Illness & Medical

Attendance Line: 403-817-3532 ext. 1

Please contact the office if your child will be absent or late. For more information, please see our Attendance page. 

Extended Absence

For extended absences, please see our Attendance page. 

School Nurse

The Calgary Health Region has assigned a nurse who comes to our school frequently throughout the school year.  The nurse can provide information about vision and hearing screen tests and vaccinations, and will provide general health support.

Peanut & Tree Nut Policy 

The policy we established will continue due to the severity of airborne allergies present in our student population.

We have twelve students with potentially life-threatening allergies across all grades in our school. Please do not send your child with peanut butter, Nutella or nut butters as part of their lunches to limit any possible contact with peanuts and/or tree nuts for our allergy-sensitive children. Wow Butter is an acceptable, viable alternative.

It is impossible to guarantee to be a peanut/tree nut-free school given all the possibilities for cross-contamination between food sources, but we are trying our very best to be as aware and prepared as possible to ensure all our students are able to eat in a healthy, safe environment. 


All students with asthma must have their puffers available at all times. Student with severe allergies must have 2 epipens located in the school at all times for safety, 1-In the office and1-in their classrooms. We highly recommend that our severe allergy children wear a fanny pack to keep their medication with them at all times. 

Communicable Disease

If your child does become ill, for the protection of your child and that of classmates, keep him/her at home until treated and/or recovered.  If your child becomes ill at school, parents or designated emergency contacts will be notified to come and take your child home.  We are unable to supervise children who are sick at school for extended periods of time.  Under the Health Act some diseases such as chicken pox, whooping cough, measles and pink eye require exclusion for specified lengths of time.  

Medical Alerts & Collecting Information at the School Level

If your child has special medical requirements (e.g. allergic reactions, epilepsy, asthma, precautions due to medical conditions, etc.) please ensure that this information is provided to the school staff at the beginning of the year and updated as necessary.  We have forms for parents to complete that are mandatory to record medical concerns so we can best meet your child’s health needs in the school environment. Please visit our Forms You Need page on the CBE website.


Should your child be involved in an accident at the playground or in the school, staff will assess the situation.  Minor injuries will be treated appropriately.  In the case of more serious injuries, parents will be notified immediately.  If necessary, staff may call 911 to seek qualified medical assistance.  Children may be transported to the hospital by ambulance.  Should this be necessary, parents must assume the cost of this service (this is not covered by Alberta Health Care).  CBE staff are not permitted to transport sick or injured children to the hospital.  Parents need to keep the original copy of the ambulance bill so that they can submit it to a private Health Insurance Plan, if they have that coverage in place.   

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