​​Our school is part of the CBE, which is the largest school district in Western Canada. We offer a depth and breadth of programs and supports to meet the unique learning needs and interests of an increasingly diverse population. We focus on personalizing the learning experience so that each student is engaged, inspired and learning to their full potential. Our values are: students come first; learning is our central purpose; and public education serves the common good.

You can look on the CBE website for more information on teaching and learning.​​

Teaching & Learning


Spanish Bilingual Program

The Spanish Bilingual program is offered in 12 CBE schools across the district. The program begins in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and continues to Grade 12.  Spanish is the largest international language program in CBE.

Eugene Coste is a vibrant learning community where students thrive in a content-based language program; students learn Spanish through being immersed in and using the language throughout the day for routine activities and learning across subject areas. Teachers collaborate to create rich experiences, utilizing a Conceptual Understanding framework, where students explore big questions and tackle problems to understand curricular concepts and their world. Strong community values are supported through celebrations of learning and sharing times as a school. Students participate in hands-on learning with the support of artist in residence opportunities to support teachers and students examining learning through a different lens. 

Students at Eugene Coste learn about the perspective of others through looking at the world in different ways. With the contributions of many Spanish-speaking countries, their stories and traditions, and the culture of or local community, students learn to look at their world and the contributions of others in shaping our society and their place within it. Indigenous ways of knowing are explored through land-based learning opportunities and appreciation of the natural world. 


We believe parents should be directly involved in their child’s learning. Good study habits need to be introduced at an early age. We believe home study will contribute to this as well as to reinforce learning taking place in the classroom. Students at all levels are strongly encouraged to read daily at home. Parents are recommended to provide a home environment which facilitates home study or leisure reading. 

Promotion of mathematical skills is also encouraged at home. Playing card and dice games help increase speed and accuracy with basic facts and are a fun method to support growth in this area. Family nature walks and journaling are also excellent ways to extend skills. Teachers have games and recommended resources through their Google Classrooms to support learning at home.

As children progress through the grades, it is an expectation they will have increasing amounts of time devoted to reviewing, and completing assignments on a daily basis. Parent interest and encouragement are invaluable to a child’s successful completion of homework. Please call your child’s teacher(s) if you have questions about homework. Teacher on-going communication will reveal items of current study projects and support connected conversations related to school for parents.

Suggested time:

·       Grade 1-3 students spend 15 minutes each evening reading with parents or talking about experiences they had at school that day. 

·       Grade 4 & 5 students may be assigned up to 30 minutes of homework (short or long range projects).

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