International Certificate

The International Certificate is a distinction given upon graduation which recognizes, values and honours student achievement in the area of international languages, international studies and international experiences. This program is designed to challenge students to step out of their boundaries and to view their world from both a cultural and global perspective. This program allows students to personalize their experience while gaining a world class experience.

The value of the Certificate is in the work and study to get the Certificate. The combined experiences students will have include:

  • Student conferences,
  • Second language study and appreciation,
  • Intercultural effectiveness, 
  • Internationalization of coursework, 
  • Commitment to an experience of an international nature

Enrollment in the IC will be valuable to their future work, study, and community engagement such as:

  • Access to International Opportunities such as:
    • Student Exchange (Alberta Education), 
    • Workshops (CAWST), 
    • Conferences (Global Youth Summit), 
    • International Opportunities (CIDA), 
    • International Contests, 
    • Internships (Canada World Youth), 
    • Volunteer Opportunities ( YMCA Calgary)
  • College and University Applications
  • Job Applications
  • Volunteer Applications 
  • Scholarship/Grant/Fellowship Applications 
  • Demonstration of commitment to Community Engagement 
  • Networking with students from all over the planet

Anyone can enroll in the International Certificate Program:

  • ESL Students
  • Newly Arrived Canadians International Students Students with a passion for Second Language Learning and Study
  • Students with a passion for
    • International Social Justice Issues
    • International or intercultural studies
  • Athletes training with international coaches, or competing with international teams
  • Students with access to international travel (through home or school)
  • Students wanting and willing to engage in an international exchange experience

See our International Student Coordinator for more details.

Module A International Languages and Cross-Cultural Communications

Languages: 250 hours, second language study, International Studies 35

You are required to take 125 Hours of Second Language Study. Currently students are fulfilling this requirement by pursuing one of the following:

  • One 5 credit CBE Languages Course like French 10 or Spanish 30.
  • Chinese School every Saturday
  • American Sign Language
  • Coded ESL (Immersion in English in the CBE)

Module B International Course Work

Social Studies 10, 20, 30, Internationalized and personalization of three assignments within regular course work.

You are required to achieve at least 5 credits in “Internationalized CBE Coursework”.

Currently students are fulfilling this requirement by pursuing one or a combination of the following courses:

  • World Religions
  • World Geography
  • Yoga
  • Sociology
  • Fashion
  • Film Production
  • Band/Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Photography

** Some CBE courses may be internationalized by including an international perspective to the assignments completed in class.

Note: All sections for Module B may be completed with equivalencies. For example, a student may attend 125 hours of Global Conferences or Workshops to fulfill this requirement.

Between grades 10 and 12, students are required to internationalize three assignments within their regular class work. Two examples follow:

  • Complete a Case Study using an alternate country for any regular assigned work given in your class.  For example… You are asked to study poets of Southern Alberta for an English class. You could internationalize this assignment by also studying poets from the Hunan Province of China.
  • Analyze the question given in the assignment from a Global Perspective.  For example, you are asked to study your daily caloric intake and nutrition. You could internationalize this assignment by researching one of the Millennium Development Goals and its connection to health and nutrition.

Module C International Experience

To be designed with the International Staff Officer: possibilities include;

  • student exchange,
  • humanitarian project, 
  • international work, 
  • study or travel.

Students must commit to an international experience of at least three months.

Currently students are fulfilling this requirement by pursuing one or a combination of the following:

  • Travel and Study abroad with school and/or family. 
  • Participation in social justice groups locally, nationally or internationally. 
  • Athletes training and/or competing internationally. 
  • Student Exchange 
  • Newly Arrived Calgarians – International Students for example. 
  • Hosting an international student. 
  • Intercultural Opportunities

Final exit piece includes the profiling of student work.

Can Students Combine The Modules?

Yes! Students may combine any and all of the modules together. For example, if a student studies in Belgium for a semester:

  • The student is immersed in a second language for more than 125 hours – Module A is complete.
  • The student is taking course work, which is international due to the fact it is written from an alternative cultural perspective – Module B is complete (it is assumed the student will be completing social 10, 20, and 30).
  • The student is having an international experience by being in Belgium – Module C is complete.
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