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Week of Oct.12-15, 2021

This week seemed to go by especially quickly in Room 13. Perhaps it was the short week? Or perhaps it is because we always seem to fill our days with so much learning!

We began the week in Math by reflecting on everything that we have covered so far in our Number Sense Unit. Mrs. Cooper gave us a self-assessment. After talking about the things that we have learned, we filled in how we felt about each “I can statement” and then shared what we think we can do well and what we still need some help with.  We finished off math this week with SolveMe Moblies. This is how you play:

“ You have shapes on a scale and you have to figure out what each side is equal to." (L.H.)

"There are shapes that act like numbers and you have to figure out what numbers the shapes are." (C.H.)

"It's basically, you have to guess the numbers that equal shapes. You have the numbers to make a whole." (W.C.)

In Social Studies we finished up our research and jot notes about the Alberta region we wanted to learn more about.  We then put the information into our own words in a Google Silde.  We learned how to add pictures and change the text too. This helps us to make our information more interesting and appealing.  We also learned a lot about Alberta’s 6 Regions! Did you know:

  •  "A long time ago there was a fire in the Boreal Forest and it killed a lot of animals." (J.D.)
  • "In the parkland region there is the Red Deer Lake and the Battle Lake." (L. H.)
  •  "In the Boreal Forest bedrock is very important because it can only be found in the northern part of the Boreal Forest." (A.B.)
  • "In the Canadian Shield, the sun doesn't fully come up until 12:30 in the winter time." (B.T.)

Next week we are starting “Book Club”, so we talked about how to choose a book that is right for us.  We remembered that we can use the title, read the back of the book and also read a little bit of one page to see how much makes sense.  When choosing a book it is important to understand what is happening, and not just be able to read the words.  When we start book club, we will read the same book as one or two other people and do some activities.

In gym, we continued on our skipping unit and also played a little more goalie ball.  Our big focus this week was etiquette, fair play and cooperation.  Etiquette means…… Fair play means….

Of course, we did so much more too! Ask us about:

  • Our Heart Maps and the “special someone” writing that we completed this week;
  • What “over packaging” products means and why its important to think about packaging when we buy something;
  • How our class novel “Wishtree” ended and if we liked the book; and
  • What we know about complete sentences, simple sentences and compound sentences.

Mrs. Cooper would like to also remind everyone that Monday is the System-Wide Indigenous Education Professional Learning Day so there is no school for students on Monday.

Important Dates

  • October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day
  • November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity
  • November 9 - School Council Meeting
  • November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day
  • November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day
  • November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Week of Oct. 4 - 7, 2021

There is once again so much to share about our week in Grade Four, Room 13! 

In math, we continued working on our graphing skills when we combined it with Science to start the week.  We recorded the type of waste in our recess snack as tally marks on the board.  We had 26 pieces of waste that would go in the garbage, 7 pieces of waste that could be recycled, 10 “return for refund” beverage containers, 5 things that could go in the compost and 10 reusable containers.  We recorded them with tallies because “tallies are easy to skip count by five and then just add what is left over.” We practiced making a bar graph with this information.  The next day we made a question for the class and recorded our results with tally marks. Then we each made our own bar graph of our data.

We also started some research in Social Studies about an Alberta region we wanted to know more about. “Research is reading about something to learn more about it.”  We used computers and made jot notes about the main idea for each heading.  We are now working at turning those jot notes into sentences in a Google Slide.

Speaking of reading, this week we read an article about a type of caterpillar that eats plastic.  We read this because we learned in science that there is a lot of plastic waste in our world and in our oceans.  After reading the article, somethings we wonder are:

  • “How do they digest it? And how much do they eat?” (A.B.)
  • “Do waxworms live in trees, on the ground or on plants?” (A.D.)
  • “I wonder if there are more species that can eat plastics?” (L.H.)
  • “I wonder are there different species of waxworms?” (W.C.)

We also learned the term “biodegradable” which means that it can be broken down by nature.  Plastic is not biodegradable.  We also did a picture sort of other materials to show our understanding of what things are biodegradable and what are not.

In writing, we learned how to add even more detail to make what we write more interesting to our readers.  We went outside on Monday morning and "raked leaves, threw them around and stomped on them".  We then discussed all the ways that we could describe the fall season, specifically looking at what do we see, what do we feel, what do we hear, what do we smell (and maybe even in the case of pumkin pie and turky, what we taste).  We then did our fall writing about what the autumn means to us.  Some things that we came up with:

  • “When fall comes I like to pile up leaves and then jump in it.  Fall makes me feel fantastic.  Fall sounds like when kids crunch leaves. It smells like the sap on leaves.” (M. O.)
  • “To me, autumn is the freezing cold wind against my rosy red cheeks.  It looks like the colorful leaves drifting down the tree branches in front of the fresh sunrise. I think that the smell of autumn is the savory smell of the pumpkin coloured pie.” (E.M.)
  • “Autumn is a wonderful time of year and I will tell you why! When its autumn the leaves start to change colours every day and I think its fantastic! Plus piling up leaves and jumping into it can be really fun if you ask me!” (J.D.)

Also ask us about:

  • The game “Farkle” in math and how to add groups of 50s and 100s;
  • The difference between a conflict, rude behavior, aggressive behaviour and bullying;
  • How number lines and the scales on a graph are similar; and
  • Playing “Pins Down” in gym.

Room 13 would like to wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving Weekend!

Pins Down

Week of Sept. 27 - Oct.1, 2021

This week, our blog is brought to you by our whole class! After doing our home and school journals, we worked together to decide what we wanted to share. We really tired to focus on giving enough detail and making sure that the sentences made sense.
This week was significant because it was Truth and Reconciliation week.

“We painted rocks with acrylic paint to celebrate Truth and Reconciliation Day. The Indigenous people used a treaty to make a promise with the Settlers. The promise was broken and children were sent to residential schools.” (L.H.)

We read stories and did writing about our thoughts on residential schools and orange shirt day. We were so lucky to once again have "Trail Tales" where we went out into the "Dip" to read outside. This one was a Metis story called The Giving Tree.

“We have orange shirt day for the children that survived residential schools. It is also for the children that passed away at residential schools.” (M.C.)

Room 13 Reconciliation Rocks

“In math we did ‘splat’ which is a game on the smart board. You have a number shown in dots and there is this black splat that covers some of the dots. We have to figure out how many are underneath and then it revels it at the end. When we play we learn more adding and subtracting.” (A.B.)

We also ordered pizza.... just kidding! We ordered numbers on a number line that Mrs. Cooper put on the floor. When you order numbers, you can put them in acending or decending order. Ask us what these words mean.

“In Science we learned about trash and recycling. Plastic bottles can be turned into these kinds of sweaters. We also learned where the recycling goes and how the recycling machine sorts. Glass bottles break down and go into one bunker and cardboard boxes go to another bunker.” (A.D.)

“This week in gym we learned how to play the most fun game you will ever play - Goalie Ball! First, you need four benches and then you put them into a square. After, you need two or three people on each bench. Then after you have that done, all that you need to keep your butt on the bench and try not to jump. You kick the ball into other people’s benches.” (E.M.)

But that wasn't all! Be sure to also ask us about:
  • What reconciliation means.  You can break down the word into its parts: "re" "concile" and "ation".
  • When to use there, their and they're.
  • Our Orange Shirt Day Writing outside in nature.
  • Kickball in gym.
  • Painting our Reconciliation Rocks, which one in the picture is ours and why we chose the colours or words that we did.

Please also remember to look at the important dates are below. 


  • October 8 - No School  -School-based PL Day 
  • October 11 - No School - Thanksgiving 
  • October 12 - School Council Virtual Meeting -6:30 pm 
  • October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day
  • November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity

Week of Sept. 20-24, 2021

We began this week with our Terry Fox run on Monday, taking some time to read together information about Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope.  After watching a short clip of his journey, we discussed what it would mean to #TryLikeTerry because Terry Fox worked hard and never gave up.  We used this as inspiration to think about what is difficult for us as school and what we need to do to try like Terry.  When we went outside to run, we thought about the people who we were running for and Terry Fox.  When we wanted to quit, we kept on going.  By working together, we ran 128 laps!

This week was also special because September 22 was the anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7.  Did you know that Calgary is in Treaty 7 territory? We talked about what this meant and why it is important. After reading  the article A Treaty is a Promise we learned that “There was a promise made for everyone to live on the land together”, that “Treaty 7 was signed between the Settlers and the Indigenous People” and that “A treaty is a promise that should last forever”.

In writing, we continued to work on making good topic sentences to start a paragraph so that our reader knows what the paragraph will be about.  This week we did partner writing which meant we worked together to write.  Our class really liked doing partner writing because “partner writing can help with ideas”, “two brains are better than one” and “if you forget a word or can’t think of what you want to say, your partner might have the right words.”

For a short week, we packed in a lot! Also ask us about:

  • Decomposers and how they clean up natural waste;
  • Using number lines and place value information to order and compare numbers;
  • Our class birthday graph;
  • The Kahoot games we played about Alberta's Regions and the 3Rs;
  • The article we read about Pringles packaging and why they are hard to recycle; and
  • The throwing and catching activities we did in gym.

Finally, Mrs. Cooper wants to thank everyone for taking time to talk with her at conferences this week!  Remember that there is no school on Thursday, September 30 for National Truth and Reconciliation day.  A few more important dates are below.


  • September 27 to October 1- CBE recognizes Truth and Reconciliation
  • September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation- No School 
  • October 8 - No School  -School-based PL Day 
  • October 11 - No School - Thanksgiving 
  • October 12 - School Council Virtual Meeting -6:30 pm 
  • October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day
  • November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity


Week of Sept. 13-17, 2021

It was an exciting and action packed week in Room 13. “Exciting” and “action packed” are examples of triple scoop words – or words that are not boring like “good” or “great”.  In our writing this week, we were really focusing on one writing goal for the year, which is to make our writing more interesting for our readers. Using triple scoop words is just one way we can do that.

We continued to explore our understanding of numbers in math, specifically focusing on being able to say “I can compare numbers using less than, greater than and equal to” and “I can explain the relationship between ones, tens, hundreds and thousands”. To do this, we played a dice game called greater than/less than, we did another math challenge and made a beaded number line.  We will use our beaded number line throughout the year to strengthen our number sense and explore operations.

A very special part of our week, was relating our connections to the land in Alberta with a virtual teaching about O’ko (Fall) from Elder Saa’kokoto.  Our class heard Saa’kokoto talk about the power of the land, which reminded us of the poem we read by Duke Redbird during our first week of school.  These were great links to our Social Studies learning intentions “I can appreciate how the land in Alberta makes our life better” and “I can recognize oral traditions as important knowledge about the land.”

In science, we are also learning about how we can take care of our land by building our understandings about the waste that nature produces.  Did you know that nature recycles its own waste into new nutrients for other plants? And we can turn yard waste into nutrients by composting!! Our garden had a lot of waste, so we did some work removing weeds and leaves that could then be composted into nutrients.

There was so much more that we did this week as well! Ask us about:

  • Computers, logging onto Google Classroom and our first Flipgrid Reading task;
  • Library time in the library (books are due back each Wednesday);
  • Cooperative games, throwing and catching skills in gym;
  • The ideas we generated about learning with our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits; and
  • How to say hello and greet someone with our names in French.

Finally, Mrs. Cooper has a few announcements and reminders.  Conference bookings open this weekend. She would love to talk to each family, so please book at time to chat with her on either Thursday night or Friday. This can be done through the online booking system. There is no school on Friday because of conferences.

Our Terry Fox Run is Monday, September 20th.  Due to Covid protocols, each class will be participating in the run on our school field during their gym time.  Please remember to dress for the weather and wear your running shoes on Monday!  Bringing a water bottle is also a great idea. We will be collecting donations for Terry during the weeks of September 19-30th.  You can either donate on-line or Toonies for Terry can be collected by classroom teachers!


September 20 -Terry Fox Run  

September 22 – Signing of Treaty 7 Day

September 23/24-Conferences.  No School on September 24.  Note: Sept. 23 is a regular FULL DAY

September 30th- Truth and Reconciliation Day - No School 

Week of Sept. 7-10, 2021

Already there is so much happening in Room 13! Please make sure you ask to see our home and school journal, as we each worked hard on Friday to share something about our week. 

In our other classroom writing, and with our home and school journals, we are working on the learning intention “I can write to share my ideas and experiences”. For that reason right now we are focusing on picking an idea and getting our thoughts on paper.  One of our writing assignments this week was “If I were a…..”  Our class was very creative, explaining why they would be a sweet doughnut, fast turtle, swift fox and so much more.

In math we focused on writing numbers to 10 000 in standard form and in words.  We then made sure that we could model them with base 10 blocks and be able to explain how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones make up each number.  When we were building our numbers with the base 10 blocks we ran out of thousands.  Some of our classmates explained, “It’s okay because we can make more with hundreds. We only need 10 for each thousand.” This was a great connection to the pattern found in the place value chart.  Can you see the pattern?

Our class is getting awesome at our math talks already!  In math talks, there are often many different answers. It is important that we try, support others, and explain what we are thinking when we do math talks.  In the picture below, which one do you think does not belong?

We also learned about the types of waste that humans produce in Science and how to get rid different kinds of waste.  Ask us what colour bins the compost, garbage and recycling are in Calgary and what goes in each.

In Social Studies we explored “I can find Alberta on a map” and “I can interpret a map to get information.” Mrs. Cooper gave us a scavenger hunt where we had to find things on a map of Canada and specific information about Alberta. 

We did so much more as well! Make sure to ask us about:

  • Our class novel Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
  • What we learned about crows in our reading, and how we have heard some of these things about Bongo the crow in our novel
  • Our Duke Redbird inspired art this Friday and our pastel “Compassionate” letters from last week
  • What “G.U.M.” Spelling means

Finally, remember we all need to have our “Me In A Bag” items at school on Monday and also to bring back our Home and School Journals. Mrs. Cooper also wanted to remind all parents that school photos will be on September 16th.  Also, if you still have forms to complete, please send them back A.S.A.P.!


September  13 – Bring “Me In A Bag” Items to School

September 16 – School Picture day

September 20 -Terry Fox Run

September 23/24-Conferences.  No School on September 24.

September 30th- Truth and Reconciliation Day - No School

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Monday, Oct. 18 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for students. It is also municipal election day – don’t forget to vote! Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE

RT @UsihChristopher: Looking forward to our system-wide PL Day on Indigenous Ed (Oct 18). #WeAreCBE staff will engage in learning to build our knowledge &understanding. Thank-you to Elders and Knowledge Keepers for their wisdom &guidance as we work together to improve outcomes for Indigenous students

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe

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