Parking & Drop-Off

EHS Parking Map

Kiss & Drop

On Tuscany Drive, north of the large green fire hydrant just up from the front of the school to the corner is our "Kiss & Drop". The City of Calgary has placed signs designating this area for drop off/loading zone only during school hours.

School Staff Parking Lot

We kindly ask that parents avoid using the staff parking lot. Designated spots for those with Specific Mobility Needs are available in the lot. We have found that are two key areas where close calls between cars and children occur are the parking lot and crosswalks. We would greatly appreciate it if parents would honour our requests and signage to not drive into the parking lot since children sometimes will try and shortcut across the parking lot to get to the school. We attempt to set staff work start times to also avoid our own cars moving in the lot at drop-off and pick up times.

Crosswalk Safety

We would also request parents to not jaywalk children across the street but walk to the marked crosswalks to come to school. The City of Calgary has installed a much-appreciated flashing walk indicator on the corner of Tuscany Drive and Tuscany Way that has been most helpful in improving the safe arrival and departure of children. Please make use of this service to ensure all our students are safe!


At 3:15 PM, students will be dismissed from their appropriate entry/exit door. Teachers will be out on supervision until 3:30 PM. If there are students who have not been collected by 3:30 PM, they will be scooped and brought to the office so if you arrive after 3:30 PM to pick up your child(ren), please come to the office and get them.

EHS Traffic Safety Video

We created a video that helps a couple years ago to help visualize our traffic plan: EHS Traffic Safety Video

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