Share Feedback on Proposed Plan for CBE High Schools June 1-13, 2021

Since 2019, we have been working on a sustainable plan that balances enrolment across CBE high schools and gives students access, flexibility and choice in programming.

We have now developed a proposed plan to balance enrolment at CBE high schools that reflects what we have heard from you over the past two years. The plan aligns with CBE planning principles and considers available space and resources as well as financial sustainability.

We have responded to stakeholder feedback where possible in blending Scenarios A and B, the two scenarios presented for feedback in March 2021.

Proposed plan details and opportunities to share your feedback are available on our high school engagement webpage

Communicating a Decision by June 30
We will communicate a final decision about balancing enrolment at CBE high schools by June 30, 2021. This is earlier than planned and responds to feedback to make the decision as soon as possible so families have more time to plan. Where possible, these changes will be effective for the 2022-23 school year.

Thank you for helping to shape the future of high schools at the CBE.​​

High School Engagement

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