Darcy's Class

June 2020

Wow! May is already over! It flew right by us. I am so impressed by how active and engaged all of our students have been throughout their live classes. The "light up" we see in the eyes of our students when they see and hear their classmates and teachers on line is worth every minute of prep work it takes to deliver this kind of learning! This month we have finished up learning about life cycles - butterfly, ladybug, and spider - and have shifted our focus to extreme weather from the grade 5 science program of studies. Students have learned about the importance of boundaries, hygiene, and sleep! Kids (and parents) have learned how to collaborate to write books using Book Creator, how to track and graph their sleep, how to visually attend to stories that are presented on an iPad in a dark room at home to enhance visual tracking, how to make a rainbow in a bag and tornado in a jar, and so much more!  I am so very proud of this team of students, parents, caregivers, and EAs for working together to accommodate one another as best we can! 

May 2020

Who would ever have thought we would see this situation in education? It has been quite a journey since the week before spring break! We have worked, worked and worked some more to try to ensure some continuity of learning over the past several weeks and now to carry forth until the end of this school year. I really have to give a huge shout out to my team - Mary, Shar and Laurie! Without these wonderful women, we would be in quite a different situation! As it is, I am proud to report that we are managing to stay the course for the most part.

We are continuing our learning about lifecycles, our literacy groups are all carrying on and students who use devices are still in a guided communication class. In addition, kiddos with low vision are continuing to work through activities designed to stimulate their vision; and we still have art, music and Fun Fridays! Thanks so much to all of the parents who are working hard to ensure their kiddos are engaged in learning activities everyday. This village of ours will survive this pandemic as we are all in this together! 

March 2020


In February we focused upon the virtue of Kindness. We have spent much time discovering how we can be kind to one another, our planet, and ourselves. March and April will focus on the season of Spring all around us and we will learn about farm life and the care of animals on the farm. To tie in with our learning about animals, we will focus on the virtue of generosity as we host the Emily Follensbee Annual Fundraiser for the Calgary Humane Society in the memory of a former student from March 2nd to the 19th. To see how you can support this effort, information about this fundraiser will be in the newsletter and on our school website (see CHS Wishlist for more details). 

February 2020

What a fantastic winter break we all had! We have been reading about the Lunar New Year and created fireworks paintings. We are also busy learning about Winter Sports - ice sports and snow sports. Some of the kids in this class have been working to complete their study of The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. February is just around the corner and we are looking forward to reading "I Am Love" and "I Am Human" by Susan Verde. Here's to hoping we have seen the last of -30 degree temperatures! 

November 2019

We have been super busy this fall! Our students have enjoyed learning about pumpkins and apples in science this month. It was so much fun making predictions about what would happen to the pumpkin when it was dropped from up by the ceiling! No one predicted it would bounce; and that is just what it did! With November on the horizon we are ready to spend sometime learning about Remembrance Day and begin our study of "Freedom Fighters". Students will be introduced to Parvana in "The Breadwinner", Sitting Bull, and Louis Riel. 

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There will be a Board of Trustees public meeting today at noon for the consideration of closure of the National Sport School. Due to current COVID-19 guidelines this meeting will be held virtually. We invite you to stream the meeting online https://t.co/nvCl1fNgoJ #yycbe https://t.co/7HjNLpzKg8

The province announced important new health measures for all K-12 students in the province. We have shared this information with our families and more details will be provided in the coming days https://t.co/KTRPfzudvI #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/VTSdrZYg7L

In light of the Alberta Government's current COVID-19 guidelines today's Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. We invite you to stream the meeting online https://t.co/nvCl1fNgoJ #yycbe https://t.co/jJCCx7aJtN

RT @EdMattersYYC: Team Gio and @italianctrYYC are supporting food security programs for our students through sales of a holiday gift box! Delicious ingredients for you and your loved ones plus the added benefit of feeding students in need. Get yours soon before they're gone! https://t.co/RU71VX6tGr

Friday, Nov 20 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE https://t.co/0RwiQnUZmW