Dress Code

Dressing for Success

Edgemont School is the place of work for our students and staff and all members of our learning community are asked to dress in a professional manner that supports active learning in an elementary school setting. The following guidelines promote a culture of respect by encouraging sensitivity to the values and expectations of our diverse community and help everyone to focus on learning rather than on distracting clothing or controversial slogans.

Please support your child to make good decisions.

  • Dress them appropriately for the weather and for the learning tasks.
  • Help them prepare for being outdoors for Phys-Ed, field trips and recess. This often requires extra layers, snow pants, warm coats, mitts, and head wear.
  • Choose print and graphics that are respectable and appropriate for young children
  • Help them demonstrate modesty by fully covering the mid-section and the back of the body and by choosing shoulder straps of a reasonable width (eg. 2-3 fingers wide). Have them wear shorts, dresses and skirts that allow for comfort and privacy when moving, bending and sitting. A good guideline is to have these items be as long as or longer than the length of the arm when extended.
  • Teach them to remove hats and caps when entering the building.
  • Teach them to refrain from wearing scented items (e.g. perfume, cologne, body products) as some of our students and staff have sensitives to these products.

Everyone, including visitors, is asked to remove their wet/dirty shoes as they enter our building so that we can keep our hallways clean and dry and prevent slips and falls. All students are asked to have a pair of indoor shoes, as well as the outdoor shoes/boots that are worn to school. Indoor shoes could be a pair of running shoes with non-marking soles so that they can be used for Phys-Ed class.

Dressing for the Weather

Please help your children develop good habits for appropriate dress so that they are prepared to be outside each day. We recommend that every child keep gloves and a toque in a jacket pocket. Some families may wish to consider providing an extra pair of pants for wet/chinook days. If the weather is too cold (-20C with wind chill) or too wet, they will remain indoors and will be supervised by our staff. 

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