Stacie's Class

June 2020

We cannot believe it is that time of the year where we have to start saying good bye and see you next year. I just want to start by saying it has been an absolute pleasure teaching all of your children. I never knew I could love so many little ones at the same time. They each have their own unique and amazing personalities that I will cherish forever. It was so much fun teaching them all the various science experiments, where we got to be a little crazy and messy. We played so many physical activity games where we got to see them laugh and smile. And, one of the best parts was seeing each of them make progress on each of their learning goals. Even though we did not get to finish the school year in the classroom, I am glad we got to continue our learning online. Seeing you all on Google Meet is truly the best parts of my week. 

We have had fun learning about our own homes, how we can be helpers in our own homes, and now we will finish off this school year learning about specific and different community helpers. There will be some fun and engaging activities with each focus book where your children will be able to work on their literacy and numeracy goals. And, since the weather just keeps getting nicer, there will be some fun outdoor activities as well. Please stay safe and enjoy the last month of school

May 2020

Happy Spring everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and staying healthy. It has been a crazy learning adventure for all of us as we navigate this new way of learning. I am trying to keep it similar to what we were doing in the classroom so the students have a little bit of consistency. Every two weeks we have a focus book where we become familiar with a text and create many fun activities! I love seeing all of the students faces, so when you send me or submit photos online my heart lights up. Keep up the great work and effort! We greatly appreciate it!

March 2020


Our class of anthropologists have been busy working hard! We are continuing to take an in-depth look at our families. We have noticed similarities and differences. All our families look different but all are filled with love. We are going to continue this investigation with some fun art activities, Boardmaker activities, singing songs and completing switch work activities. We will move from investigating our families to taking a look at a bigger community of ours, like our school community. As we move along in our studies, we will keep our anthropologist hats on and look at bigger and bigger communities that we are a part of. 

February 2020

Our class of learners has changed from being little scientists and are now anthropologist as we study our community and our varying cultures within the classroom. We have started this new journey of learning by first looking at our individual selves with the unit on ‘I am Unique”. We are in the process of creating our Classroom Quilt, where each of our little anthropologist are creating a piece of our quilt by making collage of photos all about them.

With this our little anthropologists are investigating how they look different, have different skills and talents, and like different things, and how this creates a beautiful community. We will then look into how our families and cultures are different and amazing with the project that was recently sent home titled “All About my Family”. We will continue this in-depth look at community and cultures by participating in many fun and dynamic activities that will be regularly updated on our bulletin board outside the classroom.  

November 2019

Our students have become little scientists over the last few weeks! We have been experimenting with creating colors and exploring colors in our environment. We found the colors red, purple, green, yellow, brown and orange in our very own Cliffside park. We experimented with the colors red and yellow creating the new color orange. We will continue being little scientist into November and then we will become anthropologists and learn about other classmate’s cultures. We continue to be hardworking students as well, and work on our gross motor and functional living skills. You can see our learning on the bulletin board outside the classroom titled ‘Our Adventure’s in Learning”. 

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