School Property

We take great pride in keeping a tidy school; both inside and out. We ask all our students to be good citizens by putting garbage and recycling where it belongs, and helping to keep our classrooms and playground clean.

Also, a reminder that smoking is not permitted on CBE property. Parents and family members may not smoke anywhere outside of the school. This includes sidewalks. Your cooperation is both appreciated and expected.

No Sleds or Toboggans on the School Grounds

In September we reminded families we were not allowed to have scooters, skateboards or skate shoes on the school grounds – and then the weather changed!  Now we would like to remind families students are not allowed to slide down the hills onto the compound on sleds, toboggans or any other devices during school hours.  Thank you for ensuring our students are all safe

Playground Rules & Expectations 

As a school, we consistently review our playground rules and expectations with our students as needed throughout the school year. Please take a moment to review these with your child(ren):

  • If it looks unsafe, we will ask you to stop
  • Rocks and snow stay on the ground
  • Stay inside school boundaries at all times
  • All students can play at all playgrounds

Use of School Equipment, Open Spaces & Play Areas

Students are expected to use school and recreational equipment appropriately. Students are expected to play safe games that will not potentially endanger themselves or others. Students are expected to respect the rights of participants in organized games and not to disrupt the activity. 

Changes to Playground Schedule

Our playground is handling the numbers of children playing on it quite effectively so we are going to try and increase the number of students allowed on it each lunchtime to double student access time on it during weekday lunch periods. We will give this a try for the next couple of months and see how things manage in terms of student safety, sharing, being kind and demonstrating peaceful community building together.

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