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In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples' Day, June 21st 2022,  students and their teachers took up learning that reflected the history and pedagogical richness of our Indigenous Peoples.  

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Also, on June 22nd, we extended the celebration to include our Indigenous Sports Day !

Thank you to our grade 5's and Ms. Vahaaho for their leadership for this day!


Stories of the River - Grade 1

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Good Stuff February 2022

Good Stuff March 2022             

Learning on the Land April 2022

Drumming Grade 5

Literacy Intervention May 2022

September 29th, 2021

Students at Edgemont School start learning from and about the land in kindergarten. Over the course of the last several years, the land has been our teacher and comfort. In the weeks leading up to September 30th, students have been looking specifically at the meaning our our Land Acknowledgement and reflecting on what the land means to them and how their connection to the land has impacted their learning and their understanding of themselves.  Teachers designed learning experiences that helped students to connect to this place and other places of personal significance. Through the lens of gratitude, students have shared their Stories of Acknowledgement in observance of National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (September 30th). Our hope is that those who view our stories will reflect on their own place in relation to the land and be inspired to become caretakers of this place we are fortunate to call home. 

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Grade 2 and Grade 4

Grade 3 and Grade 5

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As we draw to a close the 2020-2021 school year we have much to celebrate! Typically at this point in the year (as well as throughout the year) we would have welcomed our families into our school and our classrooms to celebrate key learning that students have done. It is one way for us to demonstrate the depth of learning and authentic opportunities that students have had through the year. Even though we aren’t able to have you join us as we normally do we are proud to share the snapshots below with you.  Sharing student work on our webpage has the added complexity of ensuring that consent has been provided by parents for any images of students and their work.  For this reason, you may or may not see a sampling of your child’s work here. The artifacts below show a representative sampling of  the breadth and depth of student learning in our school. Many of our classrooms are sharing more personalized collections of student learning artifacts on their Google Classrooms, and we invite parents to also celebrate learning with their students there. 

Watch our Celebrations of Learning here 

Kindergarten Room 1

Kindergarten Room 3

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Grade 1 - Hub Online

Grade 2 - Room 21

Grade 2 Room 25

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Grade 2 Hub Online

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