Ms. Katyal & Ms. Myroniuk

October 11 - 15, 2021

Room 3 is continuing our learning on the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. This week our focus has been on love and how we show love to ourselves and others. Through a number of different story books, we looked at character traits such as being kind, caring and a good friend. Inspired by the song What I Am ( we looked at being the best ME that we can be. We decided that we are smart, strong, friendly, funny, special and more. In the Seven Sacred Teachings the trait of love is paired with the Eagle. Using the online research resource, PebbleGo, we learned more about the eagle such as its physical traits, habitat, food, and life cycle. As a part of our functional writing, we worked on labeling the different parts of an eagle. We finished the week off with some beautiful Eagle artwork.

Every day, through our task bins and shared learning, we work towards building independence in foundational skills such as letter, colour and shape recognition, letter sounds, number sense, reading, writing, fine motor skills, and functional living skills. Each of these tasks are designed to help students work on different aspects of their Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals. An envelope with your student's IPP can be found in their backpack today. In the envelope, you will find two copies of their IPP, one copy is for you to keep and one copy will need to be signed and returned to school as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding your student’s IPP, please feel free to contact me at


As students in room 2 continue to build on the celebration of different stories, we learned about two more of the sacred teachings that guide how humans should behave towards others. This week we focused on the teaching of honesty, represented by the raven, and wisdom, represented by the beaver.

Students looked at the importance of telling the truth. The raven accepts itself the way it is and uses its gifts to survive. It only tells the truth about what it can do and does not lie about the things it cannot do. Sometimes telling the truth can be hard or scary, especially when we think it might get us into trouble. We know that even when it is hard, telling the truth is always the right thing to do.

Wisdom can come in many different ways. We learn from others, we can share our wisdom with others, and we gain wisdom as we keep learning. We learned about how we gain wisdom in our brains when we learn new things and figure out difficult things, like putting our shoes on the right feet or putting our jackets on. However, we also learned about having heart wisdom. Sometimes we can feel upset/sad/mad/frustrated. During these times we know that we can do deep breathing, take a break, or use another strategy that helps our hearts feel happy again.


This week room 2 started functional word of the week! This week’s word was “help”. We all need help sometimes and it is important to know how to ask for it. We can say “I need help please” and we can sign it. Students are using their words or their signs to tell an adult when they need help during the day.

IPP’s are coming home in a brown envelope today. Parents in room 2 please sign the signature page and return this page as soon as possible. The IPP document itself is for you to keep. If you have any questions please contact me at

Stay tuned next week when we showcase our next sacred teaching. 

This week’s staff spotlight is on the super fabulous Ms. Dafoe, our music specialist. Ms. Dafoe works with all of our students once a week. Students enjoy singing and moving their bodies to new and familiar songs. This week, students were using the tune to a practiced and familiar song Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and changing the words to fit in with a Halloween theme, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, what do you See? Ms. Dafoe also works with a small group of students once a week on basic rhythm skills such as keeping a steady beat and a simple pattern,  with instruments such as rhythm sticks.

Important Reminders and Dates:

October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day 

October 19 - Library exchange, please return books

October 29 - Students are welcome to dress up in costumes for Halloween

November 2 - Photo Retake Opportunity

November 9 - School Council Meeting

November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School - PD Day

Have a great weekend, 

Mrs. Rachel, and Mrs. Katyal

October 4 - 7, 2021

Room 3 has started a new Inquiry unit focusing on The Seven Sacred Teachings, also known as the Teaching of the Seven Grandfathers.  These teachings derive from the Indigenous Anishinaabe community. They are important character traits that focus on how people should interact and treat themselves, each other, and the world around us.  The traits of respect, love, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth are paired with an animal that represents the teaching.

This week we looked at respect, represented by the buffalo. We read stories about caring and giving to others, to the land, and sung songs that taught us about the word respect.  We talked about different ways we can show respect in our school community, such as walking quietly down the hallway so our friends in other classrooms can continue learning and by helping to cleanup when we hear the cleanup song. We can show respect to the land by not littering and recycling.

During our morning circle we spend time learning about the days of the week, months of the year, weather and seasons. We look at our calendar every day, count the number of days that have passed, and look at what special events and holidays there are in the month. This week we focused on Thanksgiving. We read the stories Bear Says Thanks and How to Catch a Turkey.  We collected fallen leaves from our outdoor learning space and created our own Thanksgiving Turkeys.  Creating our turkeys was not only fun but a perfect way to practice our fine motor skills of cutting, colouring, and gluing!

Next week room 3 is looking forward to learning more about The Seven Sacred Teachings, focusing on the character trait of Love and learning more about the eagle that represents it. We will be learning new Fall related task activities that build on our skills such as colour matching, letter recognition, sight words, sequencing and number sense.

Room 2 focused on the sacred teaching of truth this week. Truth is represented by the turtle as this animal is an important symbol in the Indigenous culture.  The turtle represents being true to yourself, others and being truthful in everything you do. We revisited last week’s learning about how we are all different and unique and these differences make each of us special. When we embrace our differences, accept ourselves, and feel proud of who we are we are being truthful to who we are. We listened to stories about how we are all unique and sang songs that taught us we are all special and to be proud of what makes us different. Students used their fine motor skills to cut the turtle out, they counted out the number of beads they wanted to use, used a pincer grip to pick up the beads, and glued the beads onto the turtles back.