Program, Focus & Approach

Escuela Eugene Coste is a Spanish bilingual alternative program. Our students access the Alberta Program of Studies for all regular academic subject areas in addition to Spanish language arts. The bilingual program means that students are provided with 50% instruction in Spanish. Generally, Spanish instruction is provided in mathematics, physical education and through Spanish language arts. To make the language learning more authentic, teachers strive to embed Spanish language learning in other academic areas such as science and social studies and through a variety of  research-based instructional strategies. 

Inquiry & Concept-Based Learning

We use an over-arching inquiry question to guide our work in providing students with rich, authentic learning opportunities. This year we will examine the following through the lens of the Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework: “Yo me cuido el espíritu, el corazón, la mente y el cuerpo. I care for my spirit, heart, body and mind”. 

Anchoring this, is our 2022-23 commitment to Truth and Reconciliation:  ‘Escuela’ Eugene Coste School commits to learning about how we can all contribute to our community, with the Seven Sacred Teachings as our guide. We commit to learning how to better ourselves, and therefore the community, through this holistic approach to character education. 

International Spanish Academy

¿Quiénes somos? Our school is an International Spanish Academy! The International Spanish Academy program is an educational initiative of the Ministry of Education of Spain that complements the Calgary Board of Education's vibrant Spanish Bilingual Program by connecting schools from across Alberta and the United States. It provides students with opportunities to acquire and maintain language skills in Spanish and English and develop global citizenship through rich intercultural encounters.  

For more information visit our Spanish Bilingual Program page.

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