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Class/GradeTeacher (2021-22)


Mr. Jason Fech


Mrs. Maxine Bruggencate
Grade 1 / 2


Mr. Ethan Backwell
Mrs. Kathleen Goodmanson
Ms. Joliene Montaro
Grade 3 / 4


Mrs. Sylvia LeGeyt
Mr. Kevin Messer
Mr. Joe Burima
Grade 5 / 6


Dr. Ankush Garg
Mrs. Liane Hutchinson
Physical Education & Music


Mr. Neil Daga
Ms. Karly Pedersen
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RT @FechJason: Today we renew our Calls to Action towards the TRC on National Indigenous Peoples Day @ElbowParkSchool #WeAreCBE @Indigenous_cbe

RT @FechJason: Lots of fun & energy @ElbowParkSchool during our fundraiser kickoff to support @HeartandStroke. Ask your kids about EASY and FAST

RT @FechJason: Enjoying the @RIDparkschool Grade 9 concert band @ElbowParkSchool

RT @FechJason: Mission accomplished - too tired to do anymore. There will be sleep tonight!

RT @FechJason: Some low ropes and team building at Camp @eastersealsAB @ElbowParkSchool