Jan 15
January 15, 2021

​We are BACK!! It feels so great to have our kids in school and participating in learning together. HUB is continuing to operate as a well-oiled machine as the first term is coming to an end. We have a few friends from HUB who will be returning to in-person learning in February and all students are looking forward to their report cards which will be posted online on MyCBE/PowerSchool the first week of February.

Yesterday, we had two successful Kindergarten/Grade 1 Virtual Open House presentations to prospective families. We were thrilled to see some new faces of future Eugene Coste students and enjoyed answering questions from families and building excitement for our newest members to our school. Thank you to everyone who has been helping get the word out about our program and our school; you are the best advertisement for the program through your lived experience.

Current Registrations:

42 Kindergarten students 

8 Grade One students 

We have capacity to have 80 kindergarten students each year; keep good-speaking the program and encourage friends in your area to check us out online, https://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/eugenecoste.

Next Thursday, we will have our first Council / Enrichment Society meeting of 2021 on Thursday at 6:30 & 7:30 via Zoom.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Jan 07
January 6, 2021

​We are thrilled to have the news we will be returning to in-person learning on Monday, January 11, 2021. We know the at-home learning component has been challenging for a number of reasons for many, and appreciate your support for the first week in helping your child(ren) return to learning. 

As we return to in-person learning, we remind families to please utilized the Daily Screening Checklist prior to students attending school each day. CBE has provided important information for any families returning from international travel (below); please review if your family has been out of the country prior to returning to school. 

As a reminder, Hub students have been given the option to return to in-person instruction for the second half of the year (Feb. 1 - June 30, 2021).

Legal Guardian(s) / Independent Students will have the Notice of Intent option available to them through MyCBE/PowerSchool when accessing their account through a web browser, not through the mobile App, until noon this Friday, January 8, 2021. If you require any assistance, please call Sra. Toy or Sra. Dolby in the office and they can assist you in updating your child’s intent to return information. If your family plans to continue with Hub learning, no response is required.

If your child requires yellow school bus transportation, you must register by Jan. 8 using your MyCBE/PowerSchool account. This will ensure your child is added to an existing route. Students registering after this date will not be able to ride the bus until they are added. This process can take up to four weeks. 

At this time, we are not able to share classroom placement information with families returning to in-person learning from Hub; we will need to determine the number of students returning in each grade level and make placements based on the needs of the individual student(s) and the class sizes, which may impact our staffing organization. Information will be shared the last week of January with returning families when decisions have been made.​

Dec 17
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

​Thank you for spreading some cheer, both locally at the school for our Virtual Giving Tree, and beyond our school with the Mayor’s Food Drive. It is so nice to see the generosity from Eugene Coste families in support of our school and greater community. 

Teachers have been working tirelessly to prepare for our first week back of at-home learning and have put together detailed schedules with important information for families to use when supporting students during the at-home learning week January 4-8

  •  You will receive a schedule pertaining to your child’s learning activities and required Google Meets and small-group / individual meets with the teacher.
  • If your child is ill and will not be attending classes during that week, please call the office or email your child’s teacher as you typically would for attendance purposes. 
  •  Attendance will be taken each day and students are expected to attend whole-class and small group meetings as scheduled. 
  • Google Classroom: your child’s assignments, resources and additional activities are housed in their Google Classroom. Each day’s assignments will be released daily.
  • Teachers will be available for support and questions and additional meets as needed. Please contact your teacher as needed to set up a time to check-in. 

Please take time prior to January 4 to familiarize yourself with logging into Google Classroom, preparing a space for students to work each day, and reviewing the learning schedule shared by teachers. 

Google provides excellent resources to help with signing into Google Classroom and joining a class, along with other supports. (links here) 

This year has been like no other. There are always positives which come out of times like this, and we are celebrating the many “wins” experienced by our staff and students. 

  • ​ We have come to be agile when responding to change. 
  • Students have connected with peers and staff to maintain positive relationships (in person and in HUB). 
  • The routine of school and learning have brought stability to students’ and families’ lives.
  • We are resilient together; thank you for your work in supporting our school and community.​

I hope you take time to enjoy the holidays as a family and find ways to make it fun albeit times are not typical for many. Stay positive, stay healthy and all the best for a fabulous 2021! Take care of yourself and those around you. 

Stay well, 

Sra. Greenlaw​

Dec 09
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

​Eugene Coste Families,

Time flies and we are a week and a half from the much anticipated holiday. We are working to complete learning activities and prepare for the week of online learning in January. Thank you to those of you who have brought in or made online donations for the Mayor’s Food Drive and our Virtual Giving Tree (gift card drive). It is so nice to see the generosity from Eugene Coste families in support of our school and greater community. 

​With the changes to the guidelines for COVID-19, we encourage families to continue to be vigilant in sending students to school only when they are well, and with 2+ masks (who knows where kids keep losing them). Effective December 8, masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces. Families are also encouraged to wear a mask when at the school. This is a very unusual time for everyone, and with the additional pressure of the holidays, we ask families to be patient, kind and understanding of others. 

​We know the benefit of routine and preparation for student mental health and well-being. We are so happy to be working with your child(ren) each day and see the power of connection in supporting their well-being; all classrooms are teaching weekly health lessons and social-emotional learning through a strength-based approach. We want students to know how to articulate what they are feeling, and how to support them in feeling ready to learn. 

​​​As the key adults in their lives, it’s important to put on your own “oxygen mask” when dealing with stress and the drain of the ongoing pandemic. Take can of yourself and those around you. Stay well,

​​Sra. Greenlaw​

Nov 29
The "Language" of COVID-19

​Have you considered the new venacular we have learned over the last number of months related to the pandemic? Social distancing? Bubble families? It is a great example of how language changes, and how context can shift our understanding of vocabulary. 

On Friday, I had the pleasure of working with Srta. Van Eerden's grade 2/3 class. We were able to generate vocabulary which is specific to the pandemic, as well as words that may have new meaning in the context of our current world. 

Sra. GreenlawCOVID.jpg

Nov 23
Logging into your child's Google Classroom
We continue to be lucky (knock on wood) with our students continuing to attend school when healthy, and the limited impact of COVID on our day-to-day operations (again, knock on wood). With the increase in daily cases, it is important families know how to access their child(ren)'s Google Classroom, where learning materials and content is housed if/when students are to be learning from home in the case of close contact with a confirmed case, or we are directed by the province to learn outside of school. 

Each child has a google account (name#@educbe.ca) and password. Teachers will make sure you have access to your child's information. Please sit with your child to go into the classroom, which for many students is very familiar. 

At this time, we have not been given specifics of what the first week back following Christmas break will look like. Students will be learning from home, with online class meetings (Google Meets) and completing tasks with teachers and independently. More information will be shared when we receive specifics.

Minimum Hours of Instruction: 
*Tentative (will receive specifics from CBE)

Average of five hours of work per student per week
Grades 4-6
Average 6-8 hours of work per student per week
Teacher availability: scheduled time outside of posted lessons.
No change to expectations for HUB learning.

Google provides excellent resources to help with signing into Google Classroom and joining a class, along with other supports.
We know the benefit for student mental health and learning in providing a predictable routine. We will prepare students for the upcoming shift in the coming weeks. 

Stay well, 
Sra. Greenlaw

Nov 05
November 4, 2020

​What a difference a week makes with the weather! Today, our second group of grade 4/5 students walked to Fish Creek for their field trip. Again, we are so impressed with the kids’ willingness to have such a long walk and take in learning again in nature. We again were gifted with the generous donation of hot chocolate for our students on behalf of the Tim Horton’s on Elbow and Southland. Thank you to Alan and his team for their support of our students and the community – if you are out and about, please buy a Timbit or two as a thanks​.

Oct 27
October 21, 2020

​Students are enjoying the snow and the opportunity to get outside – they are showing resilience in layering up and getting changed multiple times a day to get outside for some play, outdoor learning and a mask break. 

We are working to develop our school’s goals for our School Development Plan (SDP), which will focus on Literacy and Well-Being for Learning. We plan to share our goals with the community and the new format of 3-year SDP cycles, to allow for multiple years of focus to support change and growth in support of the 3-Year Education Plan (below). Literacy: Student achievement in reading to engage in learning will improve.

 Staff will determine student reading level using a variety of experiences and text types 

 Students will receive feedback and instruction to develop personal reading strategies to engage with grade leveled reading material. 

Well-Being for Learning: The percentage of students who feel safe in school with a network of support (teachers, adults and friends) will increase. 

 Students will be able to identify emotions and self-awareness language

 Students will understand their emotional state affects their ability to learn and engage with others. 

Also, this week will be our “last chance for lost and found” where we will allow students to see what has been collected and anything unclaimed will be donated after Friday. ​

Oct 14
October 14, 2020

​Holy snow! Winter came overnight (literally), and we now have our first dusting of snow on the ground. With the change in weather, which is the reality of life in Calgary, we remind families to please dress their child(ren) for all weather to participate in learning outdoors and for recess breaks. We learn better with fresh air and movement and will be going out rain, snow and sunshine as we only keep students inside when the temperature dips below -20 C. 

Tomorrow evening (Thursday, October 15th), we have our first Council(6:30) and Enrichment Society (7:30) meetings (virtually) with our new executives. We always welcome all families to attend meetings when they can, and to learn about the school. Tomorrow, Sra. Jackie will share life in her classroom and the work she is leading around Indigenous ways of knowing through land-based learning. Teachers are expected to develop their understanding of Indigenous perspectives and contributions as part of the Teaching Quality Standard, which is also reflected in the curriculum and aligned with the calls to action for Truth and Reconciliation. 

We appreciate families doing all they can to keep students home when they are experiencing illness or symptoms of COVID-19. We know there is a lot of overlap between COVID and the common cold, and Alberta Health has updated information to help families know how to best proceed in determining whether to send their child to school.

Thank you for helping keep our school healthy and safe!

Sra. Greenlaw 

AHS Parent Guide

Sep 17
September 16, 2020

This week, families will have the opportunity to book appointments for parent/teacher conferences. Bookings open Thursday, September 17th at 4:00 PM. We are not able to welcome families to the building at this time and will be setting up online meetings or phone calls for 15 minutes per child (30 minutes for IPP students). When teachers have confirmation of bookings, they will send a unique code for families to use when signing in.  

A change for this year: students in grades 1-5 will have early dismissal (1:25pm) on the Thursday conference days to allow teachers preparation time before conferences begin.  

Thursday, September 24

No classes for kindergarten students  
Daytime kindergarten conference appointments 8:30 – 12:30 / 1:15 – 2:30 
1:25 PM Early Dismissal Grades 1-5 
Evening K-5 appointments 4:00 – 7:00pm 

Friday, September 25

No classes for students  
Morning appointments 8-12 

Hub families will have an opportunity to book an appointment with their hub teacher. This may be at a different time, depending on the school each teacher is based out of. 

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