Colleen's Class

September & October 2023

Welcome back! We've enjoyed a great start to what is sure to be a fun and successful year.  We are happy to have returning classmates Cohen, Sukhraj, Charlie and Richard in the class this year, and are welcoming Kailani, Aria and Messiah to join us.  We have taken time to enjoy the continued sunshine while we focus intently on the mathematical strand of measurement.  Specific attention has been given to building measurement vocabulary; finding appropriate terms on devices and in PODD books, and terms that mean similar concepts.  We have measured the lengths of names by both counting letters and comparing non-standard tiling units to make posters and have been surprised when comparing and ordering visual representation of our heights.  Wow these kids are growing tall!  Looking forward to the fall, we will take advantage of the good weather and use some community walks to supplement a learning unit on Community and Safety.

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