Our Staff


PositionName & Email
PrincipalHood, Myra
Assistant Principal (A - G)Glassford, Scott
Assistant Principal (H - M)Stevens, Grant
Assistant Principal (N - Z)Kaine, Dianne

Teaching Staff

Student Services

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, Coordinator, Student Advisor (H - M) Marchak, Karen
Student Advisor (A - G) Jackson, Lesley-Anne
Student Advisor (N - Z) Anderson, Omnia
International Coordinator
McGilvary, Amy
ELL Advisor Zhu, Liping
Career Practitioner Lund, Heidi
Off-Campus Education Coordinator Dimitrijevic-Dawe, Suzana
Learning Support Blackwell, Swad
Learning Support Falkenberg, Kim


Position Name & Email

Landers, Sherry

Career & Technology (CTS)

Position Name & Email 
Learning Leader, Business Olynyk, Ryan
Culinary Arts Champ, Rob
Computer Science Cheng, Carson
Construction Eady, Dave
Architecture Design Flaherty, Robyn
Business Guglielmo, Nick
EMTV and Film + Broadcasting
McDermott, Brendan
Pre-Engineering and Robotics McManus, Mike
Graphic Design
McNeil, Jodie


Position Name & Email
Learning Leader Stewart, Barb

Albers, Heather

Crossland, Genevieve

Garner, Duncan

Gardner, Gareth
Gibson, Anna

Giese, Ashley

Schultz, Therese

Squires, Brad

English Language Learners (ELL)

Position Name & Email

Dahlseide Young, Vicki

Perrotta, Diana

Fine & Performing Arts

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, Dance Dimitrijevic-Dawe, Suzana
Band Cesselli, Robert
Fine Arts Goudreau, Trevor
Fine Arts Fudge, Erin
Drama McNeil, Jodie


Position Name & Email
Learning Leader Freeman, Eric
Betteridge, Nicole

Chan, Claudia

Despins, Monique
Eady, Dave

El-Hendi, Farah

Jenner, Kelly

Leung, Mei-Yuk

Madill, Brett

Malmstrom, Tereza

Quach, Julie

Seder, Ashley

Slanisky, Jenny

Tsui, Mabel

Physical Education

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, PE Klimushko, Richard
Learning Leader, Athletics Vujinovic, Jovan
Blondin, Mike
Bridges, Diandra

Rondeau, Jeff
Stevenson, Jenny

Paced Learning Program (PLP)

Position Name & Email

Bajwa, Mickey
Ed Assistant Ayton, Melissa
Ed Assistant Cheek, Kathleen


Position Name & Email
Learning Leader Davidson, Chris
Advanced Placement Coordinator Rubin, James

Au, Peggy

Beaudry, Jon
Gallagher, Elise
Kwan, Janice

Lam-Szalay, Hester

McIvor, Francesca

Mossman, Jodi
O'Keefe, Kim

Tam, Ricky

Tse, Sharon
Van Boven, Teresa

Venter, Erika

Wang, Selena

Wehlage, Kevin

 Zimmerman, Eric

Second Languages

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, French Jordon, Caroline
Spanish Alvarenga, Jose
Chinese  Zhu, Liping

Social Studies

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader Davidson, Nikki

Esterhuizen, Alix

Gowan, Vanessa

Kennerd, Forrest

Knowles, Cameron

Marinelli, Lea
Pexman, David

Schofield, Simon

Thompson, Joe

Health Recreation & Human Services

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, Sports Medicine Bymoen, Wayde
Mentorship Dimitrijevic-Dawe, Suzana
Outdoor Pursuits and Sports Performance Eskerod, Matt
Yoga Falkenberg, Kim
Sports Performance
Pengue, Marco
Female Sports Performance Stevenson, Jenny

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Business ManagerAdams, Alana
Technical SupportBelayneh, Thomas
Attendance SecretaryCassidy, Linda
Cooking InstructorDemuth, Robert
SIS Assistant
Djordjevic, Rose
Ed Assistant - Exam CentreGoodsir, Elwyn
Science TechnologistPareira, Arpita
Admin SecretaryO'How Karen
Cooking Instructor
Roberts, Gillian
Baking Instructor
Scollo, Adolpho
SIS Assistant
Watson, Trenna

Facility Operators & Cleaners

PositionName & Email
Head Facility OperatorGrant, Harvey
Facility OperatorZeng, Ernest
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