Breton's Class

November & December 2023

Our class has so enjoyed the lovely Fall weather.  We have a dedicated ‘sit spot’ outside where we have been watching for seasonal changes.  Our students worked hard on a project for Thanksgiving and wrote about things we are thankful for.  During music we have been singing the song ‘Who Stole the Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch’ and have been so enjoying a new counting song called ‘5 Perfect Pumpkins’.  We’ve been reading the book ‘The Shy Little Monster’ by Stephanie Leavell MT, which has such a fun moment where the monsters yell ‘Boo!’  As always, our students have been working hard on their gross motor goals and trying new equipment and experiences.  

September & October 2023

We have had a great start to the school year!  We welcomed four new friends to our classroom; Ethan, Jessica, Dimitra and Chloe!  We have focused on back to school routines and have been doing an activity on school sounds.  Students have been using switches and the smart board to turn the pages and hear familiar and some new school sounds.  Then students told us whether they liked the sounds and we are charting our responses and making a graph.  We have also been reading the book Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes.  Music class has been a blast so far with students playing new instruments like the chimes and steel tongue drum.  We have been dancing with scarves to the song “Let it Go”, and learning the chicken dance.  We are looking forward to learning about Earth Sciences and Energy in the upcoming months.  

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