Student Showcase

Una Ventana a las aulas- step into the classroom

Student Writing Excerpts- Fish Creek

  • Yesterday the grade 4/5’s went on a walk to Voitier’s Flats. It was a very fun walk, we got to learn about Fish Creek when it was underwater. I learned about Calgary’s official flower, the Prairie Crocus. (Indianna)
  • We did our Sit Spots which were peaceful and relaxing, and then when we came back we got 128 honks from cars saying “Hi!” because we were cheering and some were police cars! I am very grateful for going and I can’t wait to do something like this. (Ana Lyra)
  • It all started on an early morning at school. We were going on a trip to Fish Creek Park. We got put in our groups and boom! We were out the door. The walk was super cali fragilistic long. My legs and feet were extremely numb. When we got there we had a delicious snack. (Lucy)
  • I spotted a very fluffy squirrel who ran down a tree, found a hut and scurried righ back up. We then did an activity called “meet a tree” where a friend led you to a tree that would become your special tree. Afterwards, we ventured deeper into the huge, dark forest and we played the animal game. (Kate)
  • The walk was extremely hard on my legs, but when we got there it was undeniably beautiful. It was worth it! (Beau)
  • I was so impressed that we were allowed to go to the forest to play the animal game… Fish Creek Park is far from the school by walking. (Williams)
  • After lunch we played camoflauge. I won two times in a row. The we did sit-spot and I did it at the (crocus). (Jeremy)

 ¡Bienvenidos al mercado de grado 4-5! What an amazing collaboration between our 3 grade 4/5 classes! Students prepared market stalls, created items to “sell”, wrote receipts, provided change and hada great time! We love seeing this level of collaboration and engagement! Well Done!