Some issues will require adult support and these will usually be dealt with by the staff member who is supervising at the time. Administration will provide support for repeated or more serious issues.

Our problem solving processes include:

  • Listening to all of the stories
  • Reflecting on the strategies that were used and could have been used
  • Considering the severity of the situation and the impact on those involved
  • Seeking common interests
  • Choosing and implementing a plan of action. This could include making apologies, engaging in community service, withdrawal of privileges, serving a detention, paying for damages and meeting with parents.

We take the following issues very seriously:

  • Verbal aggression: put downs, threatening, mocking, swearing
  • Social alienation: gossiping, embarrassing others, racial slurs
  • Intimidation: threatening or embarrassing others
  • Sexual harassment: remarks, gestures or actions of a sexual nature
  • Cyber-bullying: using the internet to threaten, embarrass or intimidate others
  • Physical aggression: pushing, grabbing, hitting, pinching, spitting, etc.
  • Bullying: repeated negative actions against an individual or group.

In these cases additional disciplinary measures may be taken including:

  • Assignment of an alternative activity
  • Removal from class to an alternative location in the school
  • Supported leave
  • Suspension

School Bus Behaviour

Students riding on a school bus are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver and are asked to demonstrate respectful and caring behaviour throughout the journey. For example, students are asked to:

  • Remain seated whenever the bus is moving
  • Keep their hands, feet and objects to themselves and keep their bodies inside the bus at all times
  • Speak calmly, quietly and respectfully to their neighbours
  • Take all belongings and garbage with them when leaving the bus
  • Watch carefully when exiting to ensure that they have a clear view of traffic and drivers in all directions before closing the roads.

When issues arise the driver will:

  • Assign specific seats to students 
  • Report unacceptable behaviour to the school administration
  • Provide a bill for payment for any wilful damage caused by students.

In some cases, students may lose the privilege of riding the school bus. 

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