Ms. Katyal & Ms. Myroniuk

June 21 - 25

Hello EES Families,

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nation, Inuit and Métis peoples.

This week our EES students participated in an interactive Indigenous book “Trail Tales”. This book, displayed in parts, offered students the opportunity to think about the land and our connections to it. Each page of the book had a physical literacy piece and a question for reflection. The students enjoyed looking closely at each picture and reflecting on different aspects of our daily learning, such as deep regulating breathing, enhancing our senses by listening carefully to the sounds of nature, and making connections to our inquiry learning about living and non-living things and the lifecycle of plants and animals.


This week is Aboriginal Awareness Week in Calgary. EES students revisited the Land Acknowledgment for the Calgary area. The Land Acknowledgment is a formal statement that recognizes and respects Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of this land and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories. 


Here is the link to the Land Acknowledgment EES students learned.



Please have a look in your student’s backpack today for their art portfolio and in the red folder for a letter from our multidisciplinary team (Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy).


Important Dates to remember:

  • June 21 - National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • June 21 - 25 Aboriginal Awareness Week in Calgary
  • June 26 - Report Cards available for viewing on PowerSchool
  • June 29 - Early Dismissal at 12:15 pm - Last Day of Classes
  • June 30 - Appeals Day by Appointment

Have a wonderful weekend.

June 14 – 18

 Hello EES Families,

Thank you to all the families that have returned the signed copy of the IPP. Student report cards will be available online June 26 to 29.

 Please check your students backpack for a special piece of artwork! We had so much fun making this one, it did get a little messy!


 This week EES students explored different play and leisure skills.

 Learning Intentions: I can play games with others

 Students have been learning to play musical chairs. During this game students have to attend to the actions of others and adjust their participation. We start the game with a few practice rounds, where there are enough chairs for all students. When the music begins, students go around the chairs, moving in different ways. When the music stops, students need to find the closest chair to them. After a few rounds, a chair is removed. As chairs are removed, a second, reversed game of musical chairs begins, where a chair is introduced to the circle. This reverse game is beneficial for two reasons, the first is that it takes the competition away from the first game, students are not ‘out’ they just move to the second game. The second is that it practices the necessary skills required for the game.

Students are also supported in playing cooperative board games that focus not only on the skill of taking turns, waiting for you turn, and communication but also focus on reinforcing math and literacy concepts.

We can't believe that next week is our last full week of classes before the summer break! We look forward to having a fun week! Enjoy your weekend!


Upcoming Important Dates:

  • June 21 - National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • June 21 - 25 Aboriginal Awareness Week in Calgary
  • June 26 - Report Cards available for viewing on PowerSchool
  • June 29 - Early Dismissal at 12:15 pm - Last Day of Classes
  • June 30 - Appeals Day by Appointment

May 31 – June 4

 Hello EES families,

Wow, was this week ever HOT! Thankfully, we found the perfect place, in the shade, to continue our whole-body regulation!

The Amazing Race ended this week with a big live virtual finale. We had a chance to join in and see the experiences of students from across the city. Congratulations to the efforts of our class, better known as the Endless Enthusiastic Squad. We came in 4th out of over 15 teams in the Tangerine Group!


Every week we have earned a few letters to spell a secret message, that message was BETTER TOGETHER. This is an important message and one we work on every day in EES.  This week’s challenge was to look back at our Amazing Race Challenge and submit a creative way to show our classes journey. Here is the video we put together of our Amazing Race!

Next week you will be receiving your students final Individual Program Plan (IPP), report cards will be available online towards the end of the year. Please sign the IPP signature page, and if you have any questions please contact me at


Important Dates to Remember:

June 2021

June 21-25 – Aboriginal Awareness Week

June 29 - Early Dismissal at 12:15 pm - Last Day of Classes

June 30 - Appeals Day - by Appointment

May 25-28

 Hello EES Families,

 This week we were off to Brazil, South America in our Amazing Race Challenge. Students learned that Brazil is famous for Soccer, the Rainforest and an amazing festival called Carnaval.

Behind each of the three colour doors were different movement activities that challenged the students gross motor skills. It was amazing to see students making connections to their inquiry learning, soccer balls are non-living things and the Amazon animals are living things, because they require food, water and air.


Students have completed their inquiry about the life cycle of plants and this week we started to investigate the life cycle of butterflies. In learning about plants, student learned that plants start as a seed, the seed grows roots and then sprouts. The plant grows and changes. Student have been observing these changes with the plants we are growing from seed in the classroom. This week we have seen many students coming into the classroom in the morning and going to check in on their plant to see how it is doing! Students have learned that some plants produce flowers, we are lucky to have lots of trees around us to look at.  We took inspiration from the 3 flowering trees that we can see from our classroom windows to produce beautiful works of art. We observed that the sky, the branches, and even the flowers are not just one colour. There are different shades of blue in the sky, brown in the branches and pink in the flowers. We experimented with what happens when we add white or black to a colour and when we mix two shades of a colour together. We used different tints and shades to make our art come alive.

 Learning Intention: I can use tints and shades of colours or hues to affect the contrast of a composition.   

 Next week we are looking forward to the last week of the Amazing Race Challenge. The race ends with a virtual Finish Line event on Thursday June 3!

Important Dates to remember: 

June 2021

June 2 – Wheels to School Day

June 3 – Mental Wellness Day for Schools in Alberta

June 21-25 – Aboriginal Awareness Week

June 29 - Early Dismissal at 12:15 pm - Last Day of Classes

June 30 - Appeals Day - by Appointment


Enjoy your weekend!

May 17-21


Hello EES Families,

Although we are excited to see all of our fellow EMJer’s return to in-person learning after the long weekend, one of the best things about having the school to ourselves over the past couple weeks is that we had the opportunity to set up a fun and challenging obstacle course in the gym! This year with all the important safety protocols in place to keep the students safe at school, we have been limited in the type of gym equipment we can use on a daily basis. Ms. Stacy, our physiotherapist, created different activities using a variety of gym equipment. This obstacle course provided our students with multiple opportunities to target a variety of skills, including: balance, ball skills, different ways of moving, waiting for your turn, replacing equipment for the next person, and following a route.

Here are the centers Ms. Stacy created and a description of each of the targeted skills and how each could be modified for success and to further challenge.


1. Mat

This station can be used for rolling, crawling, balancing, or other creative ways of moving. Students could try to balance their bodies in different ways.

2. Pillow Polo

For this challenge, students can try to shoot the soft ball into the hockey net, either by shooting from the end of the benches or by bouncing the ball off the benches and moving closer to the net.

3. Noodle Toss

At this station, students can stand on the mat on the floor and try to throw the pool noodles through the hoop hanging from the basketball hoop. To make it easier, students can use a ball or beanbag and stand closer to the hoop.

4. Scooter Board Tunnel

At this station, students can go on the scooter board to go through the tunnel. They can choose to sit on the scooter or go on their tummies. For students who may not use the scooter, they can crawl through, but should not walk as we should try to avoid touching the parachute.

5. Balance Beam Challenge

For this activity, students must cross the balance beam without touching the obstacles on top. They have to step over the cones. To make it easier, you can use beanbags as obstacles, or remove the obstacles altogether. To make it harder, encourage students to crawl on all-fours while avoiding the obstacles.

6. Beanbag Toss

At this station, students use an UNDERHAND throwing pattern to toss beanbags into the milk crate, while standing on the spot marker. You can adjust the distance that students have to throw to adjust the challenge.

7. Stepping Stones or Jumping Hoops

Students can choose either jumping with two feet together in hula hoops or stepping across the stepping stones.

8. Hockey Stick Hurdle 

For this station, students can step over the hockey sticks or crawl under them. Try not to touch the sticks. If they knock one over, it is important to put it back for the next person. Students could also try to go on a scooter board without touching the hockey sticks. 

In this week’s Amazing Race, students traveled to South Africa where they learned the history of Gumboot Dancing. Students were excited to put their weeks work together on Thursday and perform their Gumboot Dance, complete with boots on! 

At the end of each week, students are sent mystery letters. The first week we earned the letters ‘B,E and T’ at the end of last week we earned the letters ‘T, E and R’ We looked the name each letter has, its shape and the sounds these letters make. We also worked putting the letters together to make different words. We discovered these letters make the words BE, BET and using them all together they made the word ‘BETTER’. Using all the letters we receive completing all the challenges we will form a mystery word or sentence. I wonder where next week’s challenge will take us and what letters we earned this week?

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