Darcy's Class

January & February 2023

January and February are busy months! Our theme this month is bravery and determination. We have read and explored the story of “Malala’s Magic Pencil”, “Dream Big” (Michael Jordan’s pursuit of excellence) and “Akiak” (the story of an Iditarod dog). Our Intentional Read Aloud time has focused on identifying the sequence of events through a story. In Phonics, we have completed the first emergent reader series, which taught us most of the sounds from our Sound Wall. We are now moving into the “Stories to Remember” series in order to enhance our awareness of the variety of sounds different letters and letter combinations can make. As well, in our reading, we are exploring some of the characteristics of poetry such as rhyme and rhythm. In writing, students have been exploring “brainstorming” and predictable chart writing, as well as taking time for some free writing.

In Social Studies, students are starting a unit about Traditional Indigenous Travel and Transportation. We are focusing on snowshoes and toboggans. In Numeracy, we are learning about sharing and grouping numbers, adding groups and the concept of remainders. We are super excited about our fantastic student teacher, Jason, returning in February! Our theme in February will be friendship and caring. We will also begin a science unit that explores space and the planets in our galaxy! 

November & December 2022

We have had a busy fall extending our learning about data collection and all of the things we can learn by doing a simple experiment! As well, we thoroughly enjoyed reading, re-reading and watching Quit Calling Me a Monster by Jory John. Families may enjoy watching this story online by viewing the Quit Calling Me a Monster link. This book provided access to a wide array of activities including building our own monsters, learning some monster words, and using describing words (adjectives) in our sentence writing.

In November, we will welcome Jason who is a student teacher from the University of Calgary to our classroom for six weeks. Jason is super excited to have the opportunity to grow and learn his practice with us. We will begin a unit of study from the Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum called “Ourselves”, which teaches us about our basic wants and needs. We will delve into topics related  to priority needs, where in the world there are kids who do not have their basic needs met, and what we can do, as first world citizens, to ensure or support the basic needs of all people being met.

Our worms, who have been named by your kiddos are super happy and are creating a lovely bunch of castings from our compost project (see photo in link). We even have worm babies! Check out Darcy's Classroom Fall Learning link to see some of our recent work! 

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Grade 9-12 students and parents are invited to meet employers to learn about career opportunities in the skilled trades & related occupations. Wednesday, Feb. 22, 6 – 8:30 p.m. at Lord Beaverbrook High School Register for the event at: https://t.co/CbusB052X2 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/EISjS5wA3s

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On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the CBE’s Well-Being team will host its next free webinar with the AHS Sexual & Reproductive Health Team on the topic of Healthy Sexual Development. Sign up today to join the virtual session from 6:30-8:00 pm https://t.co/74F8MHOyOV #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ySHlZQZcIr