The CBE's App​​roach to Community Engagement

Dialogue is the Calgary Board of Education’s approach to community engagement. It is a mutually respectful exchange of ideas that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity within the CBE community. It represents our ongoing commitment to involve people in decisions that affect them.

We know we make better decisions when we listen and work together to solve problems and find solutions. When we do, our students are better equipped to become successful citizens who contribute their ideas, passion and energy to society.

There can be no dialogue without you. Find out more about Dialogue as well as current and past system engagement initiatives on the CBE’s website​.​​​​​​

Community Engagement

Edgemont Planning Engagements - 2022-2023 School Year 

Edgemont School set up 3 planning engagements to gather parent / guardian voice. The three engagements were intended to provide respondents an opportunity to opt into any or all surveys that were important to them.  

The results of each of the School Based Fees Engagement and the School Development Plan Engagement can be found on the right hand menu on this page.  

Parents will also be given an opportunity to hear a presentation about planning for next year and provide feedback at the regular school council meeting on March 14th. The online meeting will start at 5:30 on Wednesday March 14th.  Please use the link below to join the online TEAMS meeting. 

Edgemont Parent Perspectives 

It is important to us to engage our Edgemont Parent regarding key aspects of our planning for 2022-2023.

In April we polled parents for in put on our format for Parent - Teacher Conferences. The results of this engagement can be found on the right sidebar. 

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