Dress Code

Dress and Grooming Expectations

Students are expected to support appropriate standards of dress and grooming which reflect the school’s purpose as a place of learning and a place of work. Students should be sensitive to the values and expectations of the community. In particular the following guidelines should be observed:

Cleanliness – All clothes should be clean and in good repair

Safety and Health – Shoes must be worn; outdoor clothing should not be worn in class: hoods should be removed.

Appropriateness – Clothing must not display inappropriate or offensive language, slogans or suggest membership in any unauthorized student group or gang.

Modesty – Brief, beach-style or revealing clothing is inappropriate. Tops, shorts and skirts must be of modest length and provide adequate coverage.

Moderation – Dress and grooming should be such as to avoid drawing attention to oneself. 


We expect students to comply with Ernest Manning High School’s dress code policy. On game day student athletes are expected to either wear formal attire or their game jersey whichever the coach of the team decides. Game uniforms are not to be worn in physical education classes as gym strip nor are the uniforms meant to be worn on non-game days. Uniforms unless otherwise communicated by the coach in the initial parent letter are property of Ernest Manning High School. At the end of each season they must be returned to their head coach. Students are not permitted to modify the team uniform in any way. When student athletes are in our building the expectation is that they wear Ernest Manning Griffin clothing. Students are not permitted to wear a community or club teams uniform or workout clothing in our athletic facilities. 

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