Illness & Medical

Student Illness / Injury at School

From time to time students become ill or injured at school. If it is a minor malady, a student can rest in the office for a brief time until it is determined that the student is able to go back to class or should go home to recover. When a student is too ill to return to class, parents will be called and expected to make arrangements to have the student picked up as soon as possible. For the best health of students, classmates and staff, please keep your sick child home until they are able to actively engage in ongoing activities at school. Students who need to be excused from our physical education activities for reasons of a medical nature must bring a note identifying both the reason and duration of their exclusion from activities.

Allergies & Medications

The school office must be advised of medications that students are taking while at school. This includes regularly administered medications and those required for emergency medications. For everyone's safety, no medication is to be stored in backpacks or desks. Medication will be stored in the office. Epi-pens should be worn by the student to ensure timely administration of medication, should it become necessary. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that medications such as Epi-pens are replaced prior to their expiry date.

School personnel are not authorized to dispense medicine to a child without written consent. Appropriate forms are available in the main office. All requests must be updated yearly. Please Note: School personnel cannot administer over the counter medications like Tylenol, Aspirin, first aid creams, etc. and do not keep them in the school. Occupational Health and Safety dictates that school staffs only administer ice and Band-Aids without written permission from a parent or guardian. 

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