Behaviour Expectations

The Mission Statement of the CBE states that “Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning to thrive effectively in life, work and continued learning.” While academic success is always a major focus at Earl Grey School, we know that personal development, citizenship, and character are essential for student success. The goal of the staff is to help our students grow into caring, fulfilled and responsible adults. To help students achieve this goal, staff and volunteers assist students to make responsible choices and decisions. We encourage the development of self-discipline and a positive self-­concept.

Staff, students and parents work together to ensure that respect, responsibility, and reasonableness form the foundation of a school environment which promotes self‐discipline and positive self-concept. Everyone has the right to enter Earl Grey School as a learner and feel safe at all times.

Parent support is vital; we require parent involvement. While each student has a “right” to an education, this comes with certain responsibilities. Each student must respect the rights of other students and staff. When a student interferes with the rights of others, either physically or psychologically, discipline procedures are enforced.

Students are instructed in appropriate conflict resolution strategies so that when differences arise, students have appropriate ways to manage them. It is expected that parents/guardians work with their children to ensure appropriate behaviour within the school community. We stress that students are responsible for their actions and their behaviour.

Children, parents and staff play a significant role in fostering responsible behavior.

Student Role

  • Assume ownership for one’s own learning and behaviour.
  • Accept responsibility for one’s own actions and their subsequent consequences.
  • Respect self, others and the property of self and others.

Parent Role

  • Encourage a supportive home environment that promotes positive attitudes toward learning.
  • Be knowledgeable and supportive of the school’s position with respect to expectations for student behaviour and demonstrate a problem­‐solving approach.
  • Model respectful behaviour. 
  • Participate in open, ongoing communication with your child and the staff.

Staff Role

  • Foster a caring, safe, respectful learning environment
  • Model respectful behaviour
  • Participate in open, ongoing communication with students and their parents / guardians
  • Act as a knowledgeable mediator when required

Problem Solving

We realize that an individual child’s response to the above expectations will vary. Some children will require additional assistance to meet their responsibilities as citizens of Earl Grey School. Part of growing up is making mistakes. Our goal is for students to learn from their mistakes and be empowered to meet future challenges.


Wherever possible, natural consequences will be implemented.  There are a wide range of possible consequences depending on the individual child and the circumstances. Normally, the following occurs:

  • The student(s) meet with a staff member to resolve the issue and consider the consequences.
  • If situations occur repeatedly, the teacher involves the parent and/or administrators to help solve the problem.
  • Unsafe activity is directed immediately to the Administration Team where the same problem solving steps are carefully considered and implemented.

Repetitive, unsafe or otherwise serious misbehaviour may result in student suspension. Parents will be notified immediately should suspension become necessary.

Lunchtime Behaviour

As the lunch period is a part of the school day, the same behaviour is expected of the children. The consequence of not following the expectations outlined by the lunch program supervisors will be a phone call to parents, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the program.

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