Parent Resources

Below is a list of resources that parents and guardians may find helpful.

Where can I find out more about the Alberta Curriculum and Program of Studies? 
The Alberta Education website at 

How can I get a copy of the Alberta Parent Handbook?
This can be found at My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource

MediaSmarts - Canada's Centre for digital and media literacy 
This site includes resources and games that educate children and parents on media issues, including Internet safety and television advertising. MediaSmarts

Vaccinations (including info on gr. 5 vaccinations for Hepatitis B & HPV - from gov't of Alberta)

Healthy Eating & Active Living, Healthy U Alberta (from gov't of Alberta) 

NSTEP (Nutrition, Students, Teachers Exercising with Parents) 

Calgary Learning Village Collaborative (free & low-cost programs & activities for families) 

Sexual Development and Sexual Health (for parents of children and teens) 

Dental Care in Calgary 

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