Welcome to Kindergarten

Dear Parents of our Kindergarten Students

We would like to welcome you to Edgemont School and look forward to working with you and your child(ren) in the upcoming school year.  We know that you will have many questions and have tried to anticipate some of them here so that you can make your own plans for May and September. 

A.M. or P.M. Class Placement

At Edgemont School we offer half day Kindergarten classes and parents may express a preference for either the AM or PM program.  The academic content of both programs is the same.  The process for determining who attends which program is as follows:

  • First:  Students who live in the bus zones are designated to AM or PM depending on where they live.  Students who live west and south of the escarpment are designated for the AM and students who live north and east of the escarpment are designated for the PM. A map will be available for viewing during registration. 
  • Second:  Once all of the bus students are placed in the designated classes, parent preference will be considered.  If we have more interest in one of the programs than we have spaces available, placement will be determined by a draw. 
  • Third:  Parents will be notified of the AM or PM placement by the end of April.

School Fees & Bus Transportation

Fees are determined by the CBE Board of Trustees in the spring of each year and we encourage all families to set up an online CBE account in order to pay the fees.  Transportation is offered to those families who live beyond the walk limit. There is a transportation fee for this service and forms need to be completed in June.  We will provide all the details on setting up an online CBE account and bus registration at “Welcome to Kindergarten.”

School Calendar

We operate on the CBE traditional calendar which can be accessed at Please look on the right hand side for the approved 2020-2021 calendar.  We will personalize this calendar for Edgemont School by adding 3 additional non-instructional days and will post a copy of the final calendar on our website by June.  

School Hours

Kindergarten students receive 475 hours of instruction.  Each year we adjust our school hours depending on the number of school days there are during the year.  We anticipate that our morning classes will be similar to this year which is 9:10 to 11:59 and our afternoon class will run from 12:58 to 3:46. We have Early Dismissal on Fridays from 9:10 to 1:18 with AM and PM class alternating their attendance.

Homeroom Teachers

We staff our school in June and August.Parents and children will learn who the Kindergarten classroom teachers will be on the day before school starts.  Students will be assigned a specific classroom teacher by the end of the first week of school.

We look forward to meeting with you and answering more questions at Welcome to Kindergarten. 

The Staff of Edgemont School

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​When a Child Can Begin Kindergarten

Use our Kindergarten calculator to see when your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten.

2020: Children can start kindergarten in the fall of 2020 if they turn 5 years old on or before Dec. 31, 2020. This change is the result of amendments to the School Act made by the provincial government in Dec. 2017 that requires a common age of entry for all Alberta school boards effective for the 2020-21 school year.

Note: If your child is born between Jan. 1 and Mar. 1 2016 they will be eligible to start kindergarten in 2021.​

Note: your child must start Grade 1 if they are six years of age or older on Sep. 1.

When to Register for Kindergarten

Registration for the 2020-21 school year will begin on Jan. 20, 2020 for traditional calendar schools such as ours.

How to Register

Registration Steps During a Health Emergency

  1. Print and complete the Student Registration Form - Dependent Student including signatures, then scan or photograph a copy of the form and save it as a PDF.
    If you do not have access to a printer, complete the form (without signatures) and attach it as a PDF to an email with one of these statements:
    • “I declare that I am of the Roman Catholic Faith” or “I declare that I am not of the Roman Catholic Faith”, and
    • “I hereby represent that I have the legal authority to register the person named on the attached registration form. I declare the information that I have provided on this form is complete and accurate. I will immediately notify the school of any changes to the information on this form.”
  2. Scan a copy or take a photo of the child's proof of age and legal name document (e.g., birth certificate, passport, court document).
  3. Email the school and attach the registration form and the proof of age and legal name document.
    Use our find a school tool to determine your designated school.
    To find the email address of a school:
    • Find the school in the School Directory;
    • Click on the school name; and
    • copy the email address.
  4. The school will conditionally register the child providing the address is within the school’s designated boundaries and the student is age appropriate for the school.
    Once the health emergency is over, the school will email the parent / legal guardian who completed the form and ask that they bring the following documents to the school for verification purposes during the school office hours:
    • proof of address document with the parent’s / legal guardian’s / independent student’s name (e.g., utility bill, bank statement, income tax statement, federal correspondence, property tax assessment)
    • original of proof of age and legal name document which the school will compare to the emailed document
    • photo ID of the person who completed the form to verify their identity.

If you have questions, please contact the school you are registering at directly.

Note: If your child is not a Canadian citizen, please call 403-817-7789 to make an appointment to register at the CBE Welcome Centre (1221 -8 Street SW).

More information on kindergarten can be found on our kindergarten webpage.

Once your school has registered the student, you will be able to create a MyCBE / PowerSchool account. This online account lets you register for services and pay fees.​​​​​

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