunches?" Being an environmentally conscious school, we are trying to minimize the waste in our school. One of the ways we can do this is by encouraging lunches that do not require a lot of packaging. You may want to consider using plastic reusable containers rather than containers that need to be thrown away. If students do not finish their lunches, we are asking them to take the remainder home so you are aware of their eating habits, likes and dislikes.

Fun Lunch & Snacks

Our Parent Society is offering snacks and fun lunches for a fee through Healthy Hunger, a secure website where parents can order meals online for their child. Our fun lunches gives our students an opportunity to eat lunch, socialize with their friends at school and take part in special activities.

Healthy Hunger Instructions

1. Go to
2. Click “No Obligation Sign Up”
a. Complete the parent account registration form
3. Sign in and Click “Add a Student”
a. Complete the Add Student form by choosing your child’s school and teacher
b. Repeat the process for additional children
4. Click on Order Lunches to order fun lunches and recess snacks!

Other Food and Drinks

It is suggested that your child bring fruit, a recess snack and a drink in addition to the fun lunch meal, as they usually would with their lunch.

Dietary Restrictions

The vendors may provide foods for student with dietary restrictions such as nut free, gluten free and vegetarian options. If you have specific questions about what vendors use in their food or how it is prepared we would suggest contacting them directly.


We could use help handing out snacks and lunches to the children on fun days. Please contact the Development Association if you can volunteer.

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