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​​​Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities allow our students to pursue passions and interests that fall outside the normal curriculum. These activities can include special interest clubs, arts, music and athletics. Our school is proud to offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities that enhance our students' learning experiences.​​



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Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Engineering For Kids Early Dismissal STEM Programs at Eugene Coste School. We 
offer unique STEM and Art related activities that engage kids through hands-on play and exploration.

The Winter program
The juniors start their new journey into the world of Coding and explore the world of civil and mechanical engineering.

Our Apprentice Engineers will Design, build and program Humanoid Robots to tackle challenges and tasks and even respond to your voice, have a conversation, see colours, and even recognize your face!

The Spring program

The spring program will introduce our young engineers to the world of Environmental and Aerospace engineering. The kids will also work on developing their Robotics and programming skills.

The apprentice group will be focusing on Mechatronics using LittleBits. They discover the world of BloxelsEDU as they tell their stories and Design their own VIDEO GAME! 

Program Time: 1:25 pm - 4:30 pm

Winter Program: Jan 10 - March 13 (8 Fridays $ 340)

Spring Program: April 3- June 19 (9 Fridays, $380)

10% Discount for Siblings!



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