​​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

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Program, Focus & Approach

Homework & Reading

Students are not assigned regular, daily homework except for home reading – which is introduced at each teacher’s discretion, reflecting the learning needs of each student. Assignments that are incomplete may be sent home for further work and/or completion, also at the teacher’s discretion. Kindergarten home reading does not usually begin until late winter/early spring.

Our primary work in a K-4 school is to foster joyfulness in reading, writing and numeracy through celebrations with excellent literature, sharing our work, exploration and hands-on investigations. Our Learning Commons has an excellent collection of rich literature students are welcome to borrow and read as well.

Consistent interactions with inviting stories through these avenues will foster the development of avid, engaged and thoughtful readers.

Peace Education

We have a very active Peace Education program to promote positive relationship building across the school population. Our Grade 4 Peace Ambassadors play a significant role in supporting school initiatives and all our Grades 1/2 classes participate in the Roots of Empathy program, a key component of Peace Education at Eric Harvie School.  Our school participates in variety of citizenship-building activities including, but not limited to, The Terry Fox Run, Jacket Racket and our own ‘Families Helping Families at Christmas’ program.  We look forward to expanding our service and support opportunities locally, nationally and globally in the future.

8 Reasons We Teach Peace Education

  1. We teach Peace Education as a way to extend the acceptance of all by all - to ensure this doesn't become a 'story of childhood' but rather an enduring life experience.
  2. We teach Peace Education to help children understand they are always capable of accepting, honoring and valuing the existence of all humans - including themselves.
  3. We teach Peace Education to leverage the natural innocence and acceptance of children into expansive, shared experiences where learning frames connections rather than divisive distinctions between people. 
  4. We teach Peace Education to foster dialogue, exchange of ideas and promote empathy for all. 
  5. We teach Peace Education to help our children understand humans must have love, attention, care and connection to even survive - without each other, no human child could live and grow. We are a dependent species - we need each other and we need the best of each other to thrive and grow successfully. 
  6. We teach Peace Education so our students will learn a language of positive conflict resolution where our problems challenge us to think differently, exercise empathy and seek best possible resolutions for everyone, not just for a privileged few.
  7. We teach Peace Education to help children learn to share their ideas and experiences comfortably and to accept, listen to and honor the ideas and experiences being shared with them as well.
  8. We teach Peace Education so all of us - regardless of where we were born, what faith we follow - or don't, our gender, age, occupation, education or ability - learn to honour all cultures and communities and share the essential skills, strategies and resources we need to live successfully side by side in a world that can successfully sustain all human life.

Non-Instructional Days & Early Dismissal Days

The Eric Harvie School annual calendar encompasses the Alberta Education mandate of 180 teaching (instructional) days, with a minimum of 950 instructional hours/year for students in Grades 1 – 4, and 475 instructional hours for students in Kindergarten. Our annual calendar is published on the website – the Non-Instructional Days are primarily set by the system and are common across the schools but two days are selected by the school to meet our particular needs.  Although the calendar is subject to change in terms of dates set for school events (like concerts, Student Led Learning Walks, etc) there will be no changes in a school year to Non-Instructional Days.

The Eric Harvie School timetable/schedule is structured to meet these parameters over a 5 day timetable. To view our timetable see our Contact Us page under the heading of school hours.  Friday afternoons are used for teacher and staff professional development, organization and program improvement.

Please review our school calendar for details on our instructional hours, non-instructional days, off-site activities, and other school events. 

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