About EM Music

My name is Robert Cesselli and I am the Music Director at Ernest Manning. High School. I have been with the Calgary Board of Education for 29 years. My previous experience has been at Robert Warren Junior High, T.B. Riley Junior High, and Bishop Pinkham Junior High. In addition, I have been a Music Director for the WestWinds Music Society, and a freelance percussion instructor in and around the city of Calgary. I currently am an active member of the Alberta Band Association and the International Association of Jazz Education.

About the Program

The Ernest Manning Music Program fosters communication, creative expression, team-work, collaborative learning and community engagement. Students continue to develop their skills as musicians, explore theory, composition and musical history. We are actively exploring various software options that will be available to students for both class work and at home.

Teaching and Learning

  • Rhythm study
  • Repertoire Score Analysis and Conducting
  • Ear training and Theory/Composition
  • Music History
  • Flexible arrangement repertoire to accommodate non-traditional instrumentation
  • Literature and technical exercises are posted on D2L for all grades

We will:

  • foster the collaborative nature of in-person ensemble classes with attention on teamwork, communication, and community building,
  • support individual instrument specialization.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact Rob Cesselli at: rpcesselli@cbe.ab.ca

Ernest Manning Music Parent Society (EMMPA)

EMMPA is the fundraising arm of the music program. All parents/guardians with students in the music program are members of EMMPA. EMMPA play a key role in supporting the music program including coordinating concerts, tours, camps, and so much more. We have several fundraisers a year that contribute and support:

  • Music Camps
  • Winter and Spring Concert
  • Jazz Night
  • Annual tour
  • Clinicians and workshops
  • Music festivals

Some of our fundraisers include:

  • Purdy’s Chocolate
  • Springbank Cheese
  • Growing Smiles
  • FlipGive
  • Skip the Depot
  • Big Band Cabaret

EMMPA has one part-time staff member who coordinates the office, music activities, and fundraisers. We also have a board consisting of not fewer than 5 members. Board members have oversite of the society.

The Music Office is located at Room 1412. All EMMPA inquiries can be made through the office at emmpaassistant@gmail.com or 403-217-1254.

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