Drama develops you as a whole person - emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically and socially. In drama courses, you study the elements of acting, technical theatre, playwriting and directing through various genres. By performing, collaborating and viewing authentic situations in theatre, you acquire greater appreciation and knowledge of yourself.

Drama 10 (5 credits)

No Prerequisite Required

Drama 10 is an introduction to drama.  Students will develop fundamental performance and theatre skills by studying a variety of theatre disciplines. These disciplines include movement, speech, improvisation, script work, acting, technical theatre and theatre history. The nature of this course is interactive and students will be expected to participate and to demonstrate their learning daily.

Drama 20 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Recommendation: Drama 10

Drama 20 is a performance based course. Students will continue their development in character work and script analyses. They will be responsible to perform in solo and ensemble presentations for the class and an audience. The acting process is central to this course level. The theatre disciplines covered will be acting, speech, movement, improvisation, playwriting, design and technical theatre.

Drama 30 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Recommendation: Drama 20

Drama 30 is focused on acting and directing. Students will continue to enhance their performance skills as an actor as they work collaboratively with others to study scene structure and theatre literature. The highlight of Drama 30 is an independent directing project. Students will use their creative and dramatic skills to direct and produce a one act play. This play will be presented to the public during lunch box theatre. This unique study project will complete their understanding of the theatre. ;

Acting Touring 15/25/35 (5 credits per course)

Prerequisite Recommendation: Drama 10 or teacher recommendation

Acting Touring offers students the opportunity to study theatre as a production based course. This unique area of study gives the acting student the intense challenge to explore and develop character creation, directing, technical theatre design and theatre managements skills.  The context of this exploration is examined through dramatic literature, which acts as a window to our past/present/future and reflects the attitudes, politics, social structures and challenges of the time.  The present day student is transported into an interactive artistic relationship with humanity where they gain greater understanding, compassion and insight.

  • First semester students will work on the Fall Production 
  • Second semester students will work on The High School Drama Festival plays

Technical Theatre 15/25/35 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Recommendation: Drama 10 or teacher recommendation

Technical Theatre 15, 25, 35 is designed to extend the foundation skills outlined in Drama 10, 20, 30.  Technical Theatre expands the specific skills related to career fields so that students electing this sequence of courses will advance to theatre schools or to careers in the theatre industry. Student projects and learning will focus on the following technical areas include: costumes, lighting, makeup, properties, set, sound, and management.

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