Sep 27
Principal Message September

Dear Erin Woods School community,

Welcome back to Erin Woods School for the 2022/23 school year!

As we begin this school year I am so proud of our Erin Woods Community, which has created a respectful environment for valuing education and learning! We are looking forward to an exciting year.

One of the most significant ways parents can make a meaningful difference in the lives of their children is through school councils. By attending school council meetings, you will discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students in our school.

The first meeting of the 2022/2023 school year is being held on Wednesday, September 21st at 6:30pm. All parents and guardians of students attending Erin Woods School are encouraged to attend. This meeting is our Annual General Meeting and there are several board positions that need to be filled. A full board is required to hold our position with AGLC for the next casino fundraiser. This fundraiser, of up to $60,000.00, supports your child's school with various equipment, technology and activities throughout the school year.

Your contribution to our school council can be as much or as little as you feel comfortable giving! We meet 7 times per year where all ideas and suggestions are welcome. Through your commitment we can ensure that, Erin Woods School students have a rewarding school year!    See you on September 21st! Our meeting will be on-line and the link for you to join is

        THANK YOU!

As a school community, we look forward to continuing to frame our work this year with the Calgary Board of Education Mission, Results and Values:

Mission - Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning.

Results - Academic Success Citizenship Personal Development Character

Values - Students come first. Learning is our central purpose. Public education serves the common good.


All parents and visitors are required to use the front door of the school and check into the office upon arrival. We welcome all parents and guardians into our school this year to volunteer


“Phone in for Safety" Program – 24 hrs

It is very important for parents and the school to know that each child has arrived at school safely each day. Please call 403 777-8140, ext. 1 to leave a message, if your child is going to be absent or late for school.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Student Last Name and First Name (Please spell)
  • Student's Teacher or Homeroom
  • Reason for absence 


Safety of personal items

Due to many incidents over personal items in school students are not to bring the following items:

·      Phones

·      Toys

·      Stuffies

·      Money

·      Pokemon cards

·      Bikes and Scooters to school without a lock

With many personal items they may get lost, look like someone else's, or be broken. This is very disruptive to your child's day and we can not guarantee the safety of personal items. 


Lunchroom and School supply fees

Noon Supervision/per year (if required – must be registered)$285.00
Drop-In/per student per day$ 5.00

School Supply Fee Kindergarten

School Supply Fee Grade 1 - 5



Both lunchroom and school fees can be paid on your MyCBE/Power School account.


No child is ever denied access to an education in the CBE because of an inability to pay. The CBE has a waiver process for families who cannot afford to pay the fees.  Visit our Waivers page for more information and the documents required as proof of income or extraordinary circumstance.


Medical Alert Snacks and Lunches

We would like to thank all of our Erin Woods families for providing their children with healthy, nutritious snacks and lunches on a daily basis. Families are reminded to discuss with their children the importance of only eating their own snacks and lunches to prevent the sharing of food. We have students in our school who have severe allergies to peanuts, cashews and other food sources which if eaten could create a medical difficulty. Please minimize the amount of peanut products in your child's snacks and lunches. Working together to teach our students to eat only their own food and not sharing, as well as to be aware and sensitive to each other's allergies, is key in maintaining a safe environment for all of our Erin Woods students.


School hours


 8:00               SCHOOL BEGINS             

12:00              LUNCH

12:49              AFTERNOON BEGINS

  2:40              END OF DAY





8:00 – 11:00


11:40 – 2:40



8:00 – 12:00






Federal Statutory Holiday: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30th, 2022 our National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day is time for reflection reserved to honour the survivors of residential schools. There is no school on September 30th.



Photo Day


Photo Day for students is Monday, October 3rd, 2022. Whole classroom pictures will be taken later in the year.


Fall Break

Last day of classes prior to fall break is Thursday, October 6th, 2022. Friday, October 7th is a Professional Development Day for teachers. School will resume Monday, October 17th, 2022. Have a wonderful break everyone!



We are experiencing a greater problem with parking this year, please be aware of the parking guidelines for the safety of your children.

·      Please do not park in the bus zone in front of the school at anytime.

·      Please do not go into the school parking lot to drop your child off. During peak hours many staff are coming and going and it is very difficult to see children between cars and for staff to find their parking spot for the day. The parking lot is the property of the Calgary Board of Education and is not accessible to the public.

·      Please ensure your child uses the cross walk to cross the street. Again if they are darting between cars in the middle of the street they could possibly be seriously hurt.

Thank you for observing these requests for the safety of all!



Principal Erin Woods School​




Jun 15
Principal Message May and June

May and June have been very busy months at Erin Woods School. The warm spring air is drawing more classrooms outside to learn. Our students continue their regular learning and while the days are getting longer, and warmer, we continue to focus on student progress as we begin to see the end of this year ahead.

School Organization

As a school leadership team, along with teachers, we have been spending much of April and May preparing and planning for the 2022-2023 school year.

As we begin to prepare for our upcoming year, we are creating our organization for learning based on enrolment. The initial school projections that we received from Community Engagement and Operational Planning are as follows:

KG - 48 students

Grade 1 – 51, 2 – 46, 3 – 49, 4 – 49, 5 - 62 students

Bridges program - 16

Our total projection for the 2022-2023 school year is 321 students.

We continue to frame our work and celebrate our students, with the Calgary Board of Education RESULTS in mind.

The RESULTS are the Board of Trustees' vision for CBE students:

* Academic Success * Citizenship * Mega End—High School Completion * Personal Development * Character

Within this newsletter you will find information on how you can support this process and what our initial thoughts are around school organization. Please see the section entitled “Looking Ahead for 2022-23".

We come to learn is our central purpose. All decisions made at the school, including organization are based on overall student learning. In June we will be working on the class lists for next year.


Typically, students love to be challenged. As summer is approaching, seeking out time for students to relax and enjoy activities that are not “screen-time-related" is very important. Families are urged to make plans early to attend summer events designed to engage students over the upcoming summer months. MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH is the first day of school. Our Back-To-School information will be updated on our website. Class and teacher assignments will be announced. School calendars and school hours, forms and other school information will be sent home on the first day of school.

The school office will re-open for new student registrations Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Su-Anne Anderson​

Principal - Erin Woods School

Jan 24
Principal message January/February

We continue to maintain our goal of student learning as our central focus.  That has not changed and we will continue with the important work of learning as we continue to create our learning paths together into the well-deserved time ahead.


Thank you to all of you for the work you do with your children each day in preparing them to come to school and be ready to join the congregated settings of a school environment.  I would however like to draw your attention to the importance of having your child ARRIVE ON TIME FOR SCHOOL:

  • Smooth transition period - students who arrive at school with time to spare have the opportunity to settle into the classroom, prepare their materials and focus their minds on the lessons to come.
  • Important information – a typical school day starts with announcements and introductions to new lessons and concepts. Students who show up late may miss out on important details and be unprepared for future class events or key learning concepts.
  • Develops long-term positive habits – when students show up on time to school every day, they develop the habit of being punctual with important commitments. 
  • Self-esteem - arriving on time every day makes children feel good about themselves.


Your little ones rely on you for everything, from that comforting snuggle to healthy meals, setting standards, rules and routines. These create an invaluable sense of consistency and predictability for your child when they need it most. During this time, build up your bonds by enjoying the ordinary, everyday activities like:

• Eating meals together, regularly

• Giving your kids one-on-one time

• Setting aside time for family outings, holidays or special adventures

• Celebrating your child's accomplishments and acknowledging disappointments

• Establishing family traditions and rituals

• Creating routines your kids understand

• Encouraging open, honest communication and modelling it with others

• Starting to assign chores and other household responsibilities

Please watch for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conversations being held on March 10 and 11.  This is an opportunity to stay connected to your child's teacher (s) and to celebrate the ongoing learning.  More information will be forth coming.


                                                    Anthony J. D'Angelo

It is so exciting to see the passion in our student's eyes. I wish you a wonderful February and a Happy Valentines Day!


Su-Anne Anderson

Principal – Erin Woods School

Jul 14
School Organization & 2021-22 Calendar

Learning is our central purpose. All decisions made at the school, including organization are based on overall student learning. Class lists have been made and are ready for the first day of school. At this time, we are waiting to hear from the CBE information for the start-up of school. Teachers returning August 12, 2021 and the first day of school for students is Tuesday, August 17.

On August 13, 2021, we will be e-mailing a brief outline for the first day of school. Please watch for this on your e-mail. 

We are all in this together. Your support and work with your children is a valiant effort to keep our learners connected to their learning as well as each other. Overall, as a school we have done well. Be proud of the efforts and energy we have expended to complete our year at Erin Woods School!

We look forward to seeing you in August! Please see the school calendar for 2021 – 2022

Have a wonderful summer!!

Su-Anne Anderson, B. Ed., M. Ed.
Jul 14
Year End Message

I wish to begin by celebrating the work everyone has done to get us to this point in our year. Without question, 2020-2021 has been a very busy year, filled with unforeseen events. As a school community, we have been called upon to respond to this situation with a sense of calm as we worked through a new model of school brought on to us through this pandemic.

I wish to acknowledge the work that students and families have done. This has not been an easy year. You have shaped your learning experiences in ways that are unfamiliar to each of us. Many students and families have taken this challenge and created meaningful ways to stay connected to student learning.

I wish to acknowledge our school faculty and staff for their untiring ability to adjust to these changes. From afar, these committed people etched out the shape of learning in our school community and carried it out to the best of everyone’s ability.

I wish to acknowledge the work of our Leadership team of Mrs. Daniel (Assistant Principal), our Learning Leaders, Mrs. Scotland and Mr. Quigley as they have continued to address student need and an ongoing learning presence in our school community.

On-site each day, Ms. Judy, our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Char our lead lunchroom supervisor, office staff and Mr. Bacamante, our facility operator remained at the school to keep our building open and available for the day-to-day operations.

Following our school budget process for the next school year, we are now looking at our plans for the fall of 2021 – 2022. At Erin Woods students will always come first, our organization for learning is based on enrollment. Our projections from Community Engagement and Operational Planning are as follows:

KG – 55, Grade 1 – 60, Grade 2 – 58, Grade 3 – 58, Grade 4 – 73 Grade 5 – 51. This is a total projection of 355 students.

Our current total is 305. At present, we are below projections and will wait until fall to see how our enrollment will be finalized.

We continue to frame our work and celebrate our students, with the Calgary Board of Education RESULTS in mind. The RESULTS are the Board of Trustees' vision for CBE students:

  • Academic Success
  • Citizenship
  • Mega End—High School Completion
  • Personal Development
  • Character

As the principal of Erin Woods School, I feel truly grateful to have all of these partners in place to continue our work in the faced these difficult and unpredictable times.

Su-Anne Anderson, B. Ed., M. Ed.
Sep 08
School Opening Fall 2020

​We are so pleased that students have returned to school this fall.  We know that many of our families have made difficult choices around in school or HUB online learning.  We wish the best for all of the learners in our community. 

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation with our staggered entry this first week back.  This has given us time and small groups of students to familiarize everyone with the new routines and each other. 

We are doing our best to keep school as normal as possible with our primary focus on learning with great attention paid to health and safety.

We do ask that you ensure that your contact information is up to date.  If there have been any changes please contact the school to keep it current.

Principal Anderson is currently on a leave and I will be filling in during her absence.  We are in the process of filling the Assistant Principal position following Mr. Ross's appointment as Assistant Principal at Arbour Lake Middle School at the end of the school year.  We will keep you informed as information becomes available.

We are all looking forward with optimism about the opening of school this year and look forward to our work together.

Brian Unterschultz

Acting Principal

Aug 20
Welcome Back to Another Dynamic Year of Learning

Welcome back to another dynamic year of learning at Erin Woods School. Our students arrived Thursday, August 15, 2019 full of excitement; eager to meet their teacher and reconnect with friends.
Teachers began August 12, 2019 also excited to get ready to meet their new group of students and reconnect with staff. It has been an exciting start-up for everyone.

I would like to share our present organization and staff with you. Our final count with students is on September 30th, 2019 so there is a possibility things may change. On this date, we have 53 Kindergarten students and 298 Grade 1 – 5 students. Our total student enrollment is 351.

Our main forms of contact are our website and SchoolMessenger. Please ensure you keep up to date with events through these various methods.

It is exciting to start my fourth year at Erin Woods. I feel fortunate and privileged to be working with our families as we journey through the year using the Calgary Board of Education Mission, Results and Values:

Mission - Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning.

Results - Academic Success, Citizenship, Personal Development, and Character

Values - Students come first. Learning is our central purpose. Public education serves the common good.

Please ensure you check with our school calendar for upcoming important dates.

This year our school wide focus is Growth Mindset. Ask your children to explain it to you. I will leave you with this quote: “If we only did things that were easy, we wouldn’t actually be learning anything. We’d just be practicing things we already knew” - David Dockterman

Su-Anne L Anderson

Jul 03

It is my pleasure to welcome all of our students and families to the new school year!  We look forward to an amazing journey as we learn and grow together throughout this year!  Please feel free to stop by my office with any questions and a warm hello.
Erin Woods School students benefit from a strong educational program.  Learning not only takes place in school, but also in the caring community of Erin Woods.
As parents and educators, we all share the responsibility for the education of students.  With your continued support and school involvement, the 2018-2019 school year will be a rewarding successful one for all of our students.
Su-Anne Anderson

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