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Friday, September 17th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families

We had a busy week in Room 4. We started our literacy groups this week. Each day we split into three groups and rotate through three centres. An adult supports each group of 4-5 students. We are currently working on various concepts such as breaking words into sounds, learning about consonants and vowels, learning about digraphs and blends, etc. Additionally, we work on comprehension activities each day. 

We complete writing tasks during these centres and we are currently working on an animal report. We are using the computer to research information on PebbleGo. When our report is complete, we look forward to sharing our finished product, by reading it aloud to our classmates. 

In Math, we continue to develop our knowledge of numbers and their value. We have done math as a whole class this week but will soon begin splitting into numeracy groups. We have learned about place value through games, songs, during our community walks, and during our Number of the Day routine.

In Science, we began our unit on bats. We are keen to learn about bats through videos, visuals and completing tasks in our visual journals. We will continue exploring the various types of bats that exist and what makes each of them unique. 

Choice Time continues to be one of the best parts of our day. We have enjoyed exploring various activities such as teacher approved games on the laptop, building with Lego, solving puzzles and sketching. We use this time to socialize with our friends and to share common interests.  

Next week, we will continue our Guided Reading groups, complete our animal report, and practice our number skills through game- based activities. 

Important Dates:

September 19-Terry Fox Run (in classroom cohorts)

September 22nd-signing of Treaty 7

September 23/24-Conferences. P-T Conferences. Please book your 30 minute time slot online. This will be an excellent opportunity to collaborate and create your child’s Individualized Program Plan goals and for you to share information about your child. 

September 27-October 1st-Truth and Reconciliation Week

September 30th- Truth & Reconciliation Day- No School

Friday, September 10th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families,

Welcome to our weekly blog. Each week we will post highlights to keep our families up to date on all the exciting learning that is happening in our classroom. 

We have had a wonderful 2 weeks at school! We have enjoyed reconnecting with friends and welcoming ten new classmates into our program. We are settling in really well and becoming more independent in following the daily routines. 

We have spent an abundance of time participating in team building activities and completing group tasks. We are learning more about each other such as personal interests and how we are all connected. We have documented our journey on our documentation panel outside of our classroom. 

We have been eager to learn and review the Zones of Regulation and to identify our emotions. We are learning to be emotion detectives. To develop our social skills and to create a safe, calm and welcoming learning environment, we are learning about expected and unexpected behaviour in different social situations. We are also using our social filters to identify if we should 'think it' in our brains or 'say it' out loud. 

We are completing various activities in our visual journals to document our learning and are learning to utilize the school Chromebooks to complete reading and writing tasks. 

Next week, we will delve deeper into number sense during numeracy and begin our guided literacy centres.  

Important Dates: 

**Tuesday of every week will be our library book exchange day**

  • September 16 - School Photos
  • September 19 - Terry Fox Run
  • September 22 - Signing of Treaty 7
  • September 24 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • September 27 to October 1- CBE recognizes Truth and Reconciliation
  • September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation- No School
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RT @NickleCBE: Drive by and check out our new trees! Grade 7 Environmental Stewardship class planted 7 trees in front of our school (purchased by EcoClub last year). We are excited to be adding to the biodiversity of our community! #WeAreCBE #getoutside #environmentstewards @NickleParents

We’ve reviewed the new health measures announced by government and provided an update to CBE families #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @ohscbe: It is definitely looking like fall out there! Our Grade 6s are learning about the autumnal equinox occurring on Sept 22, which marks the change of the season! #SkyScience #WeAreCBE

Thank you to all of the CBE students involved in the safety patrol program. We must all work together to ensure student and pedestrian/wheeler safety on the roads and pathways near our schools. #WeAreCBE

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe