Ekta's Class

March & April 2023

March & April is all about learning and growing! First we would like to welcome our newest classmate, Louie! Louie has been a great addition to our group and his mom, Lisa, has brought up all sorts of micro-green garden samples to try and watch grow. Our class is working on interdisciplinary approach of learning numeracy, literacy, and science  through various activities. We explored coconuts using our five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound) and did a science experiment to see if a coconut sinks or floats in water. We continue to expand our Indigenous learning and knowledge. We learned the number 1 to 5 in Cree associating with our five senses.

1 = Peyak    2 = Niso    3 = Nisto    4 = Newo    5 = Niyanan

Spring is around the corner and we have been learning the seasonal changes it brings like weather, plants, flowers and

rain. We also studied the life cycle of a plant by examining different types of seeds, germinating seeds and exploring various plants. Students enjoyed choosing a favorite seed and feeling the different textures of plants. We learned about the importance of plants in Indigenous cultures and some medicinal/traditional uses of plants. Students are excited to be planting their own seeds and tracking the progress of their growing plants!

January & February 2023

Welcome back and a very happy new year to all! Along with celebrations of New Year, we explored Eric Carle's book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” through high contrast pictures using a lightbox and picture book. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly- how it starts from an egg to become a butterfly. Using the life cycle, we formulated our core vocabulary words including look, like, more and finished. Students were able to use their critical thinking and express it using symbols, signs and switches to make predictions.

We also learned about the concept of ‘how many’ by counting the letters of our names, days of the week, and sequencing the events using first and then. We included the foundational knowledge of first nations by learning about the Metis artwork using a variety of sensory objects. We will continue with our fun learning activities by growing plants from seeds through hands-on activities and observing their growth. We are looking forward to the months ahead!

November & December 2022

The month of October has flown by like leaves in the wind! Just like the beautiful colors of fall, we had various colourful learning activities in our class. Our theme for October was gratitude and our core words were “please” and “thank you”. Our class took advantage of the continued good weather for outdoor exploration and expanded our knowledge about belongingness to the land. We enjoyed music with our talented musicians in class through singing, playing ukulele and drumming sessions. We had our relaxing spa and massage sessions. We carved pumpkins and used our senses to see, feel, touch, and smell. Lastly, we had fun engaging in our trick or treating activities, ending with a wonderful sensory walk for Halloween. We will continue with our fun learning activities in the coming months. 

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