Ms. Percy

Friday, January 14th, 2021.

Happy New Year Room 4 Families,

We have had an incredible week back to school! We started the week by splitting into our guided literacy groups. In reading, we are working on various learning targets. We are learning to sequence stories we read to develop our comprehension skills. We are learning about Magic E words, and words that include the vowel team- ‘ai’, which helps us decode new words in passages we read. This will continue to be a focus throughout the next while. 

In numeracy, we are working on our addition skills. We have had fun using our beaded numberline to complete colour by number activities and to solve math code activities. We have explored some math addition games this week in small groups. We will continue to play math games to work on our addition skills next week. 

In social studies we have moved on to Prince Edward Island. We are learning about Acadian culture, the landscape of the smallest province, the Mi'kmaq, and potato farming. We have also been learning about Anne of Green Gables. Next week, we will continue our journey and head to New Brunswick. 


We have been learning about the importance of impulse control. We read the book, What Were you Thinking? When we feel frustrated, furious or about to ‘flip our lids’ we are learning to stop, think about what we are doing, decide if it is going to make things better or worse and then choose the better choice. We brought home a little visual with these steps on it so we can practice this at home. 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the milder temperatures. 

Important Dates:

January 31 - No School – School-based PL Day

February 8 - School Council Meeting

February 17/18 - No School - Teacher’s Convention

February 21 - No School - Family Day

February 22 - March 11 - Gymnastics in Physical Education Class

February 23 - Pink Shirt Day

March 8 - School Council Meeting

March 11 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 18 - Last Day of Classes

March 28 – Classes Resume




Friday, December 9, 2021

Hi Room 4 Families,

This week really flew by as we were very busy learning about a new province in social studies, exploring new tools in mathematics, creating fun writing pieces, and focusing on our targeted reading skills in literacy. 

We began the week with learning about the province of Nova Scotia. We took a virtual field trip to Peggy’s Cove to see what it is like inside a lighthouse. We read the book, Hello Lighthouse, written by Sophie Blackall. We learned how fishermen and fisherwomen catch lobsters and the variety of lobsters that exist in the Atlantic Ocean. We noticed many similarities between Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. 

In mathematics, we continued our learning of addition. We were each given a beaded number line along with 2 clothespins. We practiced using a beaded number line to solve addition sentences. We practiced different ways to make ten, and we practiced skip counting by 10s and 2s. We will utilize this tool next week as we continue developing our addition skills.

In literacy we chose to do a number of readings related to a Canadian Christmas since we are learning about the provinces and territories. We read A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, Santa is Coming to Calgary and A Puffin Playing by the Sea: A Newfoundland 12 Days of Christmas. Next week, we will create our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas using what we have learned about Canada thus far.

Important Information & Dates: 

December 17 - School Spirit Day - Pyjama Day

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break 

January 4 - Classes Resume

Friday, December 3, 2021

Hi Room 4 Families, 

We have worked very hard in Room 4 this week, and we are very excited it is the weekend!

This week in math we spent time focusing on addition. From now until Winter Break we will practice developing our subitizing skills. We played a card game called Friends of Ten with a partner, and also played Shake and Spill. Click this link to learn how to play Friends of Ten at home with your family. 

In Literacy, we worked on various skills in our guided literacy groups. Some of us worked on multisyllabic words, others focused on story elements and some of us learnt about the vowel teams. We did a read aloud this week of the book, How to Catch Santa. We then used a graphic organizer to plan how we would try and catch Santa. Next week, we will write sentences to describe our plan. We will also create a short, holiday themed story. 

In Social Studies we focused more on Newfoundland and Labrador and studied icebergs. We learned that icebergs are thousands of years old, they can be dangerous, and that they are humongous! We also completed a winter drawing and watercolour painting of a typical outport community in Newfoundland. Next week, we will begin to travel westward and move on to learning about the maritime provinces. 

A reminder that next week is our Scholastic book fair. Our time to visit will be on Tuesday, during our regular library time. Students can shop and purchase items during our schedule time. 

Important Information and Dates: 

EMJ's Winter 2021 Scholastic Book Fair

You can help EMJ raise money to add books to our school library! EMJ is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair for Family and Friends from Dec. 3rd to Dec. 10th. There will be an opportunity for students to shop in person during school hours (Monday through Thursday) and also an opportunity for family and friends to order online (Friday to Friday).

Family and Friends can access EMJ’s online Virtual Book Fair starting Friday, December 3 and up until Friday, December 10 using this link: 

EMJ's Virtual Online Scholastic Book Fair or, copy and paste this web address into your web browser

Scholastic will deliver all online orders to EMJ between Dec. 13th and 16th. We will send the orders home with students unless alternate arrangements are made with the school. Each order will be sent home in a sealed (not see through) package marked with the purchaser’s name. 

Shopify URL:  EMJ's Virtual Scholastic Book Fair and Featured Books

December 3 to December 10 Scholastic Winter 2021 Book Fair

December 10- School Spirit Day - Sweater Day (red/green or holiday sweater)

December 17 - School Spirit Day - Pyjama Day

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break 

January 4 - Classes Resume

Friday, November 26, 2021

The students in Room 4 had a busy and exciting week. We started the week by creating a list  of items we wanted to include in our letters to Santa. To prepare for our letters, we used the following criteria to create our list:

1.) Ask Santa a question 

2.) Tell Santa something about myself

3.) Ask Santa another question

4.) Ask Santa for one item that I need

5.) Ask Santa for one item that I want 

6.) Ask Santa to bring something to a special person in my life

After we created our personalized lists in our writing journals we then had to organize the information into sentences and create a friendly letter. We included a greeting, the body and a closing. On Thursday, during our community walk we dropped our Santa letters off at the community mailbox. We cannot wait to hear back from Santa in the next couple of weeks! 

We continued our tour across Canada and are still visiting Newfoundland. We learned more about the puffin and began reading the book, P is for Puffin. We listened to traditional Newfoundland music and took a look at the accordion. We learned about the indigenous people of Newfoundland, the Beothuk. We will continue our tour in Newfoundland and then move onto the Maritimes. 

In math, we are moving on from number recognition and place value to developing our computation skills. We will begin with addition and take a look at ‘number pairs’- numbers that when you add them together equal 10. We call these, “Friends of ten”. This will help us become more efficient at adding larger numbers. 

It was lovely to connect with families during Conferences this week. Room 4 students have done an incredible job in their learning and they should be very proud of themselves. Thank-you for your wonderful support.

Important Dates: 

December 14 - School Council Meeting

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break

Friday, November 19, 2021

Hi Room 4 Families, 

Our week was full of learning and fun! 

We are having a blast learning about the territories and provinces of Canada. We imagine that we are on a plane and are travelling from one place to another. We have finished our work this week on the 3 territories. We completed an animal report project where we chose an arctic animal and researched it. We will present these to the class at a later date. 

During Social Studies, we studied an Inuit artist named Danny Aaluk, who is known for his wildlife drawing. He uses black ink to create beautiful nature scenes of his home territory, Nunavut. We recreated our version of one of his art pieces. 

Next week, we will continue our travels on the east coast of Canada in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. We will take a closer look at the provincial bird, the Atlantic Puffin. We will also learn about icebergs and the island culture through videos, songs, books and art. 

Important Dates:

November 25- P-T Conferences in the evening. Please book online.

November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences 

December 14 - School Council Meeting

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break

Friday, November 5th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families,

We had a busy week in Room 4!

We started the week with learning new concepts in Social Studies as well as developing our Social Awareness skills. 

We read the book, What do you do with a problem? to introduce the concept of the Size of the Problem. After discussing and watching video clips, we were provided with various social stories that included problems. We had to identify if the problems were small, medium or big. We are learning to match our reactions to the size of our problems. We are encouraged to solve little problems ourselves (i.e. A classmate skips the line when you are lining up for music). We are also learning what steps we need to take when we experience medium or big problems. This will continue to be a focus to ensure we have time to practice this skill and become Social Problem Solvers! 

In Social Studies this week, we began exploring the map of Canada. We are traveling across Canada to learn about the 10 provinces, and 3 territories. We will learn about the Indigenous Peoples who inhabit these regions, the significant landmarks and symbols, and various cultures and traditions. We started learning about the Territories first. We learned about the landscapes, the climate, the Inuit, and the significance of the Inukshuk. We read the story, The Gift of the Inukshuk. We also learned about artist Ted Harrison, who is known for his colourful Yukon landscape paintings. He inspired us to create our own art pieces. 

In Phys. Ed, we began our short unit on basketball. We have quite a few basketball fans that are eager to participate in dribbling, shooting, and passing activities. During Choice Time, some of us choose to head outside to the basketball court to practice these skills with peers. 

We began our learning on Remembrance Day. We were introduced to the song, Where have all the flowers gone? We recorded ourselves singing this song, which will be included as part of our Virtual Remembrance Day ceremony. Next week, we will learn more about the significance of poppies, what a veteran is, and the important roles animals played in war. We will also write postcards for peace, which will include messages of peace that will hang on our classroom “Peace Tree”. 

November 9 - School Council Meeting

November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day

November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 14 - School Council Meeting

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break


Friday, October 29th, 2021 

 Hi Room 4 Families,

We had a SPOOKTACULAR week of learning! 

We embraced the Halloween spirit in all subject areas. In Phys. Ed, we had fun playing a Witches' Brew Relay. We had to collect creepy ingredients at one end of the gymnasium and bring them back to our team using a scooter. We played Zombie Tag as well as, "Don’t drop the Pumpkin” using orange balloons. 

In Literacy, our daily read alouds focused on spooky themes. We read the book, The Halloween House, which inspired us to create our own short, Halloween stories. We discussed  the elements of a story, created a class story and then in our literacy groups, created our own short stories using character, setting and event cards. On Friday, we had the opportunity to share our stories with the class.

We were excited to use our classroom pumpkin, donated by our amazing school council, to develop our numeracy and science skills. We explored the life cycle of a pumpkin, the parts of a pumpkin and learned that the more ribs a pumpkin has and the darker it is, the more seeds it will contain. We made a smart guess as to how many pumpkin seeds we thought were in the pumpkin, then used our skip counting skills to count the seeds. We had fun cleaning and carving to create a Pokémon themed pumpkin. 

Next week, we will spend time learning about "The Size of the Problem". We will explore books and social stories to identify types of unexpected events and how we can react in an appropriate way. We will also spend time learning about the significance of Remembrance Day. 

Important Dates: 

November 2 – School Photo Retake Opportunity- Please let me know if you want your child to have retakes. 

November 2- Library book exchange day :) Please return your books.

November 9 - School Council Meeting

November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day

November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 14 - School Council Meeting

December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break

Friday, October 22nd, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families,

We had a short, yet wonderful week of learning in Room 4. 

We started the week off by discussing the importance of personal space. We read the book, Harrison Spader, Personal Space Invader.  We discussed our personal bubble and how we should not invade or burst another person’s space bubble. It can cause others to become frustrated or uncomfortable. We ended the week by reading the book,  Personal Space Camp. We completed a sorting activity to become “personal space experts”. We successfully identified when it is okay to be in someone’s personal space (i.e. giving a family member a hug) and when it is not okay (i.e touching others at school without permission).

We continue to work on Place Value in Math. This week we spent time completing place value puzzles in our numeracy groups. We had to match the Base-10 blocks to the correct amount. Some of us also worked on identifying decimals and comparing decimal numbers (greater than, less than).

In literacy, we have begun planning a Halloween story. We have identified the main character, the setting (where and when) and the problem in our stories. 


Next week, we look forward to completing some Halloween themed activities in Reading, Writing, Math, Life Skills, Gym & Science. This includes developing our Halloween stories, pumpkin math, carving a class pumpkin (thanks to our School Council for the class pumpkins), Halloween safety tips, and wearing our Halloween costumes on Friday, October 29th. 

Important Dates:

Tuesday, October 26 - Library Book Exchange Day

Friday, October 29 - Students may wear their Halloween costumes 

**Reminder: no sharing of Halloween treats this year.**

Tuesday, November 2 – School Photo Retake Day

Tuesday, November 9 - School Council Meeting

Thursday, November 11 - No School - Remembrance Day

November 12 - No School – School-based PL Day

Friday, November 26 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, December 14 - School Council Meeting

Friday, December 17 - Last Day of Classes - Winter Break

Friday, October 8th, 2021 

 Hi Room 4 Families,

We had a fantastic week of learning in Room 4. We are putting forth great effort to improve our reading, writing and math abilities. We also continue to increase our social-emotional awareness skills through discussing our emotions, learning about Superflex and the Unthinkables and identifying ‘expected’ and ‘unexpected’ behaviour in various social situations. 

We are learning new strategies and skills to decode words in passages we read. Some of us are working on our letter sounds.  Others are learning to decode CVC words, and words that include blends and digraphs. Some of us are working on identifying words in text to expand our vocabulary and better comprehend books we read. 

In writing, we focused on the parts of a sentence. We use our new skills to complete daily writing tasks in our journals. This week we focused on writing about Thanksgiving. We completed a sequencing activity on, “How to Catch a Turkey”. This writing activity was inspired by the book, How to Catch a Turkey. We also read the book, Turkey Trouble and completed a drawing and cloze sentence activity to complement our picture. 

In Math, we continue to learn about Place Value. We are all being appropriately challenged and enjoy practicing our skills through game-based activities. 

Next week, we are looking forward to Ms. M. being our guest teacher for the week. Mrs. Percy will be back on Oct. 20th. Ms. M. will follow our daily routines and activities. We will learn more about the different species of bats, work on our reading and writing skills and spend time completing various math activities, including spending time on the laptops using SplashLearn. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, you can contact the office.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend :) 

Important Dates: 

  • October 11 - No School - Thanksgiving
  • October 12- Library Book exchange day (every Tuesday)
  • October 12-19- Mrs. Percy away- Ms. M is in. 
  • October 12 - School Council Virtual Meeting -6:30 pm
  • October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day

Friday, October 1st, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families,

This week we spent much of our learning time focusing on Truth and Reconciliation. We started  Monday with reading the book, The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story. First, we read the book digitally on the SMARTboard. We then had the opportunity to participate in Trail Tales, which was set up in the nature area of our school ground. We were able to do a storytelling walk through. We made a self-to-text connection and documented our writing in our journals. We wrote what we would give to the Giving Tree to spread kindness and to help others.

On Wednesday, we began the morning by doing a land acknowledgement. We learned a rhyme, which included hand gestures, that we can use to remember the land acknowledgment. Next, we read the book, Phyllis’s Orange Shirt. We designed our own orange shirts and completed a writing response.

We had the incredible opportunity to participate in an Orange Shirt Day Live Event. This event included a read aloud from Coast Salish Author, Courtney Defriend. She read us her book, If Instead of a Person. We shared with her that we live on Treaty 7 land.  

This week, our sharing circle focused on communicating our emotions and how we want to be treated by classmates. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and felt very fortunate to have our sharing circle outside, connected with nature. 

Next week, we will continue our learning of bats in Science. We will focus on the various types of bats. We will continue to split into our literacy groups to develop our reading and writing skills. Additionally, we will continue developing our number sense by learning about place value. 

Important Dates:

October 5- Library Book Exchange Day- Please return your book

October 8 - No School – School-based PL Day

October 11 - No School - Thanksgiving

October 12 - School Council Virtual Meeting @ 6:30 pm

October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day

Friday, September 24th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families

It was lovely to connect with families on Thursday and Friday during P-T Conferences. 

We had an excellent four days of learning in Room 4. We started on Monday learning about Terry Fox ‘s legacy. We then ran for Terry around the school field. Can you believe that together in our class we ran over 140 laps in just 30 minutes?  We were amazed at our accomplishment. 

We spent some time welcoming the fall season. We read books, learned why leaves change colour and discovered all the various types of pumpkins that exist. We also completed an autumn writing activity during our literacy block. We brainstormed and recorded our favourite things about fall. 

This week we read the book, The Sharing Circle. We then discussed the importance of the sharing circle and why it is significant in the indigenous culture. We have decided to have our own sharing circle each week. We understand that it is a time to communicate with our peers in a safe and trusted space. We started our first sharing circle by sharing an area we are really great at in school and also an area that we would like to improve on this year. 

We had fun learning more about place value and played the game, Place Value Roll with a partner.

We continued our study of bats, specifically the bumblebee bat. We can’t wait to share the drawing of our flying fox bat next week with you.

Next week, we will spend more time honouring the indigenous culture and recognize the incredibly important day on September 30th. Students are encouraged to wear orange or their favourite shirt on Wednesday, September 29th. 

Important Dates:

September 27- October 1st - Truth and Reconciliation Week

September 30thTruth & Reconciliation Day- No School

October 8 - No School – School-based PL Day

October 11 - No School - Thanksgiving

October 12 - School Council Virtual Meeting @ 6:30 pm

October 18 - No School - System-wide PL Day

Friday, September 17th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families

We had a busy week in Room 4. We started our literacy groups this week. Each day we split into three groups and rotate through three centres. An adult supports each group of 4-5 students. We are currently working on various concepts such as breaking words into sounds, learning about consonants and vowels, learning about digraphs and blends, etc. Additionally, we work on comprehension activities each day. 

We complete writing tasks during these centres and we are currently working on an animal report. We are using the computer to research information on PebbleGo. When our report is complete, we look forward to sharing our finished product, by reading it aloud to our classmates. 

In Math, we continue to develop our knowledge of numbers and their value. We have done math as a whole class this week but will soon begin splitting into numeracy groups. We have learned about place value through games, songs, during our community walks, and during our Number of the Day routine.

In Science, we began our unit on bats. We are keen to learn about bats through videos, visuals and completing tasks in our visual journals. We will continue exploring the various types of bats that exist and what makes each of them unique. 

Choice Time continues to be one of the best parts of our day. We have enjoyed exploring various activities such as teacher approved games on the laptop, building with Lego, solving puzzles and sketching. We use this time to socialize with our friends and to share common interests.  

Next week, we will continue our Guided Reading groups, complete our animal report, and practice our number skills through game- based activities. 

Important Dates:

September 19-Terry Fox Run (in classroom cohorts)

September 22nd-signing of Treaty 7

September 23/24-Conferences. P-T Conferences. Please book your 30 minute time slot online. This will be an excellent opportunity to collaborate and create your child’s Individualized Program Plan goals and for you to share information about your child. 

September 27-October 1st-Truth and Reconciliation Week

September 30th- Truth & Reconciliation Day- No School

Friday, September 10th, 2021 

Hi Room 4 Families,

Welcome to our weekly blog. Each week we will post highlights to keep our families up to date on all the exciting learning that is happening in our classroom. 

We have had a wonderful 2 weeks at school! We have enjoyed reconnecting with friends and welcoming ten new classmates into our program. We are settling in really well and becoming more independent in following the daily routines. 

We have spent an abundance of time participating in team building activities and completing group tasks. We are learning more about each other such as personal interests and how we are all connected. We have documented our journey on our documentation panel outside of our classroom. 

We have been eager to learn and review the Zones of Regulation and to identify our emotions. We are learning to be emotion detectives. To develop our social skills and to create a safe, calm and welcoming learning environment, we are learning about expected and unexpected behaviour in different social situations. We are also using our social filters to identify if we should 'think it' in our brains or 'say it' out loud. 

We are completing various activities in our visual journals to document our learning and are learning to utilize the school Chromebooks to complete reading and writing tasks. 

Next week, we will delve deeper into number sense during numeracy and begin our guided literacy centres.  

Important Dates: 

**Tuesday of every week will be our library book exchange day**

  • September 16 - School Photos
  • September 19 - Terry Fox Run
  • September 22 - Signing of Treaty 7
  • September 24 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • September 27 to October 1- CBE recognizes Truth and Reconciliation
  • September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation- No School
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