Parking & Drop-Off

Arriving Safe

We would like to suggest that students who walk south on Edgevalley Drive cross at the patrol crossing instead of crossing Edgevalley Circle (see map and arrows) and walking through the parking lot, or crossing the driveway at the entrance of the school. We are finding that these crossings are quite busy and avoiding them would ensure safer crossings and subsequently easier traffic flow. We would recommend the reverse at the end of the day.

Wave & Go Enhancements

In order to better ensure the safety of every child and adult travelling to and from Edgemont School we are making changes to the traffic flow at our school.

Please be aware that the Wave and Go zone is a quick drop off area and is ONLY intended for people who are dropping off a child and then leaving immediately.  If you intend to stay and talk or gather materials, you will need to park in the Community Center parking lot.   Please do not park as other cars are waiting to drop off behind you and buses need to have access to the bus drop off area. Your diligence and courtesy is appreciated.

Please note: The Edgemont School parking lot will still only be available for school staff and CBE employees.
If you drop off in this area, please ensure that you dropping off at a sidewalk or using the Patrolled crosswalk to cross the road.

Late Arrivals

  • If you arrive late for school, please send your child into the school through the front doors so that they can get a late slip at the office. If you feel that you must escort your child into the school, park in the Community Center Parking Lot and walk to the school.

Ticketing and Law Enforcement

  • The main lane onto the School-Community Center is a no-stopping area and signs are clearly posted. Vehicles that are stopped in this area, even with a driver present, may be given a ticket.
  • When parking along Edgevalley Circle, remember that city traffic law require vehicles to park at least 5 metres from a crosswalk.
  • Calgary City Police and Calgary Parking Authority have been asked to conduct random checks in our area and issue tickets.

Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe as we calmly begin and end each day.

School Safety Patrols

Safety Patrols are on duty from 8:55 to 9:10 AM and from 3:50 to 4:05 PM. each day to ensure student safety.

Patrols will NOT be on duty if the temperature, including the wind chill, is -20C or colder. Patrols may also be cancelled when visibility is poor or when the roads are excessively slippery. When school patrols are not on duty, we would appreciate the cooperation of all parents and students in ensuring that crossings are completed with extra care and attention. (The Patrols report for duty at 8:45 AM and 3:40 PM).


Our supervision hours begin at 8:55 AM. Ensure that your child arrives on school grounds during supervision time. If you bring your child to school and arrive early, stay with your child until supervision starts. Students will not have access to the school or the community centre if the weather is inclement.

After school we have supervision from 3:50 to 4:05 PM to ensure that students are walking home, connecting with parents and getting on the bus. If you pick up your child, arrive promptly at 3:50 and wait near your child’s exit doors or at a predetermined meeting spot so that you are able to find each other, every day.

On Fridays, we end at 1:20 PM with supervision until 1:35 PM. Please ensure that your pickups are on time.

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