Lunchtime Bell Schedule

  • 11:15 AM internal – Lunchtime for Grade 1 - 4 / AM Kindergarten dismissal
  • 11:45 AM internal bell – Recess 
  • 12:00 AM internal bell – Teacher supervision (different tone)
  • 12:10 PM internal/external bell – Entry for all students / PM Kindergarten start time

Noon Supervision

Eric Harvie School will offer a supervised lunchroom program for all registered lunchroom students. Parents can find more information and register online. For details, see our Noon Supervision page.

Information regarding school fees can be found on our Fees page.

Lunch Items

Due to the large number of lost lunch packs, containers, water bottles and ice packs, please write the student’s full name on all their lunch items. This will greatly help us in getting those lost lunch packs and belongings back to the right students as quickly as possible.


Please do not send your child with peanut butter, Nutella or nut butters as part of their lunches. For more information about allergies visit our Illness & Medical page.

Bringing Treats To School For Your Children

Families will often want to bring treats to school for their children to celebrate birthdays or special events. Due to the many allergies in our school, some of which are airborne, we ask that parents always check with their child’s teachers before bringing cookies, cupcakes, etc. to school.  Also, please be aware that we work as Pods and bringing treats means treats for the whole Pod – this can range anywhere from 68 to 105 students, depending on which Pod your child is in.  We love celebrating with your children too and encourage you to contact the teachers if you are considering sending treats for any reason – thanks so much!

Milk Program

Closed at the moment 

Fun Lunches and Snacks

The Eric Harvie School Fun Lunch has launched!   

Orders must be placed through Healthy Hunger for all Fun Lunch and Fun Snack options. Please copy and paste the URL to sign up for your child’s fun lunches and fun snacks.

We are looking for volunteers to help out for both the Fun Lunch and Fun Snack days.  If you are able to help out please see the following sign-ups.

Fun Snack:

Fun Lunch:

Please see schedule for fun lunch/snack dates:

Fun Lunch DatesFun Snack Dates

March 18: Subway
April 22: Mucho Burrito 
May 20: Chachis Sandwich  
June 24: LUNCH - TBD By Popular Vote 

March 4: The Saucy Bread Company
March 25:  Cobs Bread
April 15: Out of Chaos Cookies
April 29: Tim Hortons 
May 6: The Saucy Bread Company
May 13: Cobs Bread
June 3:  Out of Chaos Cookies 
June 17: The Saucy Bread Company 

Fun Lunches Missed Due to Illness, Absences

We love having our Fun Lunches. Occasionally though, kids are sick or away on an appointment. When that happens, the school and the School Council have agreed to the following plan in order to ensure we do our best to get paid orders to students but also try to ensure we do not promote food poisoning. 

  • Please place orders by the Saturday before the lunch or snack date
  • If you have concerns regarding food allergies, please contact the vendor directly
  • If your child is absent on a Fun Lunch or Fun Snack day and you have placed an order that you would like to pick up please email  prior to 10:45 am on Fun Lunch days and 8:30 am on Fun Snack days. 
  • If students who are away have a sibling in the school, the lunchroom staff will get the fun lunch to the sibling.
  • If there are no siblings in the school or both are away, the fun lunch will be labeled with the student’s name and placed in our Lunchroom refrigerator for parents to pick up at the school by 3:00 PM.
  • Any lunches remaining in the refrigerator the next day and not picked up will be discarded so we are confident no one will get sick from eating old lunches.
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