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Graduation 2021

This has truly been an extraordinary year.

The ways that our graduates have learned, have supported one another and have attained their goal of reaching graduation in these most trying of times is a testament to the fact that our students are ready to move on to new challenges and adventures.

We are deeply proud of the Ernest Manning High School Graduating Class of 2021.

With a great deal of thought and care for our Graduates and their families, our Graduation Plan for the Ernest Manning High School Class of 2021 was designed.  Our purpose was to provide an experience where families could participate with their Graduate over a few days, so that while we are abiding by the AHS guidelines we are giving families time to host personal celebrations for the Graduate. 

Grad 2021 Parent Information for your Graduate
Grad 2021 Parent Information for your Graduate

The Ernest Manning High School Graduation Experience

Step One - Pick up Your Gown and Stole

Each student will be given an appointment time to pick up their graduation gown and stole. In order to give families time for special photos and family celebrations, these appointments will take place on May 18 - 20.   Gowns have been specifically ordered for each Graduate, and are freshly dry cleaned and on a hanger.  The navy gown will be matched with the white, navy and gold stole. Each Graduate will receive a navy mortarboard cap with a navy satin tassel, adorned with a gold 2021 charm. 

The list of appointment times will be posted on the school website and will be sent to parents/guardians via School Messenger and the Griffin Greetings.  Students are asked to bring their student ID and a pen to their appointment.

Step Two - Commemorative Program and Gift Bag

To honor your Graduate, a commemorative program and gift bag will be presented to each Graduate at their gown and stole pick-up appointment.  The Ernest Manning High School Class of 2021 Graduation Program will include messages from the Board of Trustees, the Chief Superintendent, our Principal, the Acknowledgement of the Land and our Valedictory Address.  In addition, a list of the Ernest Manning High School 2021 Graduands will round out this keepsake. The Ernest Manning High School Certificate of Graduation is presented in a navy padded hard cover book embossed in gold with our school name.  Inside the satin lined book is the personalized Ernest Manning High School Certificate of Graduation with your Graduate's name prominently displayed. This keepsake book also includes a drawing of our school and is signed by Dr. Hood.

Other gift items in the bag for our Graduates are perfect for photos and fun. 

Step Three - Make Memories

From the time that the gown and stole are picked up by your student, this is an opportunity for photos, fun and celebration.

Here are some ideas for you and your family to celebrate your Graduate's accomplishments.

Parent or Family Letter to the Graduate

The class of 2021 had many rites of passage that are different this year as a result 

of the coronavirus pandemic. What has endured is the pride and joy parents, guardians and families of the Ernest Manning High School Graduates feel in seeing their student graduate. Parents, guardians and families may wish to take a few moments to pen a letter to their Graduate recounting their fond memories of the Graduate's school years.

Plan a Special Meal

Host an outdoor barbecue, dinner or brunch where your Graduate is the guest of honor. Prepare your graduate’s favorite meal and have the whole family dress up for the occasion – with your Graduate in full cap and gown attire, of course. Have each family   member present your Graduate with a “diploma” filled with favorite memories.

Collect Achievements and Aspirations

Put together a scrapbook of your Graduate’s top achievements, aspirations, interests and special moments from their school years.

Step Four - Host a Watch Party with your Graduate

Our Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, May 28.  While we are not able to be together in person, we will definitely be together in spirit to celebrate the Ernest Manning High School Class of 2021.

On Graduation Day, follow along with the events in your Graduate's copy of the Ernest Manning  High School Class of 2021 Graduation Program. You will hear messages from the Board of Trustees, the Chief Superintendent, our Principal, the Acknowledgement of the Land and our Valedictory Address.  

Refer to the 2021 Graduation Guide. 

Photo Opportunities at the School

A special opportunity for all of our Graduates and our families will take place around our school property during our Graduation Week.Large photo back-drops (like the ones that you see behind the stars at awards shows) will be positioned around the school property so that you can gather with your Graduate and the special people in their lives to capture this milestone event.Remember that Fido is welcome to join into the fun as well!

Parents and Guardians will receive an email link for the Graduation Ceremony on June 18 through their School Messenger account.

Plan to make this event special by having your Graduate wear their gown, stole and cap. Host a Graduation brunch, lunch or dinner on the day, and make the Victoria Day weekend a special one by incorporating memory making ideas from Step 3 and Step 5 into your long weekend family plans.

Step Five - Make More Memories

Graduation Parade at Home

Invite important people in your Graduate's life to a drive-by parade that goes by your home. Decorate your front step or lawn with celebration signs and decorations. Take lots of pictures you can later use to document the occasion.

Organize a Photo Shoot

Organize a socially distant photo shoot for graduates in their caps and gowns. Be creative and make your own by including favorite pets, hobby or sports equipment, taking photos in the backyard, the park or even the mountains.

Show Your Pride

Decorate your front door with photos. Create a large collage of photos of your graduate through the years, and use it to wallpaper the front door of your house. Display a photo wreath or balloons at your front door.

Organize a Virtual Party

Bring all of the important people in your Graduate’s life together in a way that follows social distancing. Send a festive invitation with the meeting ID or link. Encourage guests to wear grad-themed attire and prop up decorations in their background. Pick an activity – like speeches, karaoke or recreating the latest TikTok dances – to get everyone engaged.

Step Six - Gown and Stole Return

(the cap and tassel with the 2021 gold charm are yours to keep)

Check the School Website, Griffin Greetings and School Messenger for your Graduate's appointment time to return their gown and stole.  These appointments will take place on May 25 - May 26, so you will have the Victoria Day long weekend to continue the celebration of your Graduate's accomplishments.

Alberta High School Diploma

All students in Alberta are working towards an Alberta High School Diploma. In order to graduate with this diploma, students must:

  1. Earn a minimum of 100 credits.
  2. Complete and meet the standards of the following specified credit courses:
  • English 30-1 or 30-2
  • Social Studies 30 or 33 (30-1 or 30-2)
  • Science 20 or 24 or Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20 (10 credits)
  • Mathematics 20P or 20A or 24 (10 credits)
  • Physical Education 10 (3 credits)
  • Career and Life Management 20 (3 credits)
  • 10 credits in any combination from Career and Technology Studies, Fine Arts, Second Languages, Physical Education 20 or 30, K & E Occupational courses or Apprenticeship Program
  • 10 credits in 30 level courses in addition to English 30-1 or 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2

Note: For the school’s graduation ceremony in May, Grade 12 students must be enrolled in a program leading to completion of at least 95 credits, and can only be missing one required course.

Alberta Certificate of High School Achievement

The requirements indicated in this chart are the minimum requirements for a student to attain a Certificate of High School Achievement. The requirements for entry into post-secondary institutions and workplaces may require additional and/or specific courses.

  1. Earn a minimum of 80 credits 
  2. Complete and meet the standards of the following specified credit courses:
  • English Language Arts 20-2 or 30-4
  • Mathematics 14 or 20-4
  • Science 14 or 20-4
  • Social Studies 10-2 or 20-4
  • Physical Education 10 (3 credits)
  • Career and Life Management (CALM) (3 credits)

5 credits in

  • 30-level Knowledge and Employability Occupational courses, or
  • 30-level Career and Technology Studies (CTS), or
  • 30-level Locally Developed course with an occupational focus

5 credits in

  • 30-level Knowledge and Employability Workplace Practicum course, or
  • 30-level Work Experience course, or
  • 30-level Green Certificate course


  • 5 credits in a 30-level Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) course
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