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October 22, 2021

The students in Room 10 would like to celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 29th.  Costumes are optional, however if students choose, they can come to school with their costumes and make up already on, so they are ready to start the school day. In our class we talked about using ‘common sense’ with their choice of costume, in order to make sure that they leave any play weapons at home.  Students will be able to bring a personal snack of their choice because we can’t share any food at school. 

This week in Science, we looked at where our packaging comes from and watched some videos to help us understand.  The students made lists of what they used this week for the following categories:  what they used for eating and drinking, for self-care and for entertainment.  After they created their lists, we looked at where the packaging came from.  For example, was it cardboard and paper, plastic, metal or glass?  The students recorded their learning in their visual journals.

Word work was fun! Everyone received some words that they cut out and started to sort under headings. Next week, students will use a word work choice board to practice their words.

In Literacy, the students have been working on creating compound sentences.  Also, the class listened to the book, “All the Places to Love” and recorded their favourite places on their heart map.  Later in the week, students wrote about their favourite place and some students shared their writing with the class.

Math was all about telling time this week! The students are learning to count by 5’s when recording time using an analogue clock.  Students were challenged to record the amount of minutes from the start of the school day until recess and the beginning of the school day until lunch.  Also, we had a math talk where students looked at 4 different images of analogue and digital times and had to verbalize and justify which one didn’t belong and why.  Today in math, we started ‘Fact Fridays’ where we played ‘Addition War’ and ‘101 and Out’, in order to practice our addition math facts.

This was our last week of badminton in Gym.  Next week, we will be moving on to skipping.  If students want to bring in their own skipping rope to use from home, they are welcome to do that!  Otherwise, one will be provided at school.

Wednesday was ‘Take me Outside Day’ and our class went outside and played several cooperative games, such as ‘SPUD’ and ‘Captain’s Coming’.  We had so much fun being outside together!

Student Quotes:

“It was an interesting week, like playing badminton in Gym.” S.E.

“This week many different things happened in Music.  We got the playground during recess.”  C.E.

“I think learning numbers to 31 in French might be fun but hard.” L. B.

Important Dates.

November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity

November 9 - School Council Meeting

November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day

November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 14 - School Council Meeting

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break

October 15, 2021

Well it was a short week but a very busy one! Early in the week, the students created a heart map of the important people and pets in their lives.  We worked on some writing about one person or pet from their heart map and called it ‘Our Special Someone’.  The students focused on describing the physical features of their person. Later, they worked on describing what their special someone’s personality traits were like.  

We reviewed our work with representing and comparing numbers to 10 000.  After the review, the students all completed a self-assessment about how they feel about the math concepts we have learned so far.  On Thursday, the students had a ‘Math Check In’ where they were able to show what they knew about numbers so far. Many of them asked if it was a ‘test’ but I explained that it was a ‘check in’ to see how much they’ve learned so far! We are working on a growth mindset and this shift in thinking seemed to help the students to be calm and show what they know.  

Student Quote: 

 “The math check in was fun because I felt like I knew it”. B.P.

For our badminton unit in Gym, we practiced our serving and rallied with a partner.  We reviewed the forehand grip and started to practice the backhand stroke.  The students have been working on their fitness and Revenge and Freeze tag have been helping them work on fitness and stamina when running.

Student Quote:

“Badminton is okay but Gym makes me hungry for ‘cheese’ because we run.” D.W.

The Alberta natural region’s research is coming along well. The students are encouraged to finish their facts at home on google classroom, if they aren’t complete yet and they could also work on their slides if they have time this weekend.  Next week, the students will have one more class to complete their slide show presentation. 

Student Quote:

“The Alberta research was tricky but fun!” R.J. 

In Art today, we read the book “Sky Tree”.  As we were placing our reconciliation rocks in the garden outside, we chose a tree to look at to help us with a sketch of a tree in Autumn. Some students adopted the tree outside on the school grounds, as their ‘Wishtree’ and some wishes were made today!  Speaking of ‘Wishtree’, we finished the novel this week and the students rated the ending out of 5. The class average was a ⅘ rating which is fantastic!

Important Dates.

October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day

November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity

November 9 - School Council Meeting

November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day

November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 8, 2021

On Monday, we went outside and experienced a beautiful Fall day outside as a class.  The students made a leaf pile by using rakes, their hands, an empty desk tray and some students were creative and emptied the gym equipment tub and used that to transport leaves to create a large pile.  The students took turns jumping into the leaves and described their experiences using their senses (what it looked like, sounded like, smelled like, felt like). Back in class, the students created a ‘senses’ organizer of descriptive words. Later in the week, the students wrote a paragraph about their ‘Fall Day’.

Math included a survey this week! The students each thought about a survey question that they wanted to ask their classmates and included four choices. They asked their classmates to choose the best one. With clipboards in hand, they circulated the classroom and asked each other questions about their survey topic.  A few topics included: favourite recess snacks, favourite sports, favourite video games, favourite dinners and much more!  Later in the week, the students created a bar graph of their data.  Looking ahead, the students will review 5 digit numbers next week and then we will move on to telling time with analog clocks.

In Gym, we have started a new unit of badminton.  The students learned about a forehand grip and worked on keeping the birdie in the air, while standing on the same spot.  Later, we practiced serving against the wall. Next week, we will learn how to serve to a partner.

Social was all about research!  As a class, we used an Alberta region’s website and a region's video to find facts about the Boreal Forest by reading and viewing.  Together, we tried to put the facts in our own words and used an organizer to write down what we learned.  Later, the students worked on chromebooks to research their own Alberta region of choice. Next steps are to put their research notes into a powerpoint with complete sentences and visuals.

With word work this week, the students received a morning message where they needed to decide if they should use ‘Their’, ‘There’, or ‘They’re’ to complete the message correctly.  Then, the students were given sentences where they had to decide which homophone to use.  Later, they discussed their choice with other classmates to see if they were accurate. A colourful reminder of these three words are now in their LA notebooks for the students to use in their daily writing.

Important Dates.

October 11 - Thanksgiving, No School

October 18 - Professional Development Day, No School for students

Friday, October 1, 2021

This week we had Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th.  In order to better understand what reconciliation means the students were presented with an example of what they would do if they had a fight with someone, or if they knew they had done someone wrong. Then they were asked how would they make it right? After discussions about reconciliation, the students painted reconciliation rocks which we will place in our flower garden at the front of the school next week.

Later in the week, we read several picture books about residential schools, like ‘When We Were Alone’ and ‘When I was Eight.  The students wrote about what they already knew, what they learned and what they still wondered about.  Here are some things that the students wrote:

  • “Some kids were very mistreated and got separated from their brothers and sisters”.
  • “ The kids didn’t come back to the family the same after residential schools. They couldn’t speak their language as well and they didn’t know how to survive in the wild anymore.”
  • “They cut the kid’s hair to take away their power and their pride”.

In Gym we used our dribbling, passing and trapping skills to play a mini soccer game with the hockey nets outside.  Next week, we will learn how to do a throw in from the sidelines and we will practice our drop kicks.

In Math, we drew a rough copy of our birthday bar graph.  We made sure that we included the x and y axis, the scale, the labels and the title that we needed.  Then we used a ruler and carefully created our good copy of a bar graph in our math grid books.  We used the graph to interpret our results.  

Science was interesting as we learned about over-packaging and how this contributes to waste in our world.  One student found some trash on the field which happened to be a Pringles chip can.  With a partner, the students read an article about the mixed packaging of Pringles cans and how they can’t be effectively recycled.  The students are beginning to learn how to annotate their reading by underlining the main point and then underlining what was unclear to them or didn’t make sense.

We are learning to use word lists to help us with our spelling.  This week, the students received a ‘No Excuse Grade 4 Word List’ which they will use to correct frequently misspelled words in their daily writing.  Students had fun playing a ‘Hangman’ game with the words they were having trouble with on their lists.

Important Dates.

October 8 - Professional Development Day, No School for Students

October 11 - Thanksgiving, No School

October 18 - Professional Development Day, No School for students

Friday, September 24, 2021

What a wonderful week of learning and fun we had in Room 10! On Monday, we learned about Terry Fox and what an inspiration he is to our community and the world! He inspired us to work towards our personal goals and ‘Try like Terry’ in school and at home.  The students set a personal goal for how long they would run or walk and also set some goals for improvement in academic areas at school as well as personal goals at home. A student in our class won a Terry Fox T-shirt in the school draw!

In Math we played a ‘Greater Than and Less Than’ game and worked on our mental math and estimation skills with an Esti-Math Mystery.  The students were given a visual of some items where they needed to estimate the total.  Then, they were given a series of clues and used their personal whiteboards to either keep their estimate or change it according to the clues.  Also, students created a beaded number line which will help give them a visual tool that they can use to add, subtract and count by multiple numbers.

One task the students used to improve their writing this week was to use ‘triple scoop’ words to replace a dull, boring ‘single scoop’ morning message from their teacher.  This really helped to encourage the students to pay attention to the words they use in their everyday writing. 

On Wednesday, we integrated Social and Science outside! First, the students had the opportunity to learn about Treaty 7 through a partner reading task. Later, they coloured the Treaty 7 area on a map of Canada and learned a Treaty 7 Acknowledgement of the Land in sign language.  Along with Room 13, the students were able to weed the rest of the garden outside on the schoolyard and wrote positive messages to the land using sidewalk chalk.  It was a tremendous learning experience!

French is a new subject area for many students in Grade 4.  In Room 10, some students were so excited to learn the French words for a basic conversation that they asked their teacher to photocopy the words to practice at home! So if you hear ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Au Revoir’, please encourage them to teach you new French words!

Our focus next week in Social will be on Truth and Reconciliation, residential schools and Orange Shirt Day.  Just a reminder that there will be no school on September 30th to honour the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  

Important Dates.

September 30- National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - No School

October 11 - Thanksgiving, No School

October 18 - Professional Development Day, No School for students

Friday, September 17, 2021

On Monday, the students brought in their items for our ‘Me in a Bag’ project.  There was so much excitement as they proudly set up their items on their desks. Students had the opportunity to view each other's items and ask questions.  Later, they wrote about what they learned about each other. 

Also, this week the students participated in a school-wide writing project.  They were given a prompt to write about how they would design the school grounds and include places for learning, playing and nature.  It was interesting to read what the students wanted in their outdoor space and how they expressed that in their writing.  Next steps will be to work on how we can add more detail to our writing and the use of connecting words to make our writing flow.

In Math, students continue to learn about representing numbers in multiple ways such as standard, word, base ten and expanded form.  The students were presented with a math challenge where they worked with a partner to make four-digit numbers with four dice and then represented these numbers in multiple ways on their personal whiteboards.

Science was all about the topic of waste! The students watched a CBC video about waste in Canada.  We created a web together that included examples of waste and then later went on a walk outside on the playground and discovered more examples of waste on the field.  We are beginning to discuss how to classify items that we find outside. We are talking about whether we can recycle it, compost it or whether it is garbage.

This week we started Soccer skills outside.  We learned how to do a toe tap, side tap, and a drop tap.  We are working on improving our dribbling skills and maintaining control of the ball as we change directions in space.  Next week, we will work on passing and trapping the ball. 

Another fun gym activity was playing ‘Capture the Flag’ outside with Room 13.  The Room 13 students are part of our Grade 4 cohort and this was a good opportunity for the students to get  to know each other better, as they share the same outdoor space during recess and after lunch.

Our Terry Fox Run is Monday, September 20th.  Due to Covid protocols, each class will be participating in the run on our school field during their gym time.  Please remember to dress for the weather, wear your running shoes and bring a water bottle.  We will be collecting donations for Terry during the weeks of September 20-30th. 

You can either donate on-line or Toonies for Terry can be collected by classroom teachers!

Please sign up for a 15 minute parent/teacher conference on the EMJ website.   Conferences are on September 23 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm and September 24 from 8:00am - 1:00 pm. Thank you.

Important Dates.

September 20 - Terry Fox Run

September 23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm

September 24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - No School

Friday, September 10, 2021

This week in Room 10, it was busy but fun!  We are working hard on creating a community of learners that are kind and respectful to each other.  We read a book called, ‘Be Kind’ and created pastel letters that we will put up in the classroom to refer to all year.  It says: ‘WE ARE COMPASSIONATE IN ROOM 10!’

The students will bring home their Home and School Journal today.  There is a letter tucked inside for parents to read.  Please read that letter to learn about the purpose of the journal and when it needs to be returned to school. Thank you!

Math was fun and provided some great opportunities for our class to read, write and build 4 and 5 digit numbers.  Also, we started the week with a ‘Math Talk’ where students were presented with 4 related pictures where they used math vocabulary to discuss which images were the same and gave reasons why.  It helped us all to see that there are multiple ways to see math questions and gave us practice on justifying our answers.  Later in the week, we played 'Highest Wins' where students compared numbers in the thousands and explained which one was greater and why.

The students have been engaging in Literacy learning each day.  A game that we played, called ‘Clap It Out’ helped many students to use a clapping strategy to use as a  spelling strategy during writing tasks. Some highlights of their writing occurred during our ‘Drop Everything and Write’ task where each student chose an animal and wrote a descriptive paragraph about what it would be like to be that animal.  Room 10 loves to read and we have been reading from our classroom library each day.  We are looking forward to our first Library time next Wednesday!

Social was all about the topic of Alberta! The students used Canada maps and went on a scavenger hunt to find Alberta and then answer questions about Alberta.  All students were able to locate Alberta on a map of Canada and they had a great deal of fun learning about Alberta geography, rivers, animals and more.

Looking ahead, on Monday, September 13, we will have the students bring in their items for the ‘Me in a Bag’ project.  Students will arrange their items on their desks that day and their classmates and teacher will ask them questions about their items. This will be a wonderful way to get to know each other better.  

Some of the demographic forms and Technology Use Policy forms have been returned to school.  Please send those forms in with your child, as soon as you can if you have not done so.  Please read the important information below for important dates that are forth-coming:

Important Dates

September 13 - Me in a Bag Project items are due to school

September 16 - Picture day

September 20 - Terry Fox Run

September 23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm

September 24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00 - 1:00 pm

September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - No School

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