Sep 14
Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

It has been a fantastic start to the new school year. Both the students and teachers have worked hard to create a welcoming and safe learning environment for all students. Both students and teachers have commented on the change in atmosphere at the school this year.

One of our goals this year is to provide better communication and access to students’ learning throughout the year. The following offerings are available this year:

·         Website – our calendar will be updated consistently with school events and activities

·         Course Outlines – to be posted on the Teachers’ blogs, which you can find on the website

·         Teacher Blogs – updated to let parents know what is happening in class

·         Curriculum Sharing Nights – an opportunity to come and see your child’s work twice this year. This is not a parent-interview and is led by your child

·         Parent-Teacher Interviews – an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to review your child’s learning twice a year – Parents will book conferences online

·         Contact the teacher – Each teacher has provided parents with their email

·         Showcase – each exploratory will showcase the work students are creating, designing and solving problems 

Teachers are working incredibly hard to understand Power School, which is our new system for attendance, marks etc. The Power School app will allow parents to have up to date and timely information. For example, parents are able to check hourly on their child’s attendance. Teachers will be putting all assignments into Power School and each of the assignments will show parents how those assignments connect to the report card stems. We owe many thanks to Ms. Currie, our Admin Secretary for the many hours she has put into making Power School a success. An information package went home to help parents sign up for Power School. You will need:

Creation of MyCBE account

Your email address

Power School app – can download right to your phone!

With the exception of our specialized settings, all of our students are now riding City Transit. The students have found this transition to be quite easy and we have had positive feedback. I want to remind parents that there is support for the price of the bus passes through the Fair Entry Program through the City of Calgary at . They will send the passes to the school for your child. For parents who are seeking the rebate on bus passes, you will need to make sure you keep the passes. Rebates start and be available in October.

As a staff, we are all reading Discipline with Dignity. This book will support all of us in creating a learning environment that is inclusive of all learners and supports us in creating the safe and caring learning environment we want all students experience. Teachers are currently in the process of determining baseline assessments for all students in the building. We are assessing mathematics, writing and comprehension. The information from these assessments will inform teachers’ planning and our work around meeting students’ learning needs. The information from these assessments as well as the students’ work in the classrooms will determine our goals for the year in our School Development Plan. I look forward to sharing that plan with you at a School Council meeting.

Please get involved by attending the School Council meetings. We try to share information and answer questions of interest to parents.

Again, I want to thank you for the honour of working with your child. The students at Ernest Morrow continue to prove that they are highly able and want to grow and learn while taking on challenging work. 


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