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Classroom Blogs

This year, we will be using Classroom Blogs as their primary communication site for learners and families 1-2 times per week. The goal is to share general learning intentions and provide further context to your child's learning. Specific and timely notices from the classroom teachers will come through SchoolMessenger emails out to families. 


Mrs. Mask and Mrs. Conley:

Grade 1/2:

Ms. Disher and Ms. Low:

Mr. Campbell and Ms. Palmer:

Ms. Day and Ms. Lloyd:

Grade 3/4:

Ms. Cox and Ms. Paterson:

Ms. Huebner, Ms. Stacey & Ms. Turner: https://peaceteam3-4.blogspot....

This year, we will be using Google Classroom as a support for learners and families in grades 1-4. Teachers will post some learning tasks to this platform, and some materials for review at times throughout the year. The CBE has many supports in place for families Google Workspace for Education:

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