Ekta's Class

November & December 2023

October swiftly passed, much like the rustling leaves in the autumn breeze. Just like the beautiful colors of Fall, we had various colorful learning activities in our class. We delved into primary and secondary colors, fostering critical thinking and expression through symbols, signs, and switches, enabling students to make predictions. Their creativity shone through as they blended various shades to unveil captivating combinations. In October, our theme was centered around gratitude, and our core words were "please" and "thank you." We seized the opportunity to take our learning outdoors, capitalizing on the favorable weather to explore our connection to the land. Carving pumpkins allowed us to engage our senses, as we observed, touched, felt, and savored the seasonal harvest. As we transition into November, our theme shifts towards service, and we embark on a journey to understand the vital role of community helpers. 

September & October 2023

We are so excited to welcome students to our classroom! We have had a great time getting back into routines, school activities, and learning. The months of August and September are all about exploring the vibrant world of colors. Just like the beautiful colors of Fall, we have been enjoying various colorful learning activities in our class. For this month, our curriculum focuses on colors, as well as observing seasonal changes. We are blending the magic of colors with activities that delve into communication, science, and art. We'll explore primary and secondary colors. The students will channel their creativity by mixing different colors and shades to reveal exciting combinations. We will explore the opposites: Light/Dark. We will be celebrating the great Eric Carle’s book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear along with other books related to colorful shapes and numbers. This year is going to be so much fun and we're so excited to have such a wonderful group of students and staff to spend every day with.

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