Thea's Class

September & October 2023

We welcome new students and staff to our room this year! Kids are excited to be back at school and building new routines and relationships. We spent the first few weeks of the school year getting to know ourselves and each other. Students have engaged in independent reading, creating entries in their personal journals, and looking at the letters in our names. Over the next two months, students' learning will be linked to the new science curriculum; looking more closely at the needs of animals we keep as pets, the responsibilities involved, and exploring ways they can move. We will move into learning about nocturnal animals and our 5 senses. Throughout the beginning of this year students also will be exposed to meaningful learning opportunities to work with numbers, counting, subitizing, comparing, and sequencing. Students seem to be excited to be back at school and ready to learn! We look forward to what this year holds. 

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