​​​Support for Students at the CBE

Our students’ success is our top priority and we understand that our students live complex lives and that many factors both in school and outside of school can affect their ability to learn. The CBE offers a variety of services (such as Culture and Linguistic Support, Exceptional and Special Needs, and Psychological Services) to support students, their families and our school, so students can be successful learners. Visit the CBE website to learn more.​​​​

Student Services


We know that students in the teen years are really looking to find their own identity in a safe and caring environment. We can set all the rules in place, but in reality this is a task for all of us. When students and teachers collaborate together and live up to our Student Purpose Statement, we know we can support each student to their fullest potential. Students are expected to actively participate in creating a safe and caring environment that values everyone. Problem-solving is expected to be done in a proactive manner that finds a solution to meet everyone’s needs.

There are many places in the school for support:

  • Administration
  • Student Services
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Psychologists
  • School Resource Officer

If you do need help, there are also other ways to connect you to supports. We can help you do that. Come to us when you need help, before a situation becomes serious. We care about you and want to help you.

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