Feb 27
School Surveys

Estimadas familias,

Survey season is upon us! We are actively seeking feedback from you on planning at the school level (School Development Plan, Budget & Fees) as well as at the provincial level (Alberta Education Assurance Survey - grade 4 and 5 families). 

It is part of our annual accountability to formally seek feedback. We make better decisions when we have your perspectives and ideas in mind. We strive to keep you informed of our planning and priorities by sharing regularly about our School Development Plan (SDP). This occurs by sharing examples of student learning and talking openly about our goals in our newsletter, on our website or at School Council meetings.

We also openly communicate with you about our school budget by sharing about staffing decisions, how we manage resources and engaging with our EC Enrichment Society to plan for fundraising opportunities.

To know more please check out the resources on our website. Here you will find a copy of our SDP and report on fees.

You will also want to view our Presentation - SDP, Budget & Fees and  this short video that describes the school planning process.

All families are invited to complete our school-based planning engagement survey before March 31. this can be found at:


If you prefer, a QR code is posted in our current Feb 24  newsletter which directly links to the survey.


Both the survey and presentation will be posted to our website soon! You can get a head start by accessing the links shared above. 


We are always grateful of the time you take to engage with our communication and to build a relationship with our school. Your children are important to us!


Have a great weekend,

Sra. Andrea Riquelme | Principal


Just in case, copy and paste to your url the links to our website and the video in case the embedded links do not open:



Sep 02
September 2, 2022

Thank you to all staff and families for working together to make our first two days with students a success. I am pleased that families diligently reviewed communication sent from our school so that all were aware of our planning and processes for the first day. It was great to connect with many of you and to watch our students from kindergarten through to grade 5 start the new school year smiling and ready to learn!

May 13
Thursday, May 12, 2022

Estimadas familias,

As you might very well imagine, the school is absolutely buzzing with activity related to exciting project work. My fingers are still covered in paint as I type this, after having spent time with our set design crew. Seeing your students' ideas come to life as well as listening to their musical performance in both song and instrumentation is such a joy. This is the "why" behind what we do and sometimes being involved shoulder to shoulder with our teachers and kids takes first place over paperwork! 

Thank you for trusting in our work with your children. To see the range of learning opportunities provided across K-5 at Eugene Coste is truly inspiring. As a closing note, just a reminder that one of our opera groups is working on a stop-motion lego animation re-telling of the story! This is what personalization of learning is all about- children are offered a chance to work on projects that resonate most for them and that reflect their unique skills and talents! 


Andrea Riquelme | Principal​

May 06
Thursday, May 5, 2022

This first week of May marks some important events in the education world. This week schools across Alberta recognize Education Week and organizations across Canada recognize Mental Health Week. I have to admit that I feel a bit sheepish about forgetting about both of these important events and not including them in the sidebar calendar of this newsletter! It is tough to keep track of all of the special days or events when life gets busy. This week was rather pivotal for our school in that we presented our RAM (Resource Allocation Method) or school budget. If you can recall, we asked all families to share plans for continuing at Eugene Coste next  year as our budget is dependant on student numbers. Last week we hosted a successful in-person Kindergarten/Grade 1 Open House. New families and those considering registration were excited to finally enter our building, meet staff and check out spaces in person. So yes, with all of these important school-based events happening, we overlooked celebrating two very worthy campaigns.  In all fairness, this serves as a reminder to be gentle and patient with ourselves. It’s ok to make mistakes or to overlook things sometimes. For us at Eugene Coste, we focus on education and mental health every day. Lifting up these priorities through public awareness campaigns is very important and necessary. This serves to highlight the work we do with your children every day. Strong public education builds strong communities! Strong communities can develop and protect the resources to provide supports for mental health. It is all connected!

I really do love the Canadian Mental Health Association’s focus on empathy this year. When we work with our students to problem solve the conflict, empathy is at the core of our conversations. Of course, we must approach each discussion by taking into account the age and developmental stage of the children involved.  Many students do require adult coaching to understand how to take another person’s perspective. We often refer to that as “thinking about someone else’s feelings”. Empathy is a skill we can all practice by considering others’ perspectives and thinking about our own beliefs/feelings before jumping to conclusions.  Sometimes we can diffuse a potential conflict situation between students very quickly by simply teaching children to take a moment to check in on the other person. An accidental bump is often misinterpreted as being done “on purpose”. When we coach students to notice others by saying “Whoops! I’m sorry, are you ok?” many problems are solved peacefully. A quick check-in is sometimes all that is needed and demonstrates awareness of others and how they are feeling! We do hope you can reflect on these ideas at home with your children and reinforce the importance of approaching others with empathy.


​Sra. Andrea Riquelme  - Principal                             

Sra. Jackie Michaud - Assistant Principal                                        

Apr 22
April 22, 2022

Professional Learning for Staff

Monday, April 18 was a fantastic day for language programs across the CBE. All teachers and administrators of each Spanish Bilingual program joined colleagues in other Bilingual and Immersion schools for a full day of presentations. Our “Future of Languages" symposium was organized by a committee of school and system leaders. Our own AP, Jackie Michaud dedicated extra hours outside of our regular school schedule as a member of the organization committee. Several teachers in our building, including Sra. Jackie and I also led 1hr presentations. Each of our sessions were fully attended and well-received. Topics we covered included:

  • Land-Based Learning (Sra. Riquelme and Sra. Jackie)
  • Concept-Based Learning (Srta. Van Eerden and Sra. Paisley)
  • Learning through Lego (Sr. Gossen and Sra. Jackie)
  • ASL and Language Teaching (Srta. Kelsie)
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (Sra. Jordan and Srta. Monica)
  • Neurolinguistic Approach discussion session (Srta. Paula and Srta. Monica)

¡Felicidades a nuestro equipo!



​June 7 - Dress Rehearsal day

June 8 - Cast A - evening

June 9 - Cast B - evening​

Apr 01
March 31, 2022

Spring Break came and went pretty fast for most of us! I hope that the pause offered families and staff time to take a breath and get ready for the big plans we have coming up at Escuela Eugene Coste.

Yesterday we experienced our first “Opera Wednesday”. All students from grades two through five were reorganized and grouped in specific job cohorts led by teachers. As this was our first day, we worked together for 1 hour to orient ourselves and get ready focus on the variety of tasks at hand. Job groups and lead teachers include:

Cast (main, ensemble) – Sra. Paisley

Musicians – Srta. Jenn and Srta. Cecilia

Set Design – Sra. Riquelme and Sr. Reyes

Costumes- Sra. Jackie and Sra. Rumel

Backstage / Journalists- Srta. Monica and Srta. Kelsie

Technology and Special Projects- Sr. Gossen and Srta. Van Eerden

The snapshot above capture some of the work we engaged in with the set design and costume crews. Students shared very insightful ideas around the power of visual art and how this can lift a story (or in this case, a libretto) from the page. We also talked about how as visual artists, we reveal all of the great ideas that we have inside of us. I also have to comment on how gratifying it was to see our students collaborate across grade levels, with different teachers. It is school-wide projects such as this that create a sense of community and belonging. Our students are amazing and it certainly showed yesterday! We will continue to share more as the work to bring “Un lugar así" comes to life.

You're invited to our libretto reveal assembly! Please join us for an informal look into the music that will tell the story of “Un lugar así". We will have our second school-wide assembly of the year on Monday April 4 at 10:30am. Calgary Opera artist in residence Esteban will share this original work with us. As this is an informal student-centered experience, there will be limited seating.

We will also reveal our first ever Escuela Eugene Coste school song! I am so excited about this as it was co-written by one of our very special grade 5 students along with Srta. Monica, Srta, Jenn and Srta. Cecilia. Music and language learning are a perfect pairing and we cannot wait to share this amazing song with our community.

Nov 29
Wednesday November 24, 2021

​Winter is comming...

During my outdoor supervision rounds I notice a range of outdoor wear from bare arms to full snow-suits. As the weather becomes consistently colder, it is important that all students come prepared for the weather. We send children outside for recess or PE activities up to -20C (including windchill). Exposed skin freezes quickly and we want to ensure that your child is protected and safe. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a coat, mitts/gloves, toque and appropriate outdoor footwear.

If students are not dressed appropriately for the weather, we may not let them outside to play. If you need assistance with accessing winter clothing, please let us know. We can find ways to support you. ​

Nov 25
November 10, 2021

Eugene Coste Observes Remembrance Day  

If you are a regular reader of our weekly newsletters, you may have noticed that I am predictably proud of our staff and students every, single, day. I am especially thrilled when our team is called upon to demonstrate learning even when we are faced with obstacles that require innovation and creativity.  
Our longer-term Eugene Coste families might remember the “good old days” when we would invite parents, grandparents and war veteran guests within our families to join us in respectful observance of Remembrance Day. This important Canadian tradition serves to remind us not only of the sacrifices of our service personnel over the last century but also to reinforce the importance of living in a peaceful community.  

This year, our talented staff and students put together a virtual service that was recorded and edited into a high-quality video. Here’s a brief program summary: 

  • Our talented grade 5 student Logan C started the service by playing O Canada on piano.  
  • Grade 1 students in Sra. Salamanca’s class shared a special Acknowledgment of the land, delivered en español and paired with American Sign Language.
  • Students walked us through a read-aloud of the storybook “What Does Peace Feel Like?” and shared images of student artwork accompanied by a piano rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon. 
  • This was followed by a reading of “In Flander’s Fields”
  • Grade 4/5 students then interviewed acclaimed athlete, veteran, double-amputee and friend of Srta. Jenn, Corporal Mark Fuchko. To learn more about this incredible Canadian, you can check out his profile in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame: http://canadasports150.ca/en/sport-veterans/mark-fuchko/112 
  • Our service concluded with one minute of silence followed by The Last Post.  

If technology cooperates with us, we will post this video to our website so that it can be viewed at home. We’ll follow up with a separate note if it works (fingers crossed!).  

Sincerely, ​

Nov 25
Wednesday October 21, 2021

Indigenous Education Professional Learning Day – October 18, 2021 

Our entire staff (teachers and support staff) enjoyed a meaningful day of learning. We deeply appreciate the gift of time together. 
The keynote speakers -Tomas Jirousek- Kainai and Dr. Pam Toulouse- Cree/Anishinaabe-kwe – stimulated subsequent discussions amongst our staff. Key highlights included: 
  • Cultural sensitivity –being careful not to single out our indigenous learners​ 
  • Value of western and traditional forms of education – each has their own gifts and resonates differently for each learner​ 
  • Setting high expectations for all students – the narrative of difficult experiences and history is very real. We should not let this weigh down student potential.
  • Indigenous people know Indigenous issues. Non-Indigenous people can participate in reconciliation by being allies or accomplices- not saviours. ​ 
  • Avoiding truths or repeating misconceptions is a reflection of privilege. Do not be a "perfect strangers" or "perfect trolls".  ​ 
  • Mistakes will be made; this is a learning process for everyone 

Land-based learning provides opportunities for all learners to achieve success and teaches children how to notice, ask questions and form observations. This not only helps to develop the practice of mindfulness, but also leads students through the beginning of scientific inquiry and critical thinking. Our staff members spent the balance of the day at Votier’s Flats in Fish Creek Park, with teaching led by Sr. Andy Gossen, Sra. Jackie and myself! 


Sra. Andrea Riquelme 
Principal, Escuela Eugene Coste  ​

Nov 25
Wednesday October 13, 2021

Our entire staff (teachers and support staff) are looking forward to a special day of community building through learning as together, we work to improve outcomes for Indigenous students and foster Reconciliation through education. As your principal, my role is to facilitate this day of learning in a way that is reflective of our unique context. All schools will have the opportunity to view keynote messages from Tomas Jirousek and Dr. Pamela Toulouse followed by time for reflection and discussion. Our staff will then take our learning outside to Fish Creek Park and we will model land-based learning and teaching to deepen our collective understanding of this process.

Land-based learning provides opportunities for all learners to achieve success and teaches children how to notice, ask questions and form observations. This not only helps to develop the practice of mindfulness, but also leads students through the beginning of scientific inquiry and critical thinking.


The Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework is a flexible tool that teachers and leaders have been using to reflect on our own practices and to plan mindfully for next steps. At Escuela Eugene Coste, I have invited our team to consider how we can use this framework to enhance our Bilingual Program. A simple entry point for our students is to invite them into personal reflection about their learning beginning in the east and then moving clockwise with the sun: 

Spirit-  Espíritu    Yo soy …  

Heart- Corazón   Yo pertenezco… Mi comunidad … 

Body- Cuerpo     Yo puedo ….  

Mind-  Mente       Yo pienso …. Yo sé … 


Chief Justice Murray Sinclair offered the following reflective questions to help guide this process further. 

East – Where do I come from? 

South- Where am I going? 

West- Why am I hear? 

North- Who am I?  


This is a long-term process that will enable community and systemic change. We are honored to facilitate this learning for our staff and students. If you are able, I invite you to take your children out on the land on Monday. Take some time to sit and observe. Walk together and notice changes in the season and how this impacts plants, animals, water, light and shadows in the environment.  


Sra. Andrea Riquelme 

Principal, Escuela Eugene Coste  
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