Students at Erin Woods school have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs throughout the year.  Students will be notified of these opportunities by their teachers and information will be sent home to families. 

School Safety Patrols

We've had an overwhelming response from our Grade 4 & 5 students this year! A record number of students have signed up to participate in the AMA Patroller Program at our school. Throughout the months of September and October, students have been involved in our training program, learning the skills and expectations to keep our crosswalks safe. Each team will consist of a lieutenant, 6 full time patrollers and 2-3 subs. Students have been assigned to a team (Monday- Friday) and are expected to arrive on time and be ready to patrol by 8:15am each morning.

Thank you so much to the dedication and responsibility shown by our Patroller Team so far! Great job team!

Intramurals - Soccer

Our Grade 2-5 students have had fun participating in our daily lunch intramural program! In February and March, students developed their teamwork and cooperation skills while they competed in an indoor soccer tournament. Each team had their own country name (Brazil, Canada, Italy, etc.) and took part in a round robin where they played a new team each day. Students took a keen interest in developing their shooting, passing, and goalkeeping skills- some students even took to practicing their skills outside during natural breaks and lunch periods! This spring, students are excited to continue intramurals by representing their favourite professional hockey team in floor hockey! Stay tuned for details and dates!

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