Jun 30
NEW Principal Introduction

Dear Ernest Morrow School Parent (s)/Guardian(s),

My name is Cheri Schwartz and I am excited to be joining the Ernest Morrow School learning community as your new principal for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.  I am truly honoured to continue my leadership journey in Area 3. I look forward to meeting and working with students, staff and parents in the near future.  I know that “THE" Ernest Morrow School is an amazing community school and I look forward growing and learning together with you.  

I would like to thank Mr. Godfrey for his exceptional leadership and vision.  I know of the great things happening at “THE" Ernest Morrow and it is my desire to continue the work admin, staff and students have started these past few years.

Central to my beliefs as an educator is my passion for personalized learning, building a culture that encourages school engagement, and promoting a sense of safety and belonging.  I believe school should be fun, fair, flexible and firm.  I encourage staff and students to continue to take academic risks together while working to build an inclusive and supportive learning environment.  I will look to utilize my previous experiences as an assistant principal, guidance counsellor, inclusive education and humanities teacher to continue to build community, as outlined in the CBE Education Plan | 2021-2024, promoting achievement, equity and well-being for students.  

I look forward to connecting with each of you in the new 2022-2023 school year.

Go Mustangs!

Cheri Schwartz​

Jun 20
EMS Truth & Reconciliation Commitment to Action 2022-2023

​Dear EMS Community,

To acknowledge and support the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, the staff of EMS has created our "EMS Commitment to Action" for the 2022-2023 school year.  All EMS staff members contributed to the creation of this action/document in order to advance truth and reconciliation in our school and in our community. 

At “THE” Ernest Morrow School, we are committed to working with Elders, Knowledge Keepers, families and communities to build the capacity of all who work with students in our building. Through an Indigenous and Western lens, we will come together to visually create a safe and caring space where all students see themselves. Through professional learning, Circle of Self, the Indigenous Education Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework, and connecting with community, we will honour the recommendations of the TRC.

We will do this by representing our learning:
• Visually (every learning space)
• Seasonally (4 Quadrants)
• Holistically (Spirit, Heart, Body, Mind)
• Vocally (Student and Staff)
• Respectfully and Proudly
In making our commitment, Call to Action (7 and 10) offered inspiration.

Date: June 21, 2022

Thank you,

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow​

Jan 24
EMS Weekly Update: January 25-29, 2021

Good morning parents/guardians,

We are entering a short week due to student progress conferences on Thursday and Friday.  Your received an email last week with details on how to book a virtual conference or to request a phone conversation with teachers.  If you are having difficulty booking a conference, please call the school at 403.777.7800.  

It will also be colder this week - please remember that the doors for breakfast program do not open until 7:55am.  Student entrance doors do not open until 8:10am.  Please ensure that your child(ren) are dressed for the weather this week if you are dropping them off.

Important Dates this Week

  • Thursday, January 28
    • Friday Schedule (8:25am-12:15pm) - early dismissal for students.
    • Report Cards distributed to students.
    • Student Progress Conferences 1:00pm-8:00pm.
  • Friday, January 29
    • Non-Instructional Day: NO CLASSES FOR STUDENTS
    • Student Progress Conferences 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Monday, February 1
    • Start of Term #3.
    • Term #3 option classes begin.

MyCBE PowerSchool Account - YOU NEED ONE!!!

Need a Parent Account?

A MyCBE / PowerSchool Parent Account will allow you to access a number of supported technologies and tools at the Calgary Board of Education, including:

  • Access to your children's academic information (schedule, grades & attendance).
  • View your children's learning using Brightspace by D2L.
  • Register for transportation and noon supervision.
  • Pay fees online and request waivers.
  • Book school conferences.

LINK: https://sis.cbe.ab.ca/public/createaccounthelp.html​

EMS School Council Meeting - Monday, January 25, 2021

Our next School Council meeting is Monday, January 25 @ 6pm via Microsoft Teams.

Agenda: EMJHCouncilAgendaJan2021.doc 

Minutes from last meeting: Ernest Morrow council minutes Nov.23.docx 

Meeting Link: Click here to join the meeting

Cafeteria Menu: January 25-27, 2021

Monday, January 25 - Red lentil soup served with small size bun / salad $4.

Tuesday, January 26 - Butter Chicken Wrap served $5, Halal Butter Chicken wrap $5.

Wednesday, January 27 - Beef hot dog $3, Halal Beef hot dog $3.50, Vegetarian hot dog $3.50.

Thursday, January 28 - No lunch service.

Cold sandwich - Cold Deli sliced chicken $3.50.

Chocolate milk / Assorted juices / treats available. 

Thank you and have an amazing week!

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow​

Jan 16
EMS Weekly Update: January 18-22, 2021

Good morning parents/guardians,

A big thank you from EMS staff for a great return to in-person learning.  It was awesome to have all our students return to the building - the energy was amazing to see again.  Updates for the week are as follows:

Student Progress Conferences

The 2nd round of Student Progress Conferences will be Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29.

  • Thursday, January 28: 
    • Friday Schedule for students: 8:25am-12:15pm.
    • Conferences are from 1:00-8:00pm
    • Conferences will be virtual (Microsoft Teams) or via phone call.
  • Friday, January 29:
    • Non-Instructional Day: NO school for students.
    • Conferences are from 10:00am-2:00pm.
    • Conferences will be virtual (Microsoft Teams) or via phone call.

Parents/guardians will receive an email from your child's Humanities teacher on Monday, January 18 with specific instructions on how to book a virtual conference or how to book a phone conference.  Please refer to the instructions and steps that will be contained in this email. 

We will be using Conference Manager as we did in October.  In order to use Conference Manager, you need a MyCBE / PowerSchool account. Conference Manager will open for bookings on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 @ 8am.

Need a MyCBE / PowerSchool Parent Account?

A MyCBE / PowerSchool Parent Account will allow you to access a number of supported technologies and tools at the Calgary Board of Education, including:

  • Access to your children's academic information (schedule, grades & attendance)
  • View your children's learning using Brightspace by D2L
  • Register for transportation and noon supervision
  • Pay fees online and request waivers
  • Book school conferences

To sign-up for a MyCBE / PowerSchool account, please use the following link: https://sis.cbe.ab.ca/public/home.html#create-parent-account

Return of School Chromebooks

If your child loaned a Chromebook from EMS during at home learning, please return it to the office ASAP.  We would like to get all of our Chromebooks back into circulation to support in-person learning on a daily basis.

Cafeteria Menu: January 18-21, 2021

Monday, January 18 - Jamaican Beef Patty served with Baked fries $4.50.

Tuesday, January 19 - Chickpeas curry served on brown basmati rice / salad $5.

Wednesday, January 20 - Buffalo Chicken Wrap $3.75.

Thursday, Januart 21 - BLT sandwich with small soup bowl $5.

Cold sandwich 

Hummus vegetarian sandwich $3

Cold Chocolate milk available. 

Please note the cafeteria is cash only - we do not have pre-pay or debit.

Thank you and have an amazing week!

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow​

Jan 09
Return to In-Person Learning

Good afternoon parents/guardians,

Welcome to 2021 and welcome back to in-person learning!  As stated by the premier, in-person learning resumes on Monday, January 11, 2021.  Please note the following updates:

Return to In-Person Learning for All Students

In-person learning at EMS resumes Monday, January 11, 2021.

  • Breakfast program opens at 755am.
  • Grade level designated entry doors open at 810am.
  • Classes begin at 825am.

HUB students returning to in-person learning at EMS

The deadline to indicate that you would like your child to return to in-person learning was January 8, 2021 at 12 noon.  If you filled out the Notice of Intent through your myCBE / Powerschool account or called the school to inform - we have now received your request.

***A return to in-person learning for HUB students who submitted their request before the dealine DOES NOT START until Monday, February 1, 2021***

Until this date, HUB students will continue taking their classes online.  HUB students are expected to attend all virtual classes and complete all assigned tasks.

The HUB is not open for registration.  No students will be entering HUB learning for the remainder of the 20-21 school year.

EMS Parent Association Meeting: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 @ 6pm

Please join us for the next parent association meeting on Monday, January 12 @ 6pm.  This meeting will be virtual and will take place through Microsoft Teams.

Previous Meeting Minutes: Nov4,2020EMJHParentAssocMinutes.doc 

January 12 Agenda: Jan2021agendaAssoc.doc 

Teams Meeting Link: Click here to join the meeting  (If link does not work, email me directly at kmgodfrey@cbe.ab.ca and I will send you the link).

Student Expectations

All student expectations and COVID-19 protocols still remain in place.  Teachers will be spending time on Monday reviewing school expectations with students.

  • All students must be wearing a mask to enter the building unless a medical exemtpion is in place and on file.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in the building unless eating, drinking, or participating in physical activity.
  • All students must sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Students must try their best to physically distance themselves from others.
  • Students are not to share any personal items.
  • Students are to keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times.

Ernest Morrow is a safe and clean building.  We all need to do our part to keep it that way.

COVID-19 Daily Screening

All parents/guardians are expected to ensure their child(ren) are not sick and/or displaying signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before sending them to school each day.  If your child has symptoms and/or tells you they are not feeling well, they are not to be sent to school.  They are to stay home and you are to follow public health guidelines.  These can be found at https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx

Parents/guardians can also use the COVID-19 Daily Checklist: Covid 19 Daily Checklist.pdf 

If a student arrives at school sick and/or develops symptoms at school, parents/guardians will be contacted and expected to pick-up their child within 1 hour.

Technology Return (Chromebooks)

Chromebooks that were loaned from the school need to be returned starting Monday.  Students can bring the device and power cord to the office - school administration will inspect the device and sign-it back into inventory.

Please return these devices ASAP so they can be cleaned, isolated, and then put back into circulation so they can be used by EMS students in school.

Cafeteria Menu: January 11-14, 2021

Monday, January 11 - All Beef Hot dog $3.00, Halal Beef Hot dog $3.50.

Tuesday, January 12 - Meatballs spaghetti served with garlic toast/ salad $5.

Wednesday, January 13 - Baked chicken burger served with fries $5, Halal chicken meal $5.50.

Thursday, January 14 -  Red Lentil rice soup served with small bun $3.75.

Cold sandwich - Vegetarian hummus on whole wheat sandwich $3.50.

Chocolate milk available on Wednesday onwards.

Thank you and have an amazing week!

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow​

Jan 02
EMS Weekly Update: January 4-8, 2021

Good morning parents/guardians,

Happy new year!  Hopefully your holidays were safe and you and your family have remained healthy.  Learning resumes on Monday - please read the entire body of this email as there is a great deal of information.

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, January 4: Online learning (at home) for all students in Gr. 6,7,8,9.  PLP/LEAD students attend in-person learning at EMS.
  • Friday, January 8: Parents/guardians of HUB students need to inform EMS if they would like their student(s) to return to in-person learning.
  • Monday, January 11: In-person learning resumes for all EMS students.

Continued Learning at EMS

    • LEAD/PLP students continue in-person learning at EMS from Jan. 4-8, 2021.
      • Breakfast program and cafeteria lunch service will be available.
      • PLP/LEAD students to enter the school through the front doors.
      • Doors will open at 8:10am for breakfast program and for students entering the building.
    • All students return to in-person learning Jan. 11, 2021.
  • Gr. 6/7/8/9:
    • Gr. 6 students begin at home learning Jan. 4-8, 2021.
    • Gr. 7/8/9 students continue at home learning Jan. 4-8, 2021.
    • All students return to in-person learning Jan. 11, 2021.

HUB Learning

By Friday, January 8 at 12 noon, parents/guardians of HUB students need to inform EMS if they would like their student(s) to return to in-person learning.

  • HUB LEARNING students wanting to return to in-person learning at EMS starting February 1, 2021 must notify the school by January 8.
  • You MUST indicate your intention to return to in-person learning through your myCBE / PowerSchool account by 12 NOON on January 8.
  • All information to complete this process has been emailed to HUB families multiple times.
  • STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to complete this process: https://cbe.ab.ca/support/Pages/MyCBE-PowerSchool-Hub-Notice-of-Intent.aspx

If you experience difficulty completing this process, please call the school between Jan. 4-8, 2021 (January 8 must be before 12 noon).

COVID-19 Protocols and Expectations

All expectations are still in place for students/staff in the building.  All families should be using the daily COVID-19 questionaire before sending students to school.  If students show any symptoms and/or state that they are not feeling well - they are to be kept at home and not sent to school.  If this is the case, please call the school to notify us of your absence.  Please also follow the guidelines of the checklist.

COVID-19 Daily Checklist: Covid 19 Daily Checklist.pdf 

We look forward to seeing all of our students return to learning!

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow


Ernest Morrow School

1212 47 St. SE

Nov 24
EMS UPDATE | In-Person Learning for all Students Continues this Week

Good evening parents/guardians,

***In-person learning for all Gr. 6-9 students continues at EMS for the remainder of this week***

The government of Alberta announced changes earlier today to all schools for both in-person and at-home learning starting Monday, November 30, 2020.

Those changes are:

Changes for Grade 7-12 students

  • Move to at-home learning starting Monday, Nov. 30 to Friday, Jan. 8 (except during winter break).
  • In-person classes will resume starting Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.
  • Diploma exams are optional for rest of the school year (high school students).
  • There are no changes for students in CBE's Hub online learning or CBe-learn

Changes for Grade K-6 students (including Early Childhood Services)

  • Continue in-person learning until winter break.
  • Move to at-home learning during the week of Jan. 4 to Jan. 8, 2021.
  • In-person classes will resume starting Monday, Jan. 11.
  • There are no changes for Grade 1 - 6 students in CBE's Hub online learning or CBe-learn.

As more specific information becomes available, it will be passed along to you.  Please check your email regularly over the next few days for updates from EMS and the CBE.

Thank you,

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow​

Aug 27
Staggered Entry

Good afternoon EMS families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Our teachers and staff are ready to welcome you back into the building. It has been a long wait and we are excited to see everyone! Without question, this school year will be a year like no other.
The reason for this message today is to let you know about our Staggered Entry Plan for all students during the first week (September 1-4) of school. We are beginning our school year this way to limit the number of students entering the school. The purpose of the plan is:

  • To ease the transition of students into school,
  • To spend time with smaller groups familiarizing them with our health measures,
  • To facilitate physical distancing while teaching the protocols of our health measures,
  • To allow each child and accompanying family member to have a successful and memorable “first day of school” drop-off.
    • ​​​​​​​Only students are allowed in the building.  Parents who are dropping children off will need to say their goodbyes near designated entrance doors.
    • While outside waiting for entry, students, parents, and families must adhere to social distancing.
    • Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay in their vehicles if possible.

Please see our Back to School page for our Staggered Entry Plan for the first week for Grade 6-9 Students

On these days, doors to the school will not open until 8:20am.  If you are dropping children off early, please remind them that they need to social distance from their peers.  Students will also be required to wear a mask on their specific re-entry day.  Please send your child to school with a mask.  If you do not have one, a disposable mask will be provided.  All students will be provided with two (2) reusable masks by Alberta Education, but they have not arrived at the school yet and there is no guarantee that they will arrive in time to be distributed to students on their specific re-entry day.  All students need to bring is a snack/lunch on this day.  Breakfast program and the cafeteria will not be available until September 8, 2020 at the earliest.

***Microwaves are not available for student use.  Please do not send your child with food that needs to be heated and/or re-heated***

​​​​​​​I recognize that this information comes to you less than a week away from the scheduled first day (September 1, 2020), and apologize for any inconvenience. We wanted to get this to you as soon as possible to make alternate child care arrangements for next week if required.

I think we can all agree that taking it slow while being intentional about safety is important given the circumstances. We appreciate your support in helping us get a strong start to the school year.

By the end of day Friday, specific information about school re-entry, set-up, and safety measures in place at EMS will be posted on our school website. You will also receive this information through email. You can also expect a phone call from your child's homeroom teacher on Friday.  If no one answers, a message will be left and an email will be sent to you by your homeroom teacher.

Thank you! We’ve missed you all, and can’t wait for school to resume. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school or by email.

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
"THE" Ernest Morrow

Apr 03
EMS Learning Update

Good afternoon parents/guardians,

Spring break ends today and we are preparing to return to teaching and learning - albeit now from home.  Teaching and learning from home will be something new for all of us - rest assured, we will get through.  You will be getting two emails today.  This email will outline the plan for students for April 6-9 (no learning April 10 - Good Friday).  The second email today will provide information on Google Classroom and Google Meet.  These are the tools that EMS has choosen to support online learning from home.

Please remember that the school is closed.  Access to the school is by appointment only.   If your student requires access to the building to pick up an essential life item from their locker before we schedule locker cleanout and pick up (see below), you will need to call the school during office hours and make an appointment.  No one will be admitted to the school without an appointment being made in advance.  If your child is sick and/or displays any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you stay home as you will not be admitted to the school.  Office hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Thursday: 800am-300pm
  • Friday: 800am-1pm

We are currently in the process of creating a schedule for students to come to EMS and pick up their personal belongings.  As per AHS and CBE guidelines, we must limit the number of people that are in the facility at one time.  Once the schedule is created and finalized, instructions for sign-up will be emailed to parents/guardians.

Next week, home room teachers will be reaching out to all students in their group to check-in and see how they are doing and to also ask questions around learning from home.  The information provided by students/parents/guardians is essential for us as we prepare the best possible learning experiences for EMS students moving forward.

***Teachers will be reaching out primarily by phone (email if they cannot get an answer to a phone call) between Monday-Wednesday next week.  It is imperative that you answer the phone and/or reply to the email that is sent.***  If your contact information has changed since the beginning of the year, please reply to me directly so I can update our records.

Teachers will be planning and preparing lessons and tasks for your children from April 6-9.  Online learning will commence Monday, April 13.  A detailed schedule will be emailed to parents, posted in Google Classroom and posted to the school website next week. 

Access to technology and the internet may be an issue for you.  Paper packages of assigned tasks will be made available only to students/families who do not have access to technology.  Devices that suppport Google Classroom/Meet are desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, Playstation/Xbox that can access the internet...the internet is also required.  As of now, we are still awaiting direction on the distribution of paper packages to students from the AHS and the CBE.  Once that is received, a pick-up and drop off schedule will be established for each grade.

I would like to thank you for your continued patience and support through these difficult times.  Teaching and learning online from home is something that very few of us have done before.  Please know that EMS staff are a hardworking, dedicated group of educators that will support your child(ren) through uncharted waters.

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
Ernest Morrow School​
Dec 04
Principal Introduction

I am thrilled to announce my new appointment as the Principal of Ernest Morrow.  I am currently the Assistant Principal at Samuel W. Shaw School in the community of Shawnessy in the SW. I have been at SWS for just over one year and have enjoyed working with the students, staff, parents/guardians, and members of the community. Previously, I was the Assistant Principal at Woodman School for three years and a learning leader/teacher at RT Alderman School and Midsun School.

As the current Assistant Principal of Samuel W. Shaw School, I will continue to focus on my responsibilities at SWS until a date has been determined for me to start at Ernest Morrow.  The school is in great hands with Ms. Reed as the Acting Principal and I look forward to meeting and discussing our transition plan.  I am very excited to collaborate with parents/guardians, students, and staff to continue to build a supportive and positive place for your children to learn.

Once I begin in the New Year, my goal over the first few weeks will be to understand who our learners are at Ernest Morrow.  I will be in classrooms working with students and staff as we work together to create safe and caring learning environments, life long learners, and future leaders of our community, province, and country. 

This will be an amazing journey and I cannot wait for it to begin.  Best wishes to you and your family as we get closer to the holiday season.

Yours in education,

Mr. Kevin Godfrey​

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Another day on the land. Looking at last year’s sage, rose hips, the “eyes” of the aspen, golden sap, and of course crocuses. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/BojtoKN2Wo

A wonderful day for the grade 7’s to experience some Land Based Learning. It was HOT but full of beauty. The Budding Moon is near and the signs of Moyoyi (Blackfoot for spring) were everywhere. Grade 6’s go tomorrow. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/2qsw9B4hAz

https://t.co/Ic6QmirH23 Ms Baillargeon and her art classes have done amazing work! Some of their work has been displayed at the CBE Education Centre over the last two weeks and today our Ernest Morrow teachers had a chance to see all of this amazing art.