​​Students in the Calgary Board of Education travel to school in a variety of ways, including walking, taking yellow buses or Calgary Transit or being driven by parents/guardians. Their safety is important, no matter how they get to school and home again.​​​

Getting to School

Arrival, Dismissal & Supervision

Supervision of students begins 15 minutes prior to school start times. For safety reasons students should only arrive at school when supervisors are on duty outside. Children will remain outdoors to greet and play with each other. If the weather is very cold (-20 C or colder with wind chill) or very wet, they will be invited to come inside the school through their designated doors and sit in the hallways or in their classrooms.

When entering the school, children are asked to enter calmly through their designated doors and, in order to help us maintain a clean and safe environment, remove wet and/or muddy footwear.

Teachers dismiss promptly at the end of the day and students are asked to go directly home to parents. If a child is staying at school for any reason, parents will be notified. All arrangements for after school play dates with friends should be made with parents prior to the school day.

Have a Daily Plan

We ask that parents create a plan for each day, either the night before or in the morning so that children come to school confident that they know where they will go for lunch and at the end of the school day and who will pick them up. Arrange a meeting spot outside the school so that family members know exactly where to be when dismissed. Dismissal times are busy in our large school and we are not always able to ensure that we receive and convey messages or provide phone service while attending to the learning needs of all children. Please arrange a consistent home routine and then a “Plan B” in case the first plan needs to be adjusted at the last moment. We appreciate your support in planning ahead with your children.

Walking / Cycling / Skateboarding to School

With the nicer weather, it is a pleasure to see students walking, cycling or skateboarding to school. While we encourage this way of commuting, we would like to remind all students that once on school grounds, all bikes and skateboards should be walked for the safety of all! Additionally, students need to dismount and walk their bikes when crossing a road or the entrance way of the lane.

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