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We know that we make the greatest impact on student learning when school staff and families work closely together on behalf of students. We use an agenda so that students, teachers and parents can communicate regularly about topics such as the work that is occurring in the classroom, homework, special event reminders, upcoming appointments or absences, and overdue library books. We ask that your children bring their agenda to school every morning and we will send it home at the end of each day. Teachers will respond to all messages and in turn, we ask that each family develop a home routine where parents review the agenda with the child each evening, ensure that all messages and homework is attended to and then initial the agenda before placing it in the backpack for the coming day.

While the agenda is an important tool we also know that other methods of communication may work well for families. Let the classroom teachers know if you prefer phone calls or emails and we will also provide parents with the classroom voicemail if you wish to leave a message or make an appointment to speak with the teacher. Note that teachers and students cannot accept phone calls during class time as their focus needs to remain on the student learning.

Concerns may arise and we ask that parents/guardians begin by speaking directly with the staff member involved. If further help is needed, speak with the Principal or Assistant Principal.


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